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30. Pan dude. Greenville, NC based.

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Cinematography, Photography, Pro audio, Illustration, Writing & Performace Art...I do it all, baby!


Too many bands/artists to mention but I will say...

I listen to Flatbush Zombies ALOT.


Bernie (arguably the best Jack Black movie, like..EVER!)


Here's a bunch of YouTube channels I frequent, in no particular order!!

Bob Ross
Shibby Pictures
This is Dan Bell.
The Proper People
Bright Sun Films
bald and bankrupt
Exploring With Josh
The Carpetbagger
Caitlin Doughty - Ask A Mortician
The Punk Rock MBA
Steve-O's Wild Ride! - Podcast
Company Man
Ordinary Things


The Shintori Chronicles.


Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands)

Finn McKenty (The Punk Rock MBA)
Bob Ross (The Joy of Painting)

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About me:

Antifa Supersoldier lol.
Pisces 🌞 Aries 🌛 & cancer 📈
💚I'm the one who eats from the expired candy dispensers at dead malls💚

Retired Paranormal Investigator & currently a pizza chef, until touring music is a thing again!

Used to play terrible metal riffs back in the myspace days, now I play terrible Folk-Punk originals I wrote about ghosts, in these spacehey days. (Plz put me in yer top 8?🥺)

I'm on all streaming platforms & you can name your price for all my music at

Who I'd like to meet:

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Lord Byron's Secret Mission

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Los Jamiltons

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Hi Stoney , thanks for accepting us!!! Have a great Weekend!!!Greetings from Argentina!!!

We invite you to visit us whenever you want and listen to a beautiful song ►

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hey there! listened to yall & dig it!!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Thank you very much :)

by Los Jamiltons; ; Report

Ras Bolding

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Hey in here. ;)

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by Stoney Sills; ; Report

You too. :)

by Ras Bolding; ; Report


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the for! add Thanks

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thanks bro!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Lord Byron's Secret Mission

Lord Byron's Secret Missi...'s profile picture

Dude, where ya been?

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Ah you know, getting dragged by life again lolol. How ya doing!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

I mean, we did some mega hella adulting last night, so I can't complain.

by Lord Byron's Secret Mission; ; Report

V Holeček Art

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Happy Friday! I just felt like making the rounds to spread some comment love.

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Love ya mate!!!!!!!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Dawn Kitty

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Thanks for the add n.n

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thanks aswell!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report


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Hey there! Thanks for the add.
I wish you a great day.

xoxo from Italy

PS. Happy birthday

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Thanks!!! Hope things are well for you over there!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

sarah ♡

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happy birthday! ♡

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I'm 2 months late but THANK YOUUUUUUU!! lol

by Stoney Sills; ; Report


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Hey, thanks very much! I have to be honest, it was a total surprise when they reached out to me as they liked some thoughts I'd posted on my blog here but I never thought many people would even see it :D
I've been doing good thanks! Still lockdown where I live so fairly uneventful but grinding away working from home and writing music. Hope all is going well for you too? :)

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I totally feel you on being shocked, I was taken back when travel channel reached out to me via facebook last year lol. That's super rad they read into you before actually connecting, tho! I've not kept up much on how bad it's got for yall since the states are such a mess right now. Thats good shit, keep churning it out! I'm alright, had to distance myself from oversharing on social media since life got a tad overwelming this month, but otherwise chill :]

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Oh awesome that the travel channel reached out to you as well! What was that about?
ANd yeah, it's been a mess both here and over there by the look of things. Such a weird/dark year :(
I'm really hoping stuff will cool down soon as it's pretty bleak!

Sorry to hear life has got overwhelming for you. I really hope things start looking up asap!

by Tirful; ; Report

they hit me up asking if I had/wanted to go before camera & recount a paranormal story for a new show they had in post production, but my story didn't fit what they needed exactly lol. The producer was such a chill dude tho, def know im on their radar for future stuff, potentially!

