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F/44/Cincinnati/she/her. NO MINORS!πŸ”ž

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Mood: Sick and tired. Yes pfp is me.

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please-wait-by-mohammed6651-d31u1e7 d512ki4-3994bbc1-fcf2-44c7-a9cb-82cf998a0fa0 deaf 18-plus no-minors 1126747p7c4dh9otz 346386lqwmhy9vor 1707016ca2cwewfi7 589562bia2z9m4uq 117733ffy8kezte1 1498586wqj7w5gnxl 1339573mcxr9amdxb 2734557xf3cc9rfou 1234948m14l20ivnw 769983c07sk16mpo 1911651h6n5ca2gz5 696469d0cps3jjbc skull-stamp-by-bbluh-d483y3q-fullview stamp-skulls-and-hearts-by-xxxklllj0y-kultxxx-ddidu63-fullview As if it wasn't obvious enough, I'm a sucker for anything with skulls. Sugar skulls and day of the dead. I'm not punk,I'm not emo,goth or anything else. I just love they way they look. πŸ’€β˜ οΈ


Bts,Nkotb,Backstreet boys,Prince, Post Malone,Janelle Monae, P!nk,GaGa,R&b,hip hop,rap. Old school Madonna. Ashanti,Pharrell, Usher,Janet,Lil Wayne, Eminem,Dre,Snoop To name a few. Lol. Also early 80s and 90s r&b. S.o.S band, Envogue, Dru Hill,Ginuwine, Tank. L.S.G. New Edition,Bell Biv Devoe,Boyz2men,TLC,Jagged Edge,Montell Jordan, Da Brat,Pretty Ricky,Next,Xscape,Monica, Silk,Keith Sweat,Jodeci,Mary J Blige,Puffy,JLo,Selena, Shai,Tyrese,Naughty By Nature,Salt N Pepa, Christina Aguilera,Eve,Missy Elliott,Brownstone,Jade,Mokenstef,Danity Kane,HTown,Lil Kim,Foxy Brown,Queen Latifah, Teena Marie,Pebbles. Jessie J. Adam Lambert. Lizzo. I don't really listen to the radio much anymore. Just find that everything sounds the same or ppl just redoing all the classics. d9zu4so-144ab5ed-cbbc-419e-9a21-065e8025d868 bsb-04-100x50 dbmdehr-528150e6-6db7-494d-b0e7-fd17ba4883b3 prince-logo-stamp-2-by-kas7ia-d9s3sqo 446240wsjm20qv7x 2787183is6pkqv703 1618998yqmv2y63x3 82371q4zza88v6v 1501074tic1i5jj8c 1416720rr2fqy7g1l 164962k9bmmjxr8m 2011 429919kr3811i2by 475847ybb0w0y3h9 64063p1y7g9p8ud 6487 42574yvw7m7m9qb 1594231cud9vmzlmm images-jpeg 302464qgj31jzrox 3047430oqtw3akrf3 wild-idol-stamp-by-kalot3000-d2f5nu4-fullview


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1977398u0gsl8hiae 1035665g4k6m3s084 1183418voto6wqcte jersey-shore Er Incredible Dr. Pol Animal planet Hoarders Hoarding Barried Alive Naked and Afraid The ghost whisperer


Let's be honest,I don't read much. Unless you count fanfic lol


Bts and Jhonny Depp 1185607hn13uc8whb dbbx7oe-4e1f788f-a5f2-4953-bf81-b216a93e4ca0 dbboawd-9faf7290-512b-4891-a332-5a14c7b6ccda dc32x0t-ea61e8dc-9e0c-48ca-a655-c779b13fa1d3 dal6fx7-2d091ae6-1709-4d3f-9dcc-367270b8e267 dc0000y-fc5710d9-1f29-4b67-a0b8-bebaa4859ab7 dbadpk4-df1297de-93b2-458f-b7dd-0bcd097e1fde dfnvwvq-6cf78af5-fe68-4e92-86e2-851ba8d5b224 d6iiuny-45e9bda3-d546-4b94-a8f9-4767395fd025

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About me:

