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◌❀Weird and obscure games, or anything indie❀◌ ◌❀Soft and cute things, mostly pink❀◌ ◌❀Things that remind me of my childhood❀◌ ◌❀Manga and Anime❀◌ ◌❀Being creative, doing things like drawing, making bracelets, writing, etc❀◌


◌❀Lps❀◌ ◌❀Ball Jointed Dolls, especially Pinkie Cooper❀◌ ◌❀Jerma❀◌ ◌❀Wendigoon❀◌ ◌❀Frogs❀◌ ◌❀Rats❀◌ ◌❀Cows❀◌ ◌❀Traumacore❀◌ ◌❀Friendship bracelets❀◌ ◌❀Clowns❀◌ ◌❀Y2k and pixel art❀◌ ◌❀Stuffed animals❀◌ ◌❀Psychological horror❀◌


◌❀Almost anything goes. I mostly listen to fast-paced pop❀◌


◌❀Sally Face❀◌ ◌❀Boyfriend to Death❀◌ ◌❀DanganRonpa❀◌ ◌❀Totono❀◌ ◌❀Doki Doki literature club❀◌ ◌❀Hotline Miami❀◌ ◌❀Fran Bow❀◌ ◌❀Omori❀◌ ◌❀Wick❀◌ ◌❀Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk❀◌ ◌❀Life is Strange❀◌ ◌❀Huniepop❀◌ ◌❀Splatoon❀◌ ◌❀Minecraft❀◌ ◌❀Needy Streamer Overload❀◌ ◌❀Lollipop Chainsaw❀◌ ◌❀Lacey's Flash Games❀◌ ◌❀Lurking for love❀◌ ◌❀Lover's Trophy❀◌ ◌❀Courtin' Cowboys❀◌ ◌❀And many more❀◌


◌❀JoJo's Bizarre Adventure❀◌ ◌❀Hunter x Hunter❀◌ ◌❀Beastars❀◌ ◌❀Moomins❀◌ ◌❀Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt❀◌ ◌❀My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic❀◌ ◌❀Death Note❀◌ ◌❀Watamote❀◌ ◌❀Steven Universe❀◌ ◌❀Over the Garden Wall❀◌ ◌❀Puella Magi Madoka Magica❀◌ ◌❀Bee and PuppyCat❀◌


◌❀Aku no Hana❀◌ ◌❀Honey so sweet❀◌ ◌❀No Longer Human (Junji Ito version)❀◌ ◌❀Pinky and Pepper Forever❀◌ ◌❀Happy Sugar Life❀◌ ◌❀Killing Stalking❀◌ ◌❀A bunch of random doujinshis and short stories❀◌


◌❀Kokichi Ouma❀◌ ◌❀Celestia Ludenberg❀◌ ◌❀Mikan Tsumiki❀◌ ◌❀Mukou Aoi❀◌ ◌❀Polly Bendleson❀◌ ◌❀Candace Crush❀◌ ◌❀Lawrence Oleander❀◌ ◌❀Rire Lucien❀◌ ◌❀Celia Lede❀◌ ◌❀Sayori❀◌ ◌❀Stocking❀◌ ◌❀Tom Weaver❀◌ ◌❀Ame/Kangel❀◌ ◌❀Dijon Kirkpatrick❀◌ ◌❀Jacob Alden❀◌ ◌❀Ash Kinoshita❀◌ ◌❀Fluttershy❀◌ ◌❀Trixie Lulamoon❀◌

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About me:

∽∵∗◦*♡ Hiya! I'm NatwithaRat, but you can call me Nat. I'm a bisexual woman with a bunch of varying interests (which can be quite troubling at times...). After a long struggle with depression and an extremely severe period in my life, I am working on my mental health. This blog serves to help me with that journey. I hope we can be friends! ♡*◦∗∵∼

Who I'd like to meet:

∽∵∗◦*♡ Mr. Atomic Shrimp! He's been a huge inspiration and helped me realize a few extremely important things about myself! And Dronable, I just wanna see how he functions. I find him very interesting. Not sure about anyone else. ♡*◦∗∵∼

~Kokichi Ouma stamps by @drkinedits on tumblr~

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Nice page!

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Thank you so muchhhh! o((>ω< ))o

by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report


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Your page is so cute <3

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Thank youuu~ (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report

silas ☆

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thx sm 4 the add!! i luv all ur blinkiez! ur page iz ADORBZ!

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Thank you so much!~ (o゜▽゜)o☆

by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report

Princess Paris ♡

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I'm in love with your page!! It's so pretty!! <3

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Thank you so much!~

by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report


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Th mana sou♡

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by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report

Ante re noumero

by xX_jika_Xx; ; Report

Pane na diabaseis gia to frontistirio re♡♡

by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report

Re ai sto diaolo re♡

by xX_jika_Xx; ; Report


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Tysm for the add, ur page is so cute!

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Glad you like it!♡

by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report


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Cute page! It’s very welcoming :)

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Thank you!! ♡

by ~NatwithaRat~; ; Report