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36 year old lady, US, attached

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I like to make pottery. You can find my stuff on Etsy

Happy Koi Pottery




talking heads

jens lekman

django django



anything by Autumn Cozy on youtube



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About me:

I run a tiny youtube channel about atheist witchcraft. I love EGL fashion and hexing white supremacists.

Who I'd like to meet:

Other atheist witches and/or lolitas

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I haven't seen you around on Spacehey much lately but I wanted to let you know that sometimes I queue up your YouTube videos simply because your voice is friendly and it makes me feel like I'm spending time with a pal

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I did drop off spacehey but I hope to get back into it again. That is such a sweet thing to say

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Secular witchcraft and lolita? Fyeah!
Thanks for the add :)

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Thanks for the add! Love your style


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How could I not add? you have our savior and lord Mana on your profile after all. In my last youtube video I dressed in gothic lolita. Your coords are to die for.

by SednaWoo; ; Report

Ah thank you! I just watched it and subscribed! A topic that really hit home! It's so hard to make friends as an adult and you gave some great advice!

Mana be with you! XD lol

by OhKayTea_xD; ; Report

Renn Alexxi☀

Renn Alexxi☀'s profile picture

Your profile is excellent! I'm kinda into secular witchcraft myself so I'll have to check out your youtube channel. Stay cool. 👍🏻

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Comrade Morgen

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I love seeing other atheists engaging in what most consider to be religious behaviour. Especially when the framework isn't Satanism! As an atheistic Satanist myself, seeing other religions take a non theistic route while maintaining it's practice gives me the warm fuzzies!

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I also love meeting those sort of folks too. I hope to meet more here. I have found like minded folks on reddit and also there is Atheopaganism which is similar and could run parallel to atheist witchcraft.

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Kabinett Obscura

Kabinett Obscura's profile picture

Thank you for the add🌹

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Thank you for the add! I can already tell I’m going to learn so much from you.

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emmett's profile picture

super love your profile! i'm a big fan of egl and witchy stuff too; thanks so much for the add!

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we have two very important things in common. We are bfs now

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hahaha hell yes! frilly witch solidarity

by emmett; ; Report


Doctor's profile picture

Hi!~ Thanks for accepting!


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lena!'s profile picture

Yesss! How has your week been? And do you have any valentine plans?

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My week has been more good then bad. I really do need to plan something for Vday because I love celebration even if I can't go to a restaurant. I hope my guy gets me something. Not like expensive but something silly would really lift my mood.

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Maria the Arcane

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Thank you for the add!!! xo

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Freakish Uproar

Freakish Uproar's profile picture

It makes me happy to think that my rather inept looking profile has at least helped you find some new music :D What you saying about witchcraft being a tool to make things happen, or even just to alter your mindset, makes a lot of sense in actuality. We are creatures of habit, and rituals seem to be an important aspect of many people's everyday lives - via religion, occultism, etc.
I've always suspected that we are hardwired to require private obsessions, and that many people (myself included) are inclined to get depressed without those activities that an outsider may struggle to see the need of, or point for.

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lena!'s profile picture

Thank you for the friend request! You seem so rad. I'm checking out your YouTube channel right now! :)

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finally, someone else who says "rad". let's be best friends.

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Freakish Uproar

Freakish Uproar's profile picture

I'm extremely intrigued by the notion of atheist witchcraft :3 (thanks for the add btw)

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I know, it sounds like an oxymoron but it uses the open label placebo effect. Like, placebo effect is so powerful with rituals that you can do them on yourself to trick your brain into being happier or more creative. No miracle cures or anything but I'll take all the mood boost I can get.

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uberblud's profile picture

Thanks for the add! I really love your content, it's very informative and helpful!

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thank you! Youtube is a really fun hobby to have. I've been able to connect with really great people because of it.

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.•*thetwylightzone*•.'s profile picture

You've g0t a friend in me.•*🏜

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Jinnicide's profile picture

Nice to see a fellow Deathcab lover, you know you'd think for a site with a bunch of emo kids on it, you'd see it a lot more! But alas.

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right? am I the only one listening to the same ten albums since 2005?

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Megan Duffy

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Good vibes heading back your way!

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Will Roos

Will Roos's profile picture

Thanks for the add. Cool pottery at your etsy store. Especially the decanter.

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aw, thanks! I have a new batch of teacups that I need to get listed. just trying to stay creative in these odd times we are living in.

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ethereal cowboy

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hello there friend, thanks for accepting my request!

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