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"vibing to music"

25 and braindead. i can already feel my bones rotting.

Mood: urghhh... 😵

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enjoys gameing, watching other people gameing, talking about game (aka unbearable person who thinks about games 24/7) i also spend a lot of time retweeting art i love (its mostly weeb art). i waste hours watching youtube stuff. not really a super serious person i just make dumb jokes all the time.


you are currently listening to it (if you have autoplay on), if you want the playlist check the section below. i travel between genres so much bc sometimes i really vibe with loud harsh music n other times im vibing with super chill stuff. 100gecs, windows96, sewerslvt, the caretaker (kinda redundant considering i dont listen to a single artist that much but its just to give a vague idea). i like a lot of chill/ambient stuff. i mostly just enjoy whatever songs i come across n never really keep up with the artist unless i really enjoy their music/style. idk just msg me i will send some of the recent stuff ive been listening to. i am a big fan of windows96 though go listen to empty hiding world and magic peaks.





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About me:

shrimp enjoyer

made a new acc for a fresh start.

my profile is built on stolen bandwidth of the discord cdn

i dont fw friend collectors, i will only consider 100ish friends.
any more than that is fucking wild you do NOT talk to that many people.

i refuse to make a professional looking profile. it doesnt get any better than this. i spend a lot of time gaming but im still ass at them, i mostly play singleplayer games. i never talk first, im not exactly an interesting person to talk to either.

gaming: im playin NOTHIN.

(link to the mod i used for the pic)

Who I'd like to meet:

im a big jojo and yakuza fan

i watch a lot of jerma content he funny lol. i also watch a bunch of grayfruit, albino, pyrocynical, and jfj. sometimes atp.

purple francis is REAL dont tell me hes not.

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ayesha joints

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hai halo I leiek your page...!

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Angel's Demise

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:333 u are so cool ヽ(・∀・)ノ

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you are EPIC!!!! :3 awsumsauce..

by Shrimp²; ; Report

┐( ̄ヘ ̄;)┌

┐( ̄ヘ ̄;)┌'s profile picture

Dude such a cool profile. Very eatable I love it very much help

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thank you!! first time ive seen someone describe a profile as "eatable" though..

by Shrimp²; ; Report


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you seem really chill! i saw the keksandra and knew i had to add you.

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sorry, [s4s]-tan.* i have a really bad habit of calling her that (*/ω\*)

by kult; ; Report

thank you! and ill be honest its been some time since i went to s4s or even the chan in general. i noticed youre really into the feel of web 1.0 internet and id like to heavily recommend hypnospace outlaw if you havent played it yet, i think youd really enjoy the experience! its also nice to see someone mention ytpmv and MADs because i REALLY love that kinda stuff and i dont find enough people to share it with, i have a playlist with a bunch of them but i havent been on top of it for a while.

by Shrimp²; ; Report

sameeee, ever since the new captcha i knew it was time for me to hang it up to be honest. every 3 or so months i'll take 20 minutes to check the catalog of my favorite boards just to see nothing's changed a bit lol. i've heard of hypnospace! i just haven't given it any attention at all. i do want to give it a try at some point, so thank you for the push. i'm a huge fan of ytmpvs and mads, my ex and i love them a lot, since she was a little girl, so she's been the only person ive ever met to have conversation about them with. i'd happily add your playlist to your library if you're willing to share! i have a lot of them buried in my liked videos.

by kult; ; Report

god tell me about it, the slider captcha is the worst thing they ever added, most of the time i just check back on the archive for anything im interested in but thats pretty much it. oh and when you do eventually play hypnospace, just know theres no timer or whatever, so take your time and explore as much as possible! i basically grew up on old youtube so ive been around on there since like 2008, as a kid it was only natural id happen across ytp and eventually ytpmv. ive tried showing other friends that kind of stuff before but they never really seem to understand the appeal, especially ytpmv, and most of the time i find that ytpmvs sound better to me than whatever source its referencing. anyway, heres my playlist that ive been cooking up for a few years. enjoy!

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saw some jap artist on twitter called bongf which i figured was a weird name off the bat but their @ is literally bongf_art so now i'm wondering if there's a level of self-awareness or some'n. totally unrelated to anything, just thought you'd be illuminated by this factoid

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surely they must know, no? like at least one of their 200k followers must have mentioned it to them at some point. also good artist.

by Shrimp²; ; Report

Tha Milkman

Tha Milkman 's profile picture

You got an awesome profile my friend swag/10 cool and good Majima Enjoyer

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i think majima and kiryu should kiss

by Shrimp²; ; Report

I think you are right

by Tha Milkman; ; Report


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shrimp??? more like chimp!!! [insert Tambourine footage here]

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im throwing your ass back into the primordial soup

by Shrimp²; ; Report