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21yo student from Germany who loves to code

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Coding, Reading, photography/videography, playing E-Guitar, having fun!


Mostly Pop Music from the Charts, but also some 80s, & 90s.
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Matrix, Back To The Future, ...


E MrRobot โ€” great show!
How I met your Mother


Bodyguard and so many more... I'm reading A LOT :P



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I'm An, the creator of this site! :)

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You! :D

(and Rick Astley of course)

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hello pookie bear bear teddy bear boo boo cutie pie pookie

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Danny ^_^

Danny ^_^'s profile picture

fix moderation please
hire more moderators

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You gotta fix moderation I swearr

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yo fix the moderation!!

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an please read my IM to you. im getting really tired of these gore accounts and im seriously pushing for a system that can ip-ban these idiots + also a toggable option to remove 'cool new paper' from your homepage so it limits the chance of us seeing gore accounts.

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do you mean those accounts with characters covered in blood?

Yeah I'm a minor so I should be seeing that, and I'd also like to remove "cool new people"

by Mari K!; ; Report

I've been getting those too! They also been saying Homophobic/racist crap.

by Lina:3; ; Report

I haven't seen homophobic/racist stuff, but I get what you're saying

by Mari K!; ; Report

Yeah, also saying alot of antisemetic shit

by zane; ; Report


by Mari K!; ; Report

its not only minors that get triggered by it, but you're right.

this is SICK and twisted.

by zane; ; Report

also, I meant to say "Shouldn't be seeing that" instead of "should be seeing that' if you were wondering

by Mari K!; ; Report

I've seen 5 accounts with real gore on them today. not to mention the porn it's horrible

by Danny ^_^; ; Report

yea, its fucking horrid ,, i have links in my bulletins to report / block some of them, it doesnt lead 2 the actual pages though so if u were to click on it u wont see any gore of any of that

by zane; ; Report


cloudisbonkerz!1's profile picture

im hungry!?$?

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by IndigoGuy12; ; Report


hsartulS's profile picture

i cant believe i just got rickrolled, finally my consequences caught up with me. this really is the internet

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XxDespairFactionAshtonxX's profile picture

Hey An! I hate to be a nuisance but I have sent you an IM about a new user on here that is a very well known pedophile with dozens of allegations and is under active investigation. The user is adding minors and messaging them. I know you are busy so just please check it out when you have the time. I am still gathering evidence on this account. I also want to thank you for making such an awesome site and putting so much work into it for years now. I'm glad to see your project growing in popularity. I hope to hear from you soon!

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hey,, so sorry to bother but who is it? i don't want them to follow me or anything and i would like to block them if they have.

by SAM :3; ; Report

i would also like to know im concerned :c

by sennadead; ; Report

It is Dahvie Vanity. His url is darkartsofficial. You can literally look up his name on google and youtube and see a TON of stuff on him. Chris Hansen even opened an investigation on him a few years ago, you can see all of that on Youtube as well.

by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX; ; Report

looks like spacehey suspended him !!

by sennadead; ; Report

They did yesterday! I appreciate An and the other moderators for looking into it all and taking action. It feels good knowing theyre doing a good job keeping this place safe for all ages.

by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX; ; Report

โœ C&SP โœ

โœ C&SP โœ's profile picture

Noticed a typo on the advent page, "some" is misspelled as "som"

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by โ˜†SAMIโ˜†; ; Report

You cannot escape me

by โ˜†SAMIโ˜†; ; Report


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It seems I've shit myself.

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can you make it so that i can embed tennor gifs as well as giphy gifs?

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โ˜… ~XeRoCoRe~ โ˜…

โ˜… ~XeRoCoRe~ โ˜…'s profile picture

Hell0! I may be late to join but I'm down to have all the fun, Juggalo style! Ifykyk!

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omg soi amigo del creador

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elizabeth โ™ช

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an face reveal when

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by โ˜†SAMIโ˜†; ; Report


Ryuzaki</3's profile picture

stop being so sensitive geeze

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saturn's profile picture

hi there friend!! i donated a lil money this morning but didn't get a supporter badge? any way we can rectify that? i'd love to rep the site a lil more :D <3 it's cool stuff dude, really takes me back to the good old days :)

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๐•ฐ๐–‘๐–‘๐–Š โš

 ๐•ฐ๐–‘๐–‘๐–Š โš's profile picture

To the ones complaining about accounts, report them. An resolves the issue as fast as possible. Instead of berating him, learn all he is doing to keep the site safe.

If you see a weird account, post it in a bulletin and get folks in your friendlist to mass report so that the system takes immediate notice. It works, it has worked for those of us that have been on this site for over 2 years, it shall work when you and your friends do it as well.

The creeper accounts do get suspended, so please, report.
Harassing An with comments is not a proper solution. He runs this site on his own and does a extremely good job at it.

Y'all just being rude.

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Thank you for saying this!! I was just going to post it myself.

There's a small team of 4 people for a 24 hour website. What An is doing is not just remarkable because he seems to be accomplishing what TEAMS of people have trouble doing, but that he's just out of high school. Holy cow!

The intelligence! The creativity! The discipline! The drive! I'm impressed.

Yelling at him is to ask, "Why aren't you doing this 24 hours a day?" The man eats, sleeps, goes to school. Sorry you were triggered. Me too. I reported it.

Thanks, An.

by Brandon; ; Report

Thank you!!! It truly is impressive!
That's why I encourage people to join this site. There are just amazing young minds in this world, An is most definitely one of them.

When creepers show up I report automatically. It might take some time but -from my experience- the accounts are usually removed within hours of the initial report. Even faster when people spread the word. Wouldn't be here otherwise. The community that is being built, at least amongst -some- adults is something I appreciate.

Hell, I'm almost on my third anniversary.

by ๐•ฐ๐–‘๐–‘๐–Š โš; ; Report

Smooth Kiwi

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Glad to see SpaceHey grow!! You're awesome, An!

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an go to im i wanna appeal a ban ):

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