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"Finally read The Lottery. Subtle, creeping horror is where its at"

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Gaming, Reading, writing, learning new things, traveling, building tech, decorating, photography (especially nature), and procrastinating.


Rock, folk/Indie pop, classic rock, alternative, rap, techno, classical and jazz (in that order)


See television, too lazy to write twice


Let's break it downnnnn Comedy: schitt's creek, parks and rec, the office (US), new girl Drama: desperate housewives (OG, NOT reality version), Good girls, the good wife Horror: the witch, autopsy of Jane doe Detective shows/True crime stuff like criminal minds, law and order: svu, ted bundy tapes and night stalker on Netflix


Anything Shirley Jackson and Robert Bloch


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28 year old female with a dark sense of humor and dry wit. I live on the east coast, US, in pilgrim land. Huge shoutout for bringing back MySpace 2.0, keep the nostalgia coming!!

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Other likeminded millennials

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THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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Fabian Dee

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Hay, how's it going? I decided to go for a boring layout in the end lol but will likely change it again.

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Aw no! My morbid self was loving the one before :P
It's going well, finally finished a tedious task that was taking up a huge chunk of my time so I'm glad to have some more free time again. Not that there's much to do with it these days but I'd rather be watching Netflix haha. What about you?

by MissAnthrope; ; Report

lol yeah I watch Amazon Prime, here, apparently someone signed up to netflix multiple times with my credit card details lol. Well glad you got it finished! Do you feel satisfaction?? Have you got any big creative projects on your wishlist?? Yeah I was looking at all these layouts and hated all of them lol, I think my original pool of blood one was better but will have to find it again. I've been busy here with boring stuff and trying to sell stuff on ebay to pay my bills this month, fun times hah.

by Fabian Dee; ; Report

Found the blood and skulls one lol, it's quite good with the moving blood but everything in CAPS is too much, it makes my eyes hurt, so I'll stick with this graveyard for the time being as a compromise. xD

by Fabian Dee; ; Report

Oh no! Well, prob the same person who has hijacked my Hulu on so many occasions I've lost count, worse than an airport g___ you can fill in the blank, in case that gets me scolded :P

And nah, I just have more wiggle room for my work work, as opposed to my work and future endeavors... but still some of that too :P

So I liked the past ones more, not that my random internet self opinion counts for anything, but this one is less distracting at least :DD

Are you in London area? Or a different part? I know that's like asking an American if they're from LA or NYC, but I love London. I've been to some parts outside of it too though such as Bath, Oxford, and Stratford-upon-avon. I'd like to go back when traveling is a little more feasible, and to Scotland.

by MissAnthrope; ; Report

lol the moving background in your comments area really fries the brainz when tryna read it. Oh the 'spot' lol damn. Is your password easily to guess like 'fuckyou' or something? haha I am actually, in small town outside London. I lived in London for a few years although not in the nicer parts. Scotland is lush! Can be a bit rough though lol and it is always raining.

by Fabian Dee; ; Report

It's actually a little more complex than that, however, I'm certain that its on some hacker's pulled list of passwords from random corners of the inter webs, so... but what makes you say Scotland is rough? And wow, what a coincidence, lol. I'm jealous you can call that your backyard. Yeah it bothers me too, might need to see if I can edit that one part out hmm. Also happy easter if you celebrate it!

by MissAnthrope; ; Report

Well I mean it is very beautiful but is a bit more lawless in parts than equivalent places in the UK and the Scots generally are a bit harder than Brits esp. in Glasgow. I worked in Scotland for 6 months in forestry a long time ago and it was a great experience but pretty brutal. The west coast was pretty mellow although there were a lot of lively characters there but Stirling was really bad for crime, so much stuff got stolen from the farmhouse I was looking after lol. Well it is 600 miles away but is doable in a day. I guess your country is vastly bigger so such distances are nothing to you! Thanks, and you! Not particularly, but I like to wish ppl a happy easter lol.

by Fabian Dee; ; Report

Oh wow, yeah I can imagine that's a bit off putting. Well good to know, I've always wanted to roam the countryside for some great nature photos. I'll keep that in mind lol

by MissAnthrope; ; Report

west coast with all the lochs and also the mountains around Glenncoe are historic

by Fabian Dee; ; Report

how's ur lazin around going?? Or have you been super busy??

by Fabian Dee; ; Report

Haha, thanks for checking up on me :)
It's been going half and half - busy with work as always but also a lot of my time is going toward the new legendary edition of mass effect 1,2, and 3. I never played it the first time around and man oh man hasn't disappointed. Its basically the same from before but remastered graphics. Also been getting more into reading nonfiction these days. What about you?? How's England?

by MissAnthrope; ; Report

Glad you are having fun! Oh here the weather has been appalling lol and I've been busy trying to fix an old laptop and failing (bricked) and upgrading my current system and some work but otherwise I've not made any memes for a week or so lol. i wish I had more exciting newz!!

by Fabian Dee; ; Report

Well this weekend was a little too hot for my taste, I've gotten used to cool temps so now its a little gross. Wouldn't mind going back to some rain and cozy weather :P Oh that's disappointing - is this for gaming? I built my computer from scratch some months back to finally join the PC graphics master race for gaming lol.

by MissAnthrope; ; Report

Dark Bat

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Thanks! 🖤

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