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Fire spinning/ Quilting/ Embroidery/ Beading/ Crochet/ Collage/ D&D/ Video Games/ Gardening/ Board Games/ Forests/ Community Theatre


Nightwish/ Frank Turner/ Taeyeon/ Joan Jett/ Nickle Creek/ Metallica/ Iron Maiden/


Dragon Heart (the first one only)/ Twelfth Night/ Much Ado About Nothing (Both)/ Detective Pikachu/ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy/ Spirited Away/ The Castle In The Sky/ Nosferatu/ Mean Girls/ The Possession/ Hogfather/ Kill Bill


All holiday baking shows/ The Great British Baking Show/ Firefly (even though I am disappointed in Joss Whedon)/ American Horror Story/ Creeped Out/ Dragon Prince/ Steven Universe/ Star vs. The Forces of Evil/ Avatar The Last Airbender/ Teen Titans/ Jeeves and Wooster/ She-Ra/ Hilda/ Rilakkuma and Kaoru/ Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid/ Aggretsko/ Daria/ X-files/ Buffy The Vampire Slayer (see Firefly statement)


'The Picture of Dorian Gray' By Oscar Wilde/ 'Dracula' by Bram Stoker/ 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen/ 'Dragonsong' By Anne McCaffrey/ 'Coraline' by Neil Gaiman/ 'The Tiffany Aching Series' by Terry Pratchett/ 'The Dragonlance Chronicles' by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman/ 'Welcome to Night Vale' by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor/ 'The Time Quintet' by Madeleine L'Engle/ 'The Enchanted Forest Chronicles' By Patricia C. Wrede/ 'Harry Potter' by JKR (I am disappointed in her too)


My D&D Characters/ Sir David Attenborough/ Marsha P. Johnson/ Shakespeare/ Oscar Wilde

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About me:

I am a 26-year old, public school educator in New England. I am a witch who belongs in the center of an ancient forest. I believe that there is a tea for every problem. I have a lovely non-binary spouse, two cats, a dog and two axolotls. I used to have a tank of hermit crabs, and plan to again someday. I have dyslexia and auditory processing disorder. I also live with chronic pain (thanks for nothing endometriosis). My fantasy dream job would be running a monster sanctuary.

Who I'd like to meet:

My friend who is already here. Leftists, kind, inclusive people who can enjoy nerdy things AND admit that no media is perfect. Don't bring any bigoted nonsense here. Avid readers, tea-drinkers and crafters. NO MINORS. It's not that anything I post will be 18+, it just feels inappropriate as an educator to befriend kids I don't know on the internet. I hope you'll all understand, and stay safe out there.

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Thanks for accepting my request, your profile is so nice! I hope you had a great weekend :D

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Thank you! It was a nice weekend! My spouse and I made pumpkin cookies. I hope you had some free time between homework assignments (not psychic, I just check profiles before accepting requests in case a kiddo missed the 18+ rule). What do you study?

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report

Aww cool, that sounds so sweet! :) This weekend was chill, I didn’t have as much homework as usual, so I caught up on sleep and spent some time with friends (lol understandable, although I would totally believe that you were psychic too :D). I’m working on my AA right now, and still figuring out what to study next after that.

by BlueEclipse98; ; Report

Very good! It's okay to not have it all figured out yet. There is still so much to discover!

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report

Thank you for saying that! I do feel pressured sometimes, but there's plenty of time to figure out what would make me happy :)

by BlueEclipse98; ; Report


SoulKingBrook's profile picture

Awesome profile. Definitely getting good vibes from you. More than happy to have you a friend.

Hope you are well.

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Thank you! I am well and I hope you are too! :)

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report

Marie Rousseau

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Thanks for the add!

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Same to you! ^_^

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report


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I think you’re so cool!

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Why thank you! And thank you for the add! I was just trying to figure out how to comment the same thing on your page. I love your profile photo!

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report

So basically you like the same stuff I do too plus you’re a witch so you’re immediately a cool person to me. Thank you if you think the same about me ^^ your page it’s very calm and pretty!

by caeli; ; Report

Thank you! I found it by combing the green category in layouts. It was actually really funny because my friend and I were having tea and setting up our profiles together, and I was just complaining about not seeing a layout with the fantasy vibe I wanted, then "BAM!" there this one was.

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report

Its very very pretty I like it, good choice!

by caeli; ; Report