SpaceHey Brand Resources

The SpaceHey Logo

The SpaceHey logo creates recognition value and helps people to identify our analog and digital services and products. In the following we explain what you may do with the SpaceHey logo and what you are not allowed to do with it.

This is how you may use our logo

  • You may use our logo in print products, on your website and on your profiles in other social networks to inform others about your SpaceHey profile or to link it to it. Please use the SpaceHey icon without the lettering next to it.
  • You may use our logo for editorial and scientific purposes. You can use the logo, for example, in newspaper articles, television reports, blog entries and reference works in which you report about SpaceHey.

This is how you are not allowed to use our logo

  • You are not allowed to use our logo to earn money with it. For example, you can't sell t-shirts, mugs, flags, or other merchandising items with our logo.
  • You are not allowed to use our logo in such a way that others might think that you are connected to SpaceHey, tibush GmbH or any other service or product offered by tibush GmbH. For example, the use of a letterhead or an e-mail signature with the SpaceHey logo is not permitted.

You must pay attention to the following when using our logo

  • You are not allowed to change the appearance or content of our logo in any way. Only use the logo in the variants provided here.
  • When using our logo, always make sure that the logo has sufficient space to other graphics - at least 20% of the width of the logo. If you use a background graphic, make sure that our logo is still clearly recognizable and that it stands out visually from the background.

Download the Logo Kit

The SpaceHey Color

This is the HEX-Code of SpaceHey Blue, our official logo color.