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".~waiting for the heat death of the universe~."

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Fun Facts

i'm certified and trained in opera


easier to list genres so... goth, metal, prog, alt, metalcore, grindcore, indie, ambient, shoegaze, rock, 90s rap, jazz, blues, j-rock, rnb, dark wave, post-punk, punk, grunge, classical, etc.


i love all movies but my specialty is horror/thriller/disturbing/suspense movies! i have a soft spot for old asian horror movies but i'm not so fond of ghost movies! feel free to talk to me about horror cinema... i'm a bit of a nerd lol! i do draw the line at real stuff and try to research what i watch before hand...


i'm a recovering former weeb. i've been on the anime train for so long that now i'll just watch anything. my MAL has 500+ entries... completed... i also live for Skins UK and Trailer Park Boys

Other Media

i've never really been much of a gamer, but i love horror visual novels like Saya no Uta, Slow Damage, and Maggot Baits. i have a really high tolerance for gore and grossness so the rabbit hole goes pretty deep...


love classical literature and philosophy, but i've read a fair amount of YA and pop-lit... i'm also weak for fanfiction... its my guilty pleasure...


...this is section has been taken over by blinkies...

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About me:

........yo, i'm just a degenerate entity who likes music, horror movies, outdoors, cooking, plants, anime, and knows a little about a lot... please feel free to call me kolfang or whatever feels comfortable... i'm very confident i'd survive an apocalypse........

i recommend lots of music!

!DISCLAIMER! if you're under 18 don't interact pls !DISCLAIMER!

this is what i used to make my pfp

Purple Sketch Heart

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone and everyone who just wants a good time... can't promise i won't make fun of you, it's my love language... i love interacting, so lets be friends... if you have no age listed i won't add you...

i might remove you as a friend if you never interact/have never interacted and are inactive ... its not offence i just like to keep my friends limited :)

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Nah thank YOU for adding haha :v
Unique profile :D

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lmao i read this first and then the reply you left on my comment so i was so confused XD

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report


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Awesome page!

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thx dude... your's looks good too! :)

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report


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haii :3 nice to meet you!! hope you're having an amazing day! ^^ hugss

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hey! i hope u have a good day 2

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report

thankies!! :3 hug hug!! if you want to chat, i have contact info on my profile :D

by kassikook; ; Report


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wow what a profile, rly like the vibe and colors^^

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thxxx :) it was a struggle to make sure i used the same purple for everything lmao

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report

oh i bet, was a hassle for me just to change the cursor lol

by m1; ; Report


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+rep suspiria and beyond the black rainbow fan

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+rep the crow and army of darkness fan
(genuinely thought no one would ever recognize the beyond the black rainbow gif)

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report

+rep all the other gifs on your profile too. btbr is one of my comfort movies !

by receptions; ; Report

+rep interaction
my ims are open

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report


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thx so much... i think your advice worked out well

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report


by ✭rubin✭; ; Report


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ty for the add <3 i love ur profile :3

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yeah ofc, your list of movies and shows are all classic!

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report


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Hey! thanks for the add! Whats the song thats playing on your profile? its pretty good!

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hey! it's glare - blank... your profile was super cool! had to add when i saw we like a lot of the same shows \( ゚ヮ゚)/

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report

Hell yea, Thank you! It took me around a week to style my profile! glad to see got some peeps with common interests!

by MIXERRULES; ; Report

five stars (cw-autoplay)

five stars (cw-autoplay)'s profile picture

this song bruhh

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it's the best head empty bop (҂◡_◡) ᕤ

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report

frrr i used to listen to it all the time last summer

by five stars (cw-autoplay); ; Report

thats around the time i found it as well... message me if you ever want to talk ٩(^‿^)۶

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report


𝓜𝓮𝓭𝓮𝓾𝔁𝓼𝓪's profile picture

Thanks for the add. I love your profile sm!

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thx! i love your misa theme!

by c0smic~k0lfang; ; Report