About SpaceHey & FAQ

SpaceHey — a space for friends.

What is SpaceHey?

SpaceHey is a retro social network focused on privacy and customizability. It's a friendly place to have fun, meet friends, and be creative.

Retro Social

SpaceHey brings back all the things you missed most about Social Networks: Bulletins, Blogs, Forums, Instant Messages, and so much more!

Fully Customizable

SpaceHey allows you to add custom HTML and CSS Code to your Profile to give you all the freedom you need to make your Profile truly your Space on the web!

Privacy Friendly

SpaceHey has no algorithms, no tracking, and no personalized Ads - Feeds on SpaceHey are chronological and there is no suggested content begging for your attention. You decide what you want to share and what content you'd like to view.

900 000 People

SpaceHey is a safe space for you and your friends to hang out online - Join over 900 000 others already on SpaceHey, have fun, and meet new like-minded people!

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SpaceHey Team


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Founder & Creator of SpaceHey


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Volunteer Moderator


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Volunteer Moderator

Who made SpaceHey?

SpaceHey was created by An, a 21-year-old developer from Germany and is run by tibush labs, the creative start-up he founded together with his sister.

What is tibush?

tibush is a creative start-up founded by the creator of SpaceHey together with his sister. It acts as an umbrella for all projects by the two, including the fashion collection An's sister created (tibush fashion) and all the software projects developed by An (tibush labs).

Need Help?

If you need Help with SpaceHey, please check out our Help Center. If you need further help, please send us an email to support@spacehey.com

How to support us

SpaceHey is a small, independent social network, funded by your donations. Learn more about how you can support us by buying Merchandise or donating on spacehey.com/support. Everyone who support us gets a Supporter Badge on their SpaceHey Profile.

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions or ideas, or need help with SpaceHey, please feel free to send us an email to support@spacehey.com


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If you have any press inquiries, please contact press@spacehey.com

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