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"how did we get here when i used 2 know u so well"

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i like playing nintendo 64


lana del rey, kali uchis, sade, grimes, blood orange, tei shi, nine inch nails, deftones, hex girls, the internet, morphine, linkin park, doja cat, fiona apple, utada hikaru, lyn inaizumi, unloved, joji, azealia banks


jennifer's body, romeo + juliet, gone girl, the love witch, crouching tiger hidden dragon, vertigo, spirited away, labryinth, queen of the damned, under the skin


sailor moon, the vampire diaries, gossip girl, inuyasha, haibane renmei, pretty little liars, cowboy bebop, archer, attack on titan, rick and morty, scooby doo


i like poetry



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♥ ♥ ♥ sad girl ♥ ♥ ♥ mad girl ♥ ♥ ♥ bad girl ♥ ♥ ♥ The Elders Scroll Skyrim - Precision

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need vampire bf

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💕 💞

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Jon 🐇

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like the new look! :)
Tres' cool!

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🔮 Danitza

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Thanks for accepting my friend request! I look forward to becoming friends. \(◦'⌣'◦)/

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of course hunny 🤍 ty4 requesting me hiii

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


M.T.Headed's profile picture

We call ourselves...Sanguinarians 💜 Thanx 4 the friendship ✌️

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by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

Humans call us vampires. ☮️

by M.T.Headed; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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hiiiiiiiii 💗💗💗

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

gravy dog

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⠀⠀⠀⠀ __
     />  フ
     |  _  _ l
     /` ミ_xノ
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
    │  | | |
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

have a great rest of your week!

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thank u, and u too uwu

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

lamb Ꮚᵔꈊ’Ꮚෆ 💙𑁍

lamb Ꮚᵔꈊ’Ꮚෆ 💙𑁍's profile picture

hii!! thanks sm for the addd, i luv ur page (it's so cute) n we have a lot in common!! pls hmu anytime, let's talk xoxo

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u seem so sweet yes i was looking at ur cute page we do have a lot in common 🤍

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


FaviCool's profile picture

Thanks for de add and the coments Bambi :)

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hiii 🤍

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


Wayne's profile picture

Showing you and your page some love Happy Thanksgiving

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Thank u Wayne 💘💘💘 :)

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


½InDaClosetPlumber's profile picture

N64 will always be elite! Still have one that I play on with my best friend and wife 🙌🏽🙌🏽 btw, I love your profile 💛 tysm for the add

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thank u and yessss i'm playing ocarina of time right now i'm about to beat it :o 🤍 hope ur day has been good

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

Fucking classic 🤌🏽🤌🏽 thanks! Good luck beating the game! Unless it's not your first time doing so lol

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

no no i've played it a bunch but my sister usually has to beat it for me lolol so maybe my first true run w a little help. the water temple took forever as usual

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

I always ask my best friend to help me get past the water temple bit ashamed but surely this is a safe space lmao

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

yes it is 🤍 i'm at the very end but i'm too sad to beat it bc then i'll just have to play it again lol

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

You mean GET to hopefully lmao unless you're like speed running it or it's your job somehow. If that's the case, trade me jobs

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

i wish it was my job lmao and i kinda speed ran it but i am going back and messing around in all the areas of the game where i missed stuff trying to 100% it thennn i might speed run it lol

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

Lmfaoooo it's like I'm talking to my wife she does the exact same thing with kingdom hearts and ocarina 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

yesss i love kingdom hearts as well lmao and final fantasy. i just keep playing the same games, if the story and music is good they never get old. plus older games have a lot more content and secret hidden stuff

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

Yes! Old games made you WANT to explore the world 🙏🏽🙏🏽

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


SADGURL™'s profile picture

Thanks so much for the friendship

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yw so much 🤍 much love xx

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

Anytime 💕💕💕

by SADGURL™; ; Report


Flynn's profile picture

beautiful profile!!

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ahh ty 💕💕💕

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


💕BritBrat💕's profile picture

Hey lovely, thank you for accepting my friend request. Coming by your page to show some love 💕

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ty hunny hope ur doing good today

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


LadyLavender20's profile picture

Ty for the add ✨

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by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


Smokahontas's profile picture

Thank you for the add as well 💜 you’re cute too 💗 also very cute page btw!

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thank u 🖤

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

in water

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hey to you too!! thank you for accepting my request!! i was hoping i'd come across another silent hill fan soon, for some reason i have memories of it being pretty popular back in the myspace days but you're the first with good taste lmaoo

omg don't even get me started on that ending... i will never stop!! like they rly thought they were doing something with that ending, even tho we already knew exactly why the games existed in the first place. also way to ruin the emotional impact of you-know-whos character/storyline by reducing them to a boring, overdone, one-dimensional villain... okay, i'm done!! i just have so many feelings!!

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yessss omg i played shattered memories all the way through, but haven't played all of them bc i get scared but i keep trying bc the story lines are so good. i also really like playing them in the wintertime when it's cold and dark the immersion is so much better lol.

and yeah i completely agree with that take on the ending, they had such a good story but i kept hoping the "main character" we were following would just change to Sae-byeok. she had so much more potential in the story i was so upset. and i liked her short friendship with the girl i wanted them both to leave so bad :( like why end it like that he's literally not even going to go be with his daughter that's the reason why he "did it" in the first place. so dumb. like to even stop squid games he'd have to end all capitalism period but he should still have said hi to his kid. i have a lot of feelings too apparently lol

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

shattered memories is actually the only SH game i haven't played, but i really want to! i think i held off for so long because a part of me realizes that once i play it, that's it. i wish i could be like you and play them all over again for the first time! i'm a big baby too when it comes to scary games but it's so much fun getting scared.

i told you to NOT get me started cus oh man, i could not agree more with you re: sae-byeok!! she was my favourite character and the marble scene absolutely wrecked me. i'm talking full on ugly crying with snot and everything!! i turned to my partner and sobbed "see this is exactly why she didn't want to trust anyone!!" it broke my heart to see these two traumatized women forgetting their tragic circumstances for a brief moment to enjoy each others company.

also lmaooo i thought the exact same thing when he turned away from the plane!! like c'mon my dude you're gonna dismantle capitalism now?? i love that for us but it's just not realistic... so go see your damn daughter!

by in water; ; Report

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku's profile picture

Thanks for the add, cute page !

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初音ミクありがとうございますあなたのページはかわいいです 🤍🤍🤍

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


🦋BossBaby🦋's profile picture

Thanks for add

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by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report

kurt !

kurt !'s profile picture

thx 4 the add! ur profile is so cute aaa xo

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thank u sm kurt xx 💘 i tried lol

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report


LEXXX's profile picture

thx 4 the add! ur so pretty!!

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thank u princess u are beautiful 🤍🤍🤍

by ♡ bambi ♡; ; Report