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"Zwischen Semtex und Utopie"

I speak German and English. Either is fine.

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I am interested in a lot of different things. I would probably say my main passions in life are history (mainly Warsaw Pact + WWII, but I find pretty much anything interesting) and the arts (music, fine art, literature, and film). I am an artist myself, working in oil paint, multi-media and digital. If you would like to see any of my work let me know. Aside from that, I really love older video games from 90s - 00s (especially Fallout, Metal Gear Solid, Elder Scrolls etc.)
Random fact about me: I have a padawan braid...


Favourite artists at the moment are Einstürzende Neubauten and Shostakovich. I try to listen to everything. Other music I like: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Damned, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, black metal, 80s synthpop, punk, Rachmaninoff, Glenn Gould, eurodance...


War films, low budget horror, spaghetti westerns (particularly ones with Clint Eastwood). Faves: A Clockwork Orange, Withnail and I, Threads, Nekromantik 2, Fistful of Dollars, Full Metal Jacket, Der Untergang


Mostly I like Britcoms - anything with Rik Mayall (The Young Ones, Bottom, Comic Strip Presents), Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, Ghosts, Yonderland. I also like sci-fi shows - Doctor Who (classic and NuWho), Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9)


And Quiet Flows the Don, The Brothers Karamazov and other Russian classics, Tolkien, Stephen King, lots of non-fiction of course, And the Ass saw the Angel, Christopher Ishwerwood, Chronicles of Narnia...


My best comrades!

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About me:

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Greetings and welcome friends, foes and travellers of the web. Have a look through my profile to find out more about me. I am secretly friendly so don't be afraid to send me an IM (would prefer 16+ and no silly children as I am a very serious and intellectual adult!!!!). I am way too busy to make my site more appealing and reflective of myself but hopefully sometime I'll change it up a bit. I have started writing blogs on art and history, so check those out too.

Check out my stamps (yes, some of them are satirical...)

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CLYDE's profile picture

Wonderful person, increasingly interesting mind. Always excited to see you around and I’m not sure if I’ve ever disagreed with something I’ve seen you say. I hope to pick at each other’s brain sometime.

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Wow, that is honestly such a nice thing of you to say. I enjoy seeing you too.

by Vostok; ; Report


mesm's profile picture

Dearly beautiful and fascinating profile. Among my favorites I have viewed so far.

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Thank you, that's very kind

by Vostok; ; Report

korny !!

korny !!'s profile picture

thanks for the add!! :3

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Cicada_Girl_123's profile picture

Thank you for accepting my friendship!

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madcapz's profile picture

Forgot to say this before but thanks for adding me!! Lovely profile 🫶

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vampirismia's profile picture

thanks for adding me!! :)
(your music taste is amazing, by the way)
((just now noticed you're studying textiles, me too!!))

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Thank you :)) textiles students are the best!

by Vostok; ; Report


kitkatanddog's profile picture

hey, thank you for the add ! you seem like a very unique & interesting person, I'm keen to learn more about your passions c:

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Thank you, that's lovely. I'm looking forward to reading more from you, too. How did you become interested in Japan?

by Vostok; ; Report

I've had a connection to it for as long as I can remember. a lot of people become interested from things like anime but for me it's always been there. it's quite hard to explain...

by kitkatanddog; ; Report

katherine ˖ ࣪⭑

katherine ˖ ࣪⭑'s profile picture

thank you so much for the add!! i love your profile ♡

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Thank you, I like your profile too

by Vostok; ; Report


FiNALBOY's profile picture

Thank you for the add! You seem cool :)

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Thank you, I added you for Buster Keaton because I love his films. Do you like Harold Lloyd?

by Vostok; ; Report

Hmm I haven't seen much of his works to say, but his clock stunt is one of the best things ever! What's your favorite?

by FiNALBOY; ; Report

For Keaton, maybe The Haunted House. I haven't watched much of Lloyd yet either unfortunately.

by Vostok; ; Report


CLYDE's profile picture

Thoroughly enjoyed looking at your page. Sweet interests. I used to have a padawan braid. My hair is getting a bit long since I shaved my head last year... maybe I'll have one again too. Hope to see you around!

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Thank you, I can tell already we will have a lot to discuss.

by Vostok; ; Report


OЯlandy's profile picture

Youve got good taste

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Thank you, that is most kind of you.

by Vostok; ; Report


Controlledbleeding's profile picture

Hello, comrade. How are you doing on this fine December evening?

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It's personal.

by Vostok; ; Report

Wow, this behavior was completely unnecessary. I was just trying to be nice to my best comrade… Whatever. I see how it is.

by Controlledbleeding; ; Report

Yup. I can't be friends with you since what you did to me and my dignity yesterday. It's just not acceptable. I bet you'd be mortified if I did the same to you. I don't think I can ever look at a coconut again.

by Vostok; ; Report


Controlledbleeding's profile picture

Heh... Shostakovich, huh.

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by Vostok; ; Report