**Hi, I'm a 44 yr old female from Cincinnati. Not looking for love. Absolutely No minorsπŸ”ž. I have 2 cats and 2 birds. No kids. I am hearing impaired and disabled. I am bi /pan πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Just looking for fellow BTS army. I was on Myspace years ago and miss it. Hoping this to be close. I believe in honesty and loyalty. I have a hard time trusting people. Just be honest and real with me and we will get along great. What you see is what you get with me. I don't support bullying of any kind. As a bullying survivor for many years growing up in school to still here online for various things as well. So if you are a bully..bye! I will not except invites if you have a profile empty with just a photo. By the way,don't judge me based on your ignorance. Block me for no reason if you ain't even spoke to me. That's petty and disrespectful. ***Also if you don't have your age in your bio and you send request I will assume you are a minor. *** Also I will not except private profile requests. Sorry. *** I need to know your age and something about you before I agree to friend you. Goes along with the with the no minors thing. *** d8bsli9-f45845a8-591d-40d4-8920-b21d359e749a no-by-redkuu-da7nb16-fullview busy-extremely-busy-by-knight1313-d3lkmma-fullview explaining-stamp-by-sonira-stamps-d2hzfor-fullview 01-29 1089372l0cmz3ff52 1360196qqz28jo6lp-1 1371 1416638tfodrzeycc 2320988x7n39wrio4 2559015q5qmb7ph18 288921ailshg8pmh 312869dh73687qk9 323633csld8gwhe7 1788980dt37b4ufhh 3281 2341357ksncl7bm2k 460882cgtpz1r7ye 534962h3msavco30 55704nufknigf9e 78 174602w3dis3k320 b-w-cats tuxedo-cats i-don-t-do-perky not-weird quotes-8 1564313p1c8x83fsl 64d2d899130121ce44b344d5d891b626ba736546 1010229vpy45pucxi 19 sure-fine-whatever nfCKmIl 596374jji3vs2fwr 1616734wt6tyycgpl 1971577aa9qbmfydx 176391xnui0w24z9 763356i3fdgflpam 0190-hittingfloor 115525 avatars-humor-526772 257343wj4c674vuz 122991g69qvx5o19 d2kjp1d-11ede4f8-cbf8-4a46-b3cf-856e0868ee76 380334ewba0eq1tg 922394uzqr4o52az dcaq6xt-92f6c3a1-6e68-4bdd-8964-c3cc31158616 DB6-DA315-4-D22-472-D-AF4-D-61008-E9956-BE YZg48f-Hi-IONm-Jvev-Twv9-va-LJk-JMt-Ol78rzg-Rr2-JRct6-Gk7-QDx-WXedp-Czq7r5eqa8-Hp-VFb-R4-Eo-Pdczo4-M 330 music-suck common-sense blinktastic-chillpill 596455ocaz69lsys 361409lp38ncpfy3 d3ht4zq-3cfc0940-7077-4c72-8bf8-744db1812265 d37348t-5d57c899-a3d0-49a4-bd1a-843858280ab0 wake-me train-toughts offended