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"hellooo everynyan!"

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I LOVE... ☆nyan neko sugar girls ☆Jaiden animations ☆Illymations ☆micheal reeves ☆Jschlatt ☆Jerma ☆Markiplier ☆jackseptieye ☆penguinz0 ☆Anythig Sanrio ☆Tokyo Mew Mew ☆L4D2 ☆Corpse Party ☆Mad Father ☆DDLC ☆Zombies ☆My Little Pony ☆Team Fortress 2 ☆Yu-Gi-Oh ☆Splatoon ☆FNAF ☆ACNH ☆Sonic ☆lego movie ☆lego batman ☆Legend of Zelda ☆Adventure time ☆horror games ☆persona games (especially P4G) ☆Creepypasta ☆fashion and makeup especially Gyaru and Scene


my favorite artists are... ☆Insane Clown Posse ☆Rob Zombie ☆Gulu Gulu ☆The Living Tombstone ☆Kesha ☆Katya lel ☆Mindless Self-indulgence ☆Baby metal ☆Millionares ☆Ayesha Erotica ☆Malice Mizer ☆pierce the veil ☆MCR ☆slipknot ☆slaughter to prevail ☆Korn ☆Cattle decapitation ☆cannible corpse ☆Dying fetus ☆earthbound ost ☆PvsZ ost ☆Mitski ☆ I have a lot so I'll update when I remember! I also love Vocaloid songs and series like the Daughter of Evil series! my music is all over the place from screamo to lullabies so I'm fine with a lot. EXCEPT country. no offense to people who like it ofc :3 I'm also just really in love with game soundtracks. like all persona sound tracks slap, Minecraft, earthbound, undertale, etc. I just love music in general.


☆All Spiderman movies ☆mean girls ☆legally blonde ☆zoolander ☆croods ☆puss in boots ☆corpse bride ☆MLP equestria girls ☆guardians of the galaxy ☆coraline ☆enchanted ☆big hero six ☆wreck it ralph ☆pee wees big adventure ☆elf ☆fantastic Mr fox ☆a Christmas story ☆Horror movies ☆FNAF movie ☆Violent night ☆Hereditery ☆Midsommar ☆Emises Blue ☆trolls 1-3 ☆MLP movie ☆Lego Batman ☆Perfect Blue


☆Kamisama kiss ☆JuJutsu kaisen ☆Soul eater ☆Higurashi ☆azumanga daioh ☆Another ☆Hunter x Hunter ☆Alice in Borderland ☆Romantic killer ☆South park ☆MLP ☆Madoka Magica ☆Death Note ☆Bee and Puppycat ☆elfen lied ☆To-ra-do-ra ☆OHSHC ☆The Promised Neverland ☆Angels of death ☆Inuyasha ☆Anything goofy and scary TBH I could keep going honestly GAWVDHGAW


☆Skyborn ☆Splatoon ☆Kamisama Kiss ☆School live ☆Tokyo Mew Mew ☆Witch hat atelier ☆Junji ito collection I mainly read manga since I hate reading anything without pictures LOL


☆My dad☆ "if fighting is sure to result in victory then you must fight! Sun Tzu said that, and I'm sure he knows a little more about fighting than YOu do pal BECAUSE HE INVENTED IT. and he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor! then he used his fight money to buy TWO of every animal on earth. And then he hearded them onto a boat, and then he beat the crap out of each and every single one! mwehehhhehehehe! And from that day forward anytime a bunch of animals are together in one place its called a zoo! UNLESS ITS A FARM!" -Soldier

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Heyyy!! my name is Rosemary (or you can use Nyan Cat) and I wanna make friends and have fun! I like to draw and play games. I'm taking Spanish but I'm far from fluent sadly. The kind of people I want to meet are... ☆Basically anyone! as long as you aren't transphobic, homophobic, ableist, anti-Semitic, etc.☆

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thanks 4 the add back! you seem so cool, & your profile is super cute! <3

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TYSM FOR ADDING ME!! and thats really sweet you seem awesome too :3

by ☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆; ; Report


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holy this profile is awesome

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thanks so much!

by ☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆; ; Report


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I like your profile!

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ty!!! <3

by ☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆; ; Report


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ur profile is so cuteee xx i luv it

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gahhhh yours is too!! :3

by ☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆; ; Report


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Hiiiii, thanks for adding me back, btw, I love your porfile

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aww ty! i love yourprofile too! <3

by ☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆; ; Report

Rory :3

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Omg hiii thank u for adding me back i luv ur profile!! X3

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thanks for the add! awesome layout + i love your heroes section lol! have a nice day!

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by ☆Rosemary~Nyan Cat☆; ; Report