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23, australia

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musical theatre, animation, kitsch, early internet nostalgia, arts & crafts, the beach, lenticular images


tim o'brien, kate bush, green day, amadou & mariam, jamiroquai, cyndi lauper, crooked still, pat the bunny, the mountain goats, border control, the taxpayers


millennium actress hackers napoleon dynamite bill and ted's excellent adventure the blair witch project battle royale the muppet movie paprika revolutionary girl utena adolescence apocalypse perfect blue shirkers galaxy quest dead poets society metropolis newsies pacific rim repo! the genetic opera kingsman SLC punk


revolutionary girl utena, doctor who, jem, xena warrior princess, star trek (ds9, snw, tng, voy, lower decks), a league of their own


assassins, cats, a chorus line, les mis, phantom, gypsy, starlight express, jesus christ superstar, pippin, rent, next to normal, newsies, sunday in the park with george, chess, great comet, and many more (ask me!)


nonfiction, warrior cats, h2g2


mr mistoffelees

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About me:

hey! i'm gaz, a 23 y/o student from australia. i love old memes, kitsch + cheese + cringe, y2k and retro tech nostalgia, animated films and cartoons, cats, rainbow colours, making kandi, dance dance revolution, good bluegrass, swimming in the ocean, etc. etc. etc.

we shall all be healed on tumblr

jesus guiding truck glitter yeo's

Who I'd like to meet:

YOU! i send friend requests liberally :P send me a message :)

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Always☘️April's profile picture

JUST a fortune for you: A friend asks only for your time not your money. 🪭🥠🐉

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lasagna dog

lasagna dog's profile picture

OMG hi cats fan i love cats its been my comfort musical for years!
thanks for adding me !

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yippee!! you have great taste :D who's your favourite cat? thanks for the add back ^^

by gaz ☆; ; Report

Hmmm me thinks mr mistoffelees cause hes.. magical

by lasagna dog; ; Report


minesweepooper's profile picture

i absolutely LOVE what you did on the movies section, it is so simple yet so cool..... awesome profile, dude.... btw, how did you add a new row on the interest section? :o

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thank you! both cannibalised from other spacehey profiles :P

you can add extra rows in the interests section with the tr and td html tags. i would paste an example here but i think spacehey would eat the html, so here is an image of what it looks like for my profile! :+)

by gaz ☆; ; Report


bugworld's profile picture

nice pfp! Louis Wain is my fav artist everrr <3

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thanks! i think his stuff is great too :D

by gaz ☆; ; Report


KLCY's profile picture

omg mr. mistoffeles is my favorite but all my friends hate him :c

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what!? your friends hate mr mistoffelees!? why?

by gaz ☆; ; Report

everyone says he's giving incel energy but he's just a magical cat!!!

by KLCY; ; Report


idiotbox's profile picture

thx for the add! your profile is gorgeous! feliz ano novo!

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no worries, thank YOU! feliz ano novo :D

by gaz ☆; ; Report


Always☘️April's profile picture

SOME holiday happiness vibes 4U-ˋˏ *✨🐻☕🧣🧦🎄🐻‍❄✨* ˎˊ-

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thanks april, same to you!

by gaz ☆; ; Report

Linda the Cat Lady

Linda the Cat Lady 's profile picture

Thank you for accepting my friend request!

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right back atcha linda, your profile is delightful!

by gaz ☆; ; Report


dragonlikeLeaves's profile picture

ty for the add!!! omg i love cats the musical too [eyes emoji]

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of course, your profile rocks! who's your favourite jellicle??? 👀👀👀

by gaz ☆; ; Report

honestly? skimbleshanks. his song is so much fun omfg

by dragonlikeLeaves; ; Report

impeccable choice, skimble's the fuckin' best. absolute mad lad. respect!!!!

by gaz ☆; ; Report


Vostok's profile picture

Awesome profile, all the cats are so so cute!! And love Louis Wain of course - what made me add you.

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much appreciated vostok, thanks for the add! great stamps on your profile btw :+)

by gaz ☆; ; Report


digiyak's profile picture

thx for accepting the request!!! i love the louis wain pfp <3

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right back atcha!! your profile rocks, i love the music!

by gaz ☆; ; Report


xX_ivypsy_Xx's profile picture

you page is so cool!! thanks 4 the add and boa sorte com o português!! sou brasileira, se precisar de ajuda só chamar! :D

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thank you, your page is awesome too! i love the blue colour scheme :D muito obrigado ^^

by gaz ☆; ; Report


✰zinkop✰'s profile picture

oh my gosh, your page is so amazing, i LOVE! LOUIS WAIN'S ART SO MUCH! Your profile looks so amazing, and I'm so glad for your friend request! i hope to get to know you!

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thank you for the kind words zinkop :D keen to see you around on here, your profile rocks too!!

by gaz ☆; ; Report


MC's profile picture

hello...I ADORE your page! So delightful!

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thank you MC!! this really brightened my day. pleasure to be yr spacehey friend :D

by gaz ☆; ; Report


fortniteburger41's profile picture

hey!! thank yew for adding mee :3

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right back atcha, your profile is impeccable!

by gaz ☆; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Nice profile!

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by gaz ☆; ; Report


CLYDE's profile picture

Undoubtedly an incredible friend of Spacehey. Interacting with you always feels like I'm keeping good company and it's always nice to see you around. I would highly rec friending you to anybody new looking at these comments right now. <3 I also had to delete and resend this comment like three times because my caffeinated brain made three different typos.

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aw, thank you clyde, i am so flattered! i will wear the "incredible friend of Spacehey" mantle with great pride :D it's always great seeing you around as well ^^

by gaz ☆; ; Report


Always☘️April's profile picture

Summer mellow 4 u!🩴🦩🍧🫧🧋

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thanks april, was just thinking of ya :)

by gaz ☆; ; Report


4iamaraindog2's profile picture

Thanks for adding me! I just noticed that you have a Letterboxd linked and friended you as 4iamaraindog2.

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awesome, followed you back! looking forward to seeing you on there too :P

by gaz ☆; ; Report

LadyCat 🌺

LadyCat 🌺's profile picture

Hello a pleasure to meet you a fellow Aussie (✿◠‿◠)

Adore Louis Wain Drawings

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hello! i always get excited seeing other aussies on here :P thanks for the add ^^

by gaz ☆; ; Report