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"can you text me back before i hallucinate and see shadowy figures"

22, Girl, EN/SERB. ISTP

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Booze, the Internet, cooking, everything bad for you, J-fashion, vidya games, I love to party. Baseball, Boxing. Artist on the side




I like horror, I also collect super cheesy DVD monster B-movies

Top 3: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle, Ferris Bueller


Seinfeld, Peep Show, Succession, XRA, KDramas, JDramas, Reality TV, True Crime, Jackass, MDE, Ainori, COPS, Anime.

Some of my dramas here! If you want to trade MALs feel free to ask


Battle Royale, American Psycho, The Kite Runner, My Twisted World, Metro 2033

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★Paris Hilton★Elliot Rodger★Terry A Davis★Bangtan★Donnie Mahoney★Kazuma Kiriyu★

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About me:


I want to be Ulzzang!

I can only write a bit in RU, my skills are low- I don't use VK anymore! This site best viewed on PC!

get 2 know me!

NEET, 2000's millennium bb, hater, autistic retard, aspiring mecha/Gundam builder, into games and fun stuff, I'm from the bad part of the internet.

I'm an animal lover! I have two guinea piggys! Ask for a pic, or show me yours! Fan of Asian tv and dramas, reality TV and dating! Rec me a K-drama! Here's what I've watched / am watching! Sometimes I cook, Chef John taught me everything I know. Got recipes for me? I love BTS!

But doing shots and drinking games is my absolute favorite, I'm down to cheers with you, fund me imo

I AM SUPER INTO GAMES. I have 300+ library on steam I'm a nolife.

Vidya gaymes, net game addict. I play Phantasy Star, Minecraft, zombie games, GW2, Yakuza, The Sims, VRchat! I play a lot of shooters (TF2, COD, CSS) and turn strategies too (CIV, CoH). Also rhythm games like DDR + OSU. Lately I've been into Ghostwire and VNs.

Animal blinkiesPeople blinkiesWomen blinkies

я жду чтобы убить твоего сыночка ебанного, сын шлюхи ебанной , зайди ко мен в лобби сын дура ебанной, я клянусь я убью твою мать нахуй, я скормлю твой труп ебанынй свиньям нахуй, как и твою женушку ебанную 50 летний хуесос, или подпивасние бездарнейший, я просто сломаю тебе все кости нахуй чтобы ты ничего не смог сделать, буду ждать тебя со мыслей о том как бы тебя убить назуй, я клянусь я убью тебя

Cool sites + graphics I use!

Playboy Bunny

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet YOU!

Be cool! hip! forum dwellers & retards, am formerly r9k👍🏻 Scary movie fans, fitness buffs, anyone who is into old web, gaming, retro and tech stuff. Girls who love fashion and cute vibes. No kin shit or wild pronouns thx!👎🏻(I DONT know how to use them and I'm sorry I'm just not interested in learning)👎🏻 I'm here for a good time- the internet is not serious.

Your mother can call me anytime.

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hello , thanks for accepting. love your profile.

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No problem nice to meet you lookin forward to chatting! 👍🏻

by hxlloketty; ; Report


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The chemicals in the water are turning the frogs gay.

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Awesome profile!

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Woah! Thanx! Stay tuned for better html developments B)

by hxlloketty; ; Report


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hey i got u starbucks on the way here

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I love a vanilla latte in my BMW, very thoughtful of you. Enjoying the weekend?

by hxlloketty; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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Love the new pfp!

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BLESS! Was time to switch up for the season!!

by hxlloketty; ; Report

Christopher Wu🎹🎵💗

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Happy mother's day to your mom! I wish her many lovely wonderful days! ️🌻

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Thank you so much Chris Take care always!

by hxlloketty; ; Report


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heya, saw that you collect cheesy monster b-movies and i had to friend... thx for the add

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YO RAD! I've been meaning to post my collection sometime but didn't get around to it, They're majority Shit Shark movies- with some Dinos crocs and piranhas!

by hxlloketty; ; Report

pls tell me you have sand shark... its my fav. shitty shark movie

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report

A VITAL PIECE MISSING FROM MY COLLECTION!! I normally get them from thrifts or dvd reseller stores but I've been tempted to just order it online just to be able to add it lmao. mine is shark exorcist

by hxlloketty; ; Report

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ thats a good one hehe

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report


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U either a fed or insanely cool

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❥・cнιcα ғαηтαsмα ͟͟͞͞➳❥

❥・cнιcα ғαηтαsмα ͟͟͞͞➳❥'s profile picture

Your profile is so cute

☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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Bless youu I don't know enough html to add everything I want yet but I'm getting there Hope we be good friends💖

by hxlloketty; ; Report

Bless youu I don't know enough html to add everything I want yet but I'm getting there Hope we be good friends💖

by hxlloketty; ; Report


by ❥・cнιcα ғαηтαsмα ͟͟͞͞➳❥; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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Hi! Thanks for the add!

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Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add!

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Thank you! Mr Googly! 🤝

by hxlloketty; ; Report

Christopher Wu🎹🎵💗

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🌹Have a blessed wonderful day always Mishka!🌷

Not everyday is good, but there is good in everyday.


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Thanks for adding me! :)

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