I've been working overtime in the kitchen these past few months & it's finally starting to get easier for me. Hope its been similar for ya! We got a good year ahead of us I feel

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Action Cat

Action Cat's profile picture

Thanks for the add! :D

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Np! I really like yer vid for "remember me" it's good shit!!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Thanks! I'm surprised so many people like it! It was just a quick little quarantine music video. lol

by Action Cat; ; Report

It was Sweet! Love coming across other indie peeps :3

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Ayla Spice

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Happy to be friends with a fellow stoner! Cheers!

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Hey there!! I'm right as the rain lol. Hope it's been mellow!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Todd Donald

Todd Donald's profile picture

After reading your profile I thought to myself, there HAS to be some way I could convince you to make a show or something for 101. :P how are you? Cheers!

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Hey thanks for the love! I'm way late, but i'm down to see what we can make! I'm doing better, had to take a couple weeks off from keeping tabs. How's it going tho?

by Stoney Sills; ; Report


trashlynne's profile picture

hey thanks for the add! i checked out your music and I'm really vibing with it :)

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Heyy & thanks!! You're rad! Noticed you heard of spacehey thru a podcast, which one?

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

sorry for the late response, but it's called All the Space in Between! It's hosted by a couple who are both artists (mitch is a musician under the project name flatsound and billie is a photographer). I would describe it as a comedy/art podcast. I would totally recommend checking it out if you haven't heard of it!

by trashlynne; ; Report

No worries, i've been on a 2 week break! lol. I'm going to look em up! been looking for more podcasts

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Yeah no worries! let me know if you like the show :)

by trashlynne; ; Report


Xxswedish_bluexX's profile picture

thanks for the add (: you seem like a pretty neat dude!

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Thanks & likewise!! digging the blue aesthetics!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

thanks! i really like your profile; it's kind of serene, probably because of the green. I noticed that you mentioned that you make music, so i'll be giving it a listen sometime

by Xxswedish_bluexX; ; Report

Why thanks!! I just had to change it cause I realized it was doing weird stuff with the font that I didn't like lol. But yay! Im on spotify!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report


melissa♡'s profile picture

hey there! i noticed you were a paranormal investigator. so cool! I've always been fascinated with the paranormal. what's the craziest thing you've seen or captured?

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Hey!! I've had some fairly bizarre stuff happen! Im gonna post another story to my blog in a few more days, sofar i've got one up there! the one that's coming up will be a good one, tho!! :)

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

oh I bet!
Thanks, i'll check out your blog now

by melissa♡; ; Report


by Stoney Sills; ; Report


sp00py's profile picture

thanks for the add homie, how are you doing?

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Thanks bud!! Im relaxing to unending YouTube suggested videos again lol. How about ya?

by Stoney Sills; ; Report


Xx-KaYlEe-xX's profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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Thanks!! Sorry im days late on responding, I think I deleted some notifications by accident the other day when sorting through everything. Im hoping they give an update where all the notifications aren't lumped together like so lol

by Stoney Sills; ; Report


juicebox 's profile picture

I was going to make a comment about no one caring what Larry King thinks ..... and then I remembered whoopsie-doodle

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Lol i put that all together like the first day I started this account without giving it any thought. I just did see he died, wasn't even aware he was bad off

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

That's fair. I mean he was one of those old folks that have been old forever so you kind of just....forget they're actually human.

by juicebox; ; Report

hahah you right about that, he was born old af lol. I'm devoting tonight to update the info in my blurbs sections. I like minimal, tho

by Stoney Sills; ; Report

Minimal is good though. It lets people ask the questions they want to genuinely know. That's how i see it at least. I think it's gotten all too common to expect everyone to put everything about themselves and their life out there on the web in an effort to seem open, approachable and connected.

by juicebox; ; Report

I 10000000x relate to that sentiment!! I like going into most life experiences blindly, especially local shows! This platform reminded me of the beauty within mild obscurity Besides, if I just crammed everything into each section, I'd be incredibly boring to be around irl lol

by Stoney Sills; ; Report


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welcome to the friend-o-sphere! smoke em if you got em!

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ayyyy!! Always!!

by Stoney Sills; ; Report