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This sentence is pure clickbait.

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I like long walks, backpacking. Belgian triple beers. Bullied once, krav maga practitioner now. Owner of a few guitars (but not playing very well).


Metal bands I listen to at this moment; Gojira (like their older albums, From Mars to Sirius...Like their lyrics) , Hatebreed (The Weight Of The False Self! Like the lyrics as well), Sylosis, The Dali Thundering Concept, After The Burial. Still loving Pantera, Machine Head's Burn My Eyes! Music I listen to when I chill; random Dreampop, Shoegaze and Cold Wave playlists on Spotify, Lorn, Carbon Based Lifeforms, The Future Sound Of London, Amon Tobin, early dubstep (Milanese for example).


Drive (like the soundtrack), older Tarantino movies, Lost Highway, C'est Arrive Pres De Chez Vous, Baise Moi, Ichi The Killer, Donnie Darko... (under construction)


Sex Education, The End Of The F*cking Word, Stranger Things (I grew up in the 80's/90's) , Norsemen (still laughing), a lot of Netflix series (we watched so many I can't recall their names), Nordic Noir (The Bridge, The Killing,...)


Michel Huellebecq's Elementary Particles. Lord of The Rings. (under construction)



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About me:

-38 years old. -Into metal. -Vegetarian. -Lacks any kind of humour. -Operator in a factory, producing sh*t. -I always want more in life. It's just never enough. -Favorite holiday destination: Nepal. -Likes some spirituality, there is a God of some sort. There is no book or religion that is sufficient in explaining how that works. -12 years in a relation with my wonderful Evelien Van Landeghem.

Who I'd like to meet:

-People who are 38 years old. Or older. Younger is also ok. -People who like metal. People who can explain why they don't like metal are also acceptable. We can discuss the weather. -People who can explain to me what humour is. But don't try your tricks on me. I won't laugh. -Religious, spiritual people. Atheists are fine to. I was one once.

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Thanks for approving my friend request, hmmm I love all bands you've listed. And greetings and hello to a 30-something year old brother! Those of us that were 1980's babies were lucky enough to experience so many different decades of good music, eh?

I hope you're having a great day bro!

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Yeah man! So much sweet metal. And we're not dead yet. There is so much to come!

by Jef_; ; Report


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Greetings from Berlin mate!

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Peace in Space!

by Jef_; ; Report

Echoes of Savages

Echoes of Savages's profile picture

Hey! Thanks for the add! Hope you have a great day!

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It is a great day! Have a nice one as well

by Jef_; ; Report


Nathan 🌞's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Your whole "Who I'd Like to Meet" section was awesome. I especially liked the "People who can explain to me what humour is. But don't try your tricks on me. I won't laugh."

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Thank you! But don't think I am funny all the time, I just did an effort

by Jef_; ; Report


Jani☆Noir's profile picture

I forgot to say THANK YOU for the add and wish you a great weekend. xoxo

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Thank you for your kind remembrance! Have a nice one as well! 🙏

by Jef_; ; Report

Freakish Uproar

Freakish Uproar's profile picture

"Lacks any kind of humour." You and I are going to get along like a deinonychus on a dairy farm xD Thank you very much for the friend request! :3

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Also, Milanese is awesome.

by Freakish Uproar; ; Report

I had to google Deinonychus lol . " I have a strict zero tolerance policy in regards to gatekeeping and elitism", so you are a gatekeeper in regards to gatekeeping and elitism . Nice!

by Jef_; ; Report

I guess you can call it that! ;p Calling out gatekeepers for the weird little people that they are.

by Freakish Uproar; ; Report

It reminds me to the paradox of tolerance, not an easy one for me How intolarant can I be against intolerance, without becoming completely intolerant myself? It is so difficult to be tolerant regarding to intolerant people!

by Jef_; ; Report

des zombie.

des zombie.'s profile picture

likewise! and no I haven’t ;o what song did he do I need to hear it now lmao

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Check this :

by Jef_; ; Report

TeXas Chance 817

TeXas Chance 817's profile picture

Dude yes, metal is good. Everyone needs good metal.

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Any aloy is welcome!

by Jef_; ; Report

Whats something you've been really jamming out to lately? Anything doesn't have to be metal lol.

by TeXas Chance 817; ; Report

Today was punky/grungy day! I listened to (playlists on Spotify based on) Punch and Gauged Away. What went in your ears today? (may be any genre)

by Jef_; ; Report

Well today was my totally random playlist so I had anywhere from edm, to trance, to hip hop, to deathcore lmao. Been all over the place!!!!

My buddy on here introduced me to a band called SKYND and I have been replaying their stuff a lot.

by TeXas Chance 817; ; Report

I gave Skynd a listen, and liked the song 'Columbine'... But what a subject for a song. School shootings make me sad. Yesterday I listened to Knuck Feast on YouTube, you can't find them on Spotify. They made a terrific Crunk album in 2007 (very sexist, harsh lyrics, I see it as a form of comedy). It's a long time ago I listened to EDM. In the goth and wave genre I listened to Whispering Sons (a Belgian band hooray ), they sound really wavey like back in the old days. I also like Drab Majesty and She Past Away (they sing in Turkish!). Ahh music, can't get enough of it. Yesterday we listened to Nu Metal (Coal Chamber, old Slipknot stuff - my girlfriend didn't new that Corey Taylor is the singer of Stone Sour lmao-). Have a nice day mate, godspeed!

by Jef_; ; Report

Oh man I will have to give a few of those a listen!!

Yep I have a Nu Metal playlist I sometimes buts out too haha.

OMG, that is funny about your GF and Stonesour! lol.

It's Friday!!!! Yay! You have a good one!!!

by TeXas Chance 817; ; Report

Is your hair color real? Ate you a mermaid?

by Jef_; ; Report

Oooops I am JUST NOW back on LOL. Yes it was a teal type blue. It has turned more green of course. Before that it was purple. Natural color is dark Brown.

by TeXas Chance 817; ; Report

No problem! It has been a while for me as well . I don't have enough hair growth on my upper head anymore to experiment with, so enjoy! At the moment I am in the process of getting more tattoos. Do you have some?

by Jef_; ; Report