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"Literally Shitposting"

Virginia | 26 | ♒️ | he/him | Anarcho-Communist or something

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Being unemployed lmao. Otherwise, I like finding obscure or shlocky movies, plus things generally related to radical politics (local organizing, literature and academic content, etc.)


A mix of country, funk, punk, and plenty of other stuff.


I enjoy a good spectacle.


Stuff with solid comedic timing or interesting character relationships. Currently watching “insecure” on HBO Max, and checking out other content on there while my partner and I are subscribed. I’m watching their series on the Heaven’s Gate cult, too. If there’s anything HBO offers folks are hype about, feel free to recommend it :)


Non-fiction. As I’ve mentioned, I’m into leftist history and politics, so academic literature and theory (history, philosophy, sociology, blah blah blah) is what I try to keep learning from the corpus of. Currently reading; “The Philosophy of Anti-Fascism” by Devin Zane Shaw


John Brown, Angela Davis, Fred Hampton, George Jackson, Malcolm X. These are off the top of my head, history is filled with so many cool, flawed, and interesting figures to learn about.

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About me:

College grad living with my lovely partner in Richmond, Virginia figuring things out.

Who I'd like to meet:

Cool anti-capitalists who aren’t weird about issues facing BIPOC folks and the queer community.

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Thanks for adding us, hope you enjoy our music!

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Freakish Uproar

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I have to tell you, that might possibly be the greatest username I've ever seen. Reading the rest of the profile (which I already did, an excellent introduction might I add! :p) and acknowledging that you're one of those cool cats with the CRT monitor layout, almost feels redundant. You had me at that username xD

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Renn Alexxi☀

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Nice profile. I like everything but your profile pic. Lmao.

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Hi, thanks for the add, hope you're all good! :)

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⛪️ ♄el ℞azor ℧

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as of now to die for the ppl by huey bc...the times uwu

u should peep some stokes carmichael as well and asata shakur

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~Yaya Cat~

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Of course. Thanks for the add. Cool profile!

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Action Cat

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Thanks for the add! Hope your night is going well. :)

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Thank you! I’m bein’ a li’l manic and staying up too late on here since I’ve missed mid 2000s forum culture hahaha. I hope you are, too!

by Soy Boy LaCroix; ; Report

I'm doing the same! I already feel way more connected to people on here than other social media pages I have.

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Hey, props for trying to have a serious discussion in the politics section, as futile as it might be with that crowd. Some of the rants I saw in there were just insane.

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We’ll try out best to outlast and outnumber ‘em! I didn’t see that Anna Mae was as far down the rabbithole until I saw she had posted several threads ranting Just kind of wild how folks will make blanket, ahistorical statements regarding leftist movements. Like, one can hold critiques of “actually existing socialism” without being in the far right politically. But of course dude who was posting tl;dr stuff in that vein has a Trump pfp 👀 and simps for capitalist societal systems (which haven’t resolved issues in Post-Soviet or current socialist states opening up their economies to private interests, shocker).

by Soy Boy LaCroix; ; Report


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Thanks for the add!

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Likewise to you! 🖤

by Soy Boy LaCroix; ; Report


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Hey - can you teach me how to use the internet.

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I don’t know, I’m pretty miserable with HTML myself, unfortunately. Thanks for the add, btw!

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settle in and get comfy, why dontcha! 🛋

by Soy Boy LaCroix; ; Report