out-of-bed clever-disguise antimusk there-yet la-dee hoodies nicer-smarter always-about-me see-heart best-things stupid-questions 7 e2f8b1961784a752bd536d46431722326a328ecd 370759g9a0hifyof 370823gurjei5uct d2tzd8r-33842cd7-bfa8-4d5f-8259-38b166022388 NU6WQ7K tumblr-7a7cbcae12e1dc91c9b126471737db2e-48748964-250 have-issues normal-person 3101482fn9jm0wo86 476736e47ywey11w 46876 60675482-28db-11ed-afe0-2378c8b4c392 2551070dvanpx2i85 men-suck blinkie-blinkieslut deg7f6q-ae5224f8-6c78-445a-9a8c-5dd6da1eb6d3 lost-in-thought 3541308wfda7l77lo 1289276cej2kymrha 1101240zzxorjkcz0 1186050lshzlfue17 675921oxvo6ahqac 22 3813e8ad-fc32-436b-891f-e4461ebce2a0 avatars-humor-344710 IMG-8777-jpeg d86u1ma-5653fd33-8fd8-4ac8-bde1-1b1191ec9cf9 C95-B2828-CB20-468-C-9-A0-F-3-DAAF59-B650-D d14a3c8-916afd50-43ab-4340-ad1d-d4f00c06a683 dan79ed-b5a94f83-4183-46c2-8392-a6b8016ae556 d42106g-e362d0be-69fc-4b76-a8c0-16b7b7e18d7c depj3qp-141db471-abb8-423c-8c80-c647c5a74c33 sanityisoverrated realwomena1 a48d638d2dd591cf9b8657dd39229fb6 stamp-wait-by-mafiavamp-d30svtx-fullview d30jxx7-a21b063c-1c5c-4f42-aafc-5d313aed8e9c b7ec10831c158c61af03b1107c08f7fab0a2f1ca 15-by-seweraat-dcczode dbjkp8f-e237500f-6515-4d01-bea9-ee66898d74c8 cookies-by-virus-xenon-dcklk06-fullview soulmate10 702383hos2pn3mzw 1584042w3i47m4xum o8ZZ5wq IMG-8776-jpeg 2010914pr4m87tapv 533958gkkx9enqz1 Tumblr-l-163078974334796 d1m3wn3-b756eb8e-6cbf-482e-915d-cc0ed6aacebe 0d72b57b-original 2245941sa7128gwzn kNr69YA d4b39iy-b8b0acbc-eaed-4b5d-a587-6ad390b697d1 d2zou9g-aa808439-d0af-418c-907f-7202a3356f49 unp096q d3ccbb5-0f15b290-dda0-4784-b7c3-47345e5837e7 637839b6i6y9h9ou tumblr-a129dabee3511ef2eaaad7622f5f4650-f0c9ad3f-250 prod-852-25641 music-stamp-by-taylorinchains-d2lxta7 0236 randomness fc531706d9ad4940681df19a43a9921825238559 2076577ghoua3i8ll 636 581 819 tumblr-8f9ba9eafd587c77b1ce7d6ac15da1d1-4addca90-500 dbfiuce-272eed56-2402-486c-ac88-f4d875d64706 Smile-jpeg tumblr-inline-odd96v-Gx-Y41sy2y4m-500 tumblr-odd1fjs-Dry1rki4tao1-250 d15g7j1-4393431d-574f-42c7-811e-2a2bc28a0cfb fea204e8f47a6ecef483618d34b35223c3a41808-jpeg dfq4yfz-830aaca2-6caf-4372-8a84-301c87ce797c tumblr-5c1290840ed55e1b93fe20d826eed6c1-de21786b-250 i-may-be-wrong-by-mistress-cara-d15we3g-fullview 688cbd10c1a1e53a805d531fe38f6466709e09f5 no-bed-yet Believemeicould-jpeg Weirdo-jpeg 679db7d2e44c571dad7661b6c3a91d54c5121e96 coke openmind 165408xwn4kwj4gd 370561j949wtjthw

Who I'd like to meet:

dbf64wd-e7c671f0-3b76-4b53-a334-fc59d42fbe8f Adult army over 18. Anyone over 18. Non judgmental people. If you do not have a profile photo or any info about you I will not except a friend invite. Or a photo and profile empty. Sorry. I do not except private messages. I do not except invites from people who are creeps or looking for one thing. I'm not looking for romance. Just to make some new friends. dbf64wd-e7c671f0-3b76-4b53-a334-fc59d42fbe8f I am also on Everskies. https://everskies.com/user/Jsturhope-10974113 Wz-E0-NTA2-Mjcs-NDM1-ODAw-LDE0-Nj-M4-MDgs-ODI0-Nj-Ys-NTky-MTI5-LDMz-Mjc4-OSwy-ODI5-MTMs-Mzcw-NDc4-LD

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JoAnna's profile picture

Thanks for adding me. BTS LETS GO. did you watch the j-hope doc on Disney yet? I loved it too much

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No,I didn't,not on Disney+ i don't have it. I saw the whole show on Hulu. But I haven't seen full doc.

by JstUrHope; ; Report


α₯«α­‘𝐊𝐫𝐒𝐬𝐬𝐲🧁𝐊𝐚𝐀𝐞𝐬α₯«α­‘'s profile picture

-ˏˋ⋆Hey New Friendβ‹†ΛŠΛŽ-
  Thanks for the friend request✨
  Sending you & your page lots of love🫢🏽
(κœ†ΛΆα΅”α΅•α΅”ΛΆ)κœ† β™‘

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Alice's profile picture

Hi! Thanks! I like yours too! you have soooo many

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Lol, it's easier for me to tell about myself that way. Lol

by JstUrHope; ; Report


heartbeats's profile picture

tsym for the add :) nice to see another INFJ!

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Melrose's profile picture

Wow I love your collection of blinkies and gifs! Those stamps are rocking!

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by JstUrHope; ; Report


Amy's profile picture

Coming in to show some love! Only some because I saw the twilight sticker. I’ll let it slide though Ty for the add- love your vibe!

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Lol. I'm just being honest. Thanks I'll let it slide that you are a twilight fan.

by JstUrHope; ; Report


emβ™‘ly's profile picture

ahhhh the blinkies!! and dark beach by pastel ghost!!! I LOVE YOUR PROFILE AND YOU SEEM SO COOL!!! thanks so much for adding me :3

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Crystal Summers

Crystal Summers's profile picture

Much love my fellow empath! Hope you are well!

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Andrew's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Nice blinkie collection =)

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Thanks. I like yours too.

by JstUrHope; ; Report

Miss Kira

Miss Kira's profile picture

πŸ„ Thanks for the add 🌳 Love your page πŸ‚ dropping,πŸͺΊ love πŸ’• all 🌼 over🌲 your🐝 profile 🐦andπŸͺΆhave🐞 an🌷 amazing day πŸŒ€

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Belladonna's profile picture

Thanks for the add! I absolutely love your page! It’s also nice to meet a fellow army! πŸ’œ

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Didn't know you were an army. I saw Prince and had to send request. Lol. Borahae πŸ’œ

by JstUrHope; ; Report

And I love paranormal things as well. Among other magics

by JstUrHope; ; Report

Borahae!πŸ’œ Sounds like we'll get on really well then, haha!

by Belladonna; ; Report

Lol yeah πŸ‘

by JstUrHope; ; Report

❧ 𝔱π”₯𝔒 𝔳𝔒𝔩𝔳𝔒𝔱 𝔑𝔬𝔭𝔒. ❧

❧ 𝔱π”₯𝔒 𝔳𝔒𝔩𝔳𝔒𝔱 𝔑𝔬𝔭𝔒. ❧'s profile picture

Hiya There, Beloved! πŸ•―οΈπŸ–€ Thank you so much for the request - your page is super calming & beautiful! πŸ¦‹πŸ’™

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Awwe thank you πŸ’“

by JstUrHope; ; Report

✭ star laveaux ✭

✭ star laveaux ✭'s profile picture

i love your page!!

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Thank you I like yours too!

by JstUrHope; ; Report

Jody Marie β™‘

Jody Marie β™‘'s profile picture

Thank you for the add! Cool profile! I like all your graphics! ︎

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Thanks. It's easier for me to tell about me with blinkies and stamps. Lol.

by JstUrHope; ; Report

Makes sense to me!

by Jody Marie β™‘; ; Report


SADGURL™'s profile picture

Thanks for the add love 🀍🌹πŸ₯€

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omg hello!! another army!!!

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Yup!! That's why I came here. Lol πŸ’œ

by JstUrHope; ; Report

What are your favourite BTS songs/albums? I personally still have a soft spot for Wings T _ T πŸ’œ

by Hikaru; ; Report

I like it all. My biases are J-hope Jungkook and Jimin. Army 3 yrs.

by JstUrHope; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

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No problem Have a nice weekend.

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You’re welcome! Nice to meet you!

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Thank you for the add
check out my layout site
if you ever need anything im always here!

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Cool I will thanks

by JstUrHope; ; Report


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