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"freedom is the recognition of necessity"

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✮ music, cult cinema,many forms of arts, classics and modern thrillers, science (esp. astrophysics and biology), cycling and darts, mostly story-based and cinematographic video games like heavy rain, life is strange or yakuza (yes. yakuza too bcs of sh1t ton of cutscenes it has) sims and maybe indie-flash horror games too. also i love digging up underground 60s-00s (mostly punk, blues and jazz) bands. idk man i have tons of interests but these are a few that are much more specific compared to the others ✮


✮ a lot of subgenres from metal, rock, punk, blues and classical are my faves. im also a svcker for movie-video game soundtracks and even traditional music from my region time to time xD heres my spotify below but don’t expect much since i hardly update my playlists and they’re incredibly messy ✮


✮ im a huge of many aspects of cinema. to give u some background; Idi I Smotri, Primal Fear, The Passenger are some of my all time favourites. im really engaged with soviet and iranian cinema too. i can’t say that im really a series person but theres still a plenty of them that i’ve seen. would happily give out recommendations/ answer any questions about any movie or documentary ✮


✮ tv is mostly a sh1thole and i don’t have much time for it. although old animations and independent news channels are the only good thing about that crusty 4ss rectangle ✮


✮ im mostly into classics, sociology and philosophy, detective-thrillers, science (non-fiction) and political pieces! im rarely down for some well-written fanfics aswell ✮


✮ I will always carry you in my heart dad, thank you so much for everything you did for us and every lovely memory we shared despite all the shit we’ve been through. I’m incredibly grateful for the time we had. You were and still the dearest to me. I love you so much. 1960-2024 ✮

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• your local cyclist commie • biggest charlie chaplin enjoyer • she/her

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human version of my albino budgie casper, sleep well baby

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I really appreciate the request! Have a lovely day!

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no probz! you have a nice day too

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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u are here 4 a reason.

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naw jus checkin

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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♫♪ Hello! Nice to see you here too! As a Duo our page also has our own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to our YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music etc... Our Spotify is https://open.spotify.com/artist/4781sgpzumarYLS7PFzirN ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ Thank You

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♬ ♫ ♪ Welcome! My page has my own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to my YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music etc... My Spotify is https://open.spotify.com/artist/6cx9roy1bPrUe6o6JtakhF ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ Thanx!

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Hello!Thanks! I am artist singing in English, Spanish, French & Japanese ♬ ♫ ♪
All my original. If you like sub to my Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/intl-fr/artist/5vqX2S2n0pWKf4b6ZvTvz5
Have a nice day (◠‿◠).

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sasquatch (wicketmaster)

sasquatch (wicketmaster)'s profile picture

thanks for the add
took me a good few minutes to understand the