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etc/31/M/Kernow/GEN-Y/ENTJ-A/ █

Hey, Tux here.

well, Its nostalgic AF being here!

Used to love Myspace back in the day,
before META came and Sanitized our Expression.
All this opportunity brings out the skriptkiddy in me, although much wiser now.

Used to be part of the Roadrunner records troupe on myspace, then went on to run there bebo
(do you remember that ?)

Certainly a veteran now in all things Social Media of Old

Glad to find somewhere I can play with code again and share stuff I make.

I am an IT professional by trade
(and thats all I can tell you)
Proper Cloak and Dagger stuff ¬‿¬

Love anything to do with Technology from Computing, Micro Controllers, Programming, Networking to Artificial Intellegence.
Currently Building a Cluster computer for my ChatAI


Also an Avid Sculptor, Graphic Designer, 3D Artist, Inventor...

General Crazy Creative type! Check.

Neurodivergent && Synesthetic
Ask me anything.

Under Construction, Some links broken and Not optimized for mobile at all.. LOL .
(Album links should now work)

I add everybody, I want to see your creativity in code and design and find new music.

I also hope to inspire you to spend time learning to code
It will be the best thing you do!

Knowledge is power!
If I am in any doubt of your age, I Just wont reply.
If I do, It will be public and related to music, code or design


“We thought of life
by analogy with a journey, Pilgrimage,
which had a serious purpose at the end
and the thing was to get to that end
success or whatever it is
maybe heaven after you’re dead.
But we missed the point the whole way along.

It was a musical thing
and you were supposed to
sing or to dance while the music was being played."

- Alan Watts.


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Status: In Development

Tux@S4DEV:~$: Dev.log █

The machine as it looks now , with edited display for theatrics ... (⌐■_■)ノ♥

Tux@WorkStation:~$: █

ly ly ly

The Flashbulb The Birthday Massacre - Violet Rammstein Corpo-Mente Angtoria - God Has A Plan For Us All DEATHSTARS Cob - Warheart Dimmu-Borgir KoRN - See You On The Other Side Kosmo Ipod jelly 51 Ochre Ott - Fairchildren Ott - Baby Robot Hallucinogen in Dub Infected mushroom - Vicious Delicious Jethro tull - Thick as a Brick Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Pentangle - Basket of Light Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation Liquid Tension Experiment SOO-PAA SCOOP Electronics Electronics top top bottom
Les cyclopes

Who I'd like to meet:

like to meet

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Sarah K.

Sarah K.'s profile picture

Your profile is really cool! Thanks for the friend request! Nice to meet you! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Amelia!!'s profile picture

YOU HAVE THE GREATEST PROFILE IVE SEEN plus you listen to children of bodom, ure likee the best ever ttytt

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Skye's profile picture

Thank you so very much for the add.

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PizzaSoup07's profile picture

thanks for the add.

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Most Welcome,
Great layout, Love the Macintosh.

by Tux; ; Report

HAHA XD I did it for the old CRT tvs.

by PizzaSoup07; ; Report

I love CRTs SO much...
I want to get some real ones just for the nostalgia! hahaha

by Tux; ; Report

I like the small black ones with a VCR. That way you can play retro games or play a VHS tape. Plus it's portable. The Sharp brand would be my pick.

by PizzaSoup07; ; Report

You my friend have great Taste!
I'll Take two!

by Tux; ; Report

Strange Monkey

Strange Monkey's profile picture

Thanks for accepting. Cool profile!

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Thanks Bud!
I like what you are doing too!
Great Youtube Channel !

by Tux; ; Report

Much appreciated. Thank you!

by Strange Monkey; ; Report


awkward.violence's profile picture

thanks for the add, you have a really sick profile!!

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Thankyou, I'm really enjoying the process,
Your page is AWESOME! we have had similar ideas.

by Tux; ; Report


𝕊 𝕋 𝔸 ℝ 𝔽 𝔸 𝕃 𝕃's profile picture

heyyyy thx for the add! ur profile is way cool!

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Your page is great too!

by Tux; ; Report


woou's profile picture

i'm sry i didn't realize your friend request till now :c your page is pure magic buddy!!!

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Thankyou, I appreciate your kind words, I was going for Magical! ;-)
I love the ASCII art on your page!

by Tux; ; Report

ty i'm glad you to like it!!!!^^

by woou; ; Report

Bippy Biggz

Bippy Biggz's profile picture

It's great to meet you!
Thanks for the add!
We do have a lot in common!
:) Would love to chat sometime!

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I will send you a DM when I get a moment
Going to be doing lots of ART today, would be cool to get some feedback.

by Tux; ; Report

Definitely msg me if you want. I love art! I do some myself. I've been creatively blocked recently but I love to look!

by Bippy Biggz; ; Report


Tzucasa's profile picture

Wow what a crazy (in a good way ofc) profile! Thanks for the add.

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I describe myself as a crazy creative type , Crazy profile is spot on, What I was going for

by Tux; ; Report


Jen's profile picture

Your profile looks so cool!!

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Thankyou :) - Like some of your picks on your page too! What kind of EDM do you like ?

by Tux; ; Report

Miss Kira

Miss Kira's profile picture

🍄 Thanks for the add 🌳 Love your page 🍂 dropping,🪺 love 💕 all 🌼 over🌲 your🐝 profile 🐦and🪶have🐞 an🌷 amazing day 🌀

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As you know, You inspired me..
Going to be doing some work today,
see if I cant impress you too :)

by Tux; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

Great Googly Moogly's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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ajcjxej♱'s profile picture

Nice layout! Love the music taste also

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Your page is great too!
You also have great taste in music
Whats your top Bjork song ?
I love "All Is Full of Love" and "jóga" most.

by Tux; ; Report

Mine is probably There's more to life than this or possibly maybe!

by ajcjxej♱; ; Report

The Atlanta Monsters

The Atlanta Monsters's profile picture

Wundruss page!

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I enjoyed your music.. I also wrote something down that may turn into art ;-)
Inspirational !

by Tux; ; Report


TuttiFruitti's profile picture

hey thanks for the add! old socials were where it's at <3 I am a 3D artist as well! as of lately am doing 2d/3d compositing

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The nostalgia factor here has awoken the kid that wanted to make art, Now as an adult I have the tools to do anything I want, or at least Sharpened the tools I need.

I guess I am also a Compositing artist.
I'm very into Mixed media, being synesthetic I get senses intertwined, Blessing and a Curse. All The sculpture I've done was listening to specific music, Without it, I cant art.

by Tux; ; Report


Aaron's profile picture

Hi, thank you for adding me. Hey do you remember what song you had playing on your profile last week? I wanted to ask you what artist was that? It said something like, "let's get mischievous."

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Yes, I am going to Link it on my Profile..
I thought It perhaps set the wrong impression,
Although I do love the track!
✨ The Orion Experience -=- The Cult of Dionysus
I intent to be better at attribution.

by Tux; ; Report

❧ 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔳𝔢𝔱 𝔡𝔬𝔭𝔢. ❧

❧ 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔳𝔢𝔱 𝔡𝔬𝔭𝔢. ❧'s profile picture

𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖎𝖘 𝖔𝖓𝖊 𝖔𝖋 𝖒𝖞 𝖋𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖊 𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖋𝖎𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖓 𝕾𝖕𝖆𝖈𝖊𝖍𝖊𝖞 - 𝖙𝖔 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕱𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖊𝖘 𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖌𝖔! 🕯️🖤

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Thankyou! Appreciate it,
I posted the Puzzle on my Bulletin.
Entitled. wait for it.. "Puzzle"

by Tux; ; Report

Universal_Horror 🦇

Universal_Horror 🦇 's profile picture

Thank you for the friend request Tux. Love your page! Very creative and original. Have yourself a spooky week, Bela!

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Loved your profile, Actually started to boogie!
I am going to come back with a notepad and take some more inspiration.

by Tux; ; Report


SADGURL™'s profile picture

Thanks for the add love 🌹

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Most Welcome
"Let's bring each other up!"
Totally agree, with you there.

by Tux; ; Report