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"Waiting for a Baseball game to come on the tv "

40, USA, Single 🥰

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Witchcraft Tattoos Halloween Heavy Metal/ Rock Blogging Singing Currently learning how to make jewelry….Not as easy as it looks! 😂


Check Who I'd Like To Meet!!!!


The Craft Halloween (1978) Halloween Kills Freaky It’s a rarity to catch me watching a chick flick… but I will if the mood strikes me.


Charmed (origional) Baseball (when in season) Peppa Pig (love the additude) Rest of the time I'm on YouTube....Anyone else?


About to read Jessica Simpson autobiography called Open Book. Have you read it yet?


Those that have seen the darkest of days and came out on top on the other side. Healthy, happy and excited abut whats to come.

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Tama Lyn is someone who has a passion for inspiring others to give each day a chance to succeed. Tama Lyn had her fair share of ups and downs. But, with the right people surrounding her, she can accomplish anything. Daily, she channels her energy through breathing techniques and meditation. This often brings about creativity and a sense of self worth. In her own way she would like to teach women and men, no matter what age, that life can be beautiful. Beautiful in their own way.

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💖 ✨

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….Happy New Year!

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Thanks for the add :) your page looks super cool too

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Thanks Myles! Hope you have a great day!

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Hey there skelly witch, thanks for adding me... check out the lyrics in my blogs... music and recordings will hopefully come sometime during the coming year.

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👋… I will definitely check it out! Thanks for showing my page some hello’s!

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Hii Tama!✋🏼

Thank you for the add, and welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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Oh, you’re welcome. I just love living the nostalgic life. Makes me feel young again!

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Alyssa🦇Annihilation's profile picture

Hey there! Thanks for the add! Blessed be🖤

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Well, I’m glad you’re here. Blessed Be!

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

DE Navarro

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So glad to connect.

Hope you have great success!

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That’s my daily goal… success 💰

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report


♥*♡Lauren♡*♥'s profile picture

showing your page some ♡ thanks for accepting!

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Glad to have you here. 💟

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

Smeezy Tarantino

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Showing love Queen 💯

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Why thank you

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Thank you ...

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You are most kindly welcome.

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

You are most kindly welcome.

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

niya ♡

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hey new friend !
sending ☮️ & ️ all the way from VA .

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I’d have to say today I’m feeling and embracing the ☮️ and ️. Hope you have a good day new friend.

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

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Wacky Alex

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Try my channel? > FunHouseRadio.com
Now including Holiday Music!

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You're Welcome Alex!

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! I hope your day treats you well :)

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Hello! I think my day went fabulously. Thanks! Same for you as well!

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

Jim Wolf

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Thx for Add 🎄

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Welcome! I like new friends! 🤘🏼

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

Brian Lee Nickols

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Thank you for the accept.

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You’re very welcome! Hope you’re having a good day!

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

Goblin Teatime

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Thanks for the add! You seem cool!

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Thanks! Think I’m getting the hang of this site now. And, I like it so far.

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

That's great! I hope you have fun here!

by Goblin Teatime; ; Report

Scott Oakjaw

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Your profile is a vibe

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by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

Central Presbyterian Church, Fort Smith, AR

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Thanks for the add!

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Absolutely… everyone is welcome here!

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The starry layout is so cool :) thanks for the add!

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Not my layout…but I liked the stars too. I hope to figure this html codes again…MySpace was so long ago. I’m a little rusty!

by OHHeyTT ; ; Report

Omg yes I know exactly what you mean. I can't belive we used to do this so casually!

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report


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love the layout

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Sir Gael

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Heyy new friend! Tapping in with you to show your page some love 💕.

Drink plenty of water & make sure you enjoy your weekend. **granny voice**

P.S. Don’t be a stranger…

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Got my lemon water and coffee in hand…. Ready to tackle this profile’s design. Never strangers only friends. Have a fabulous weekend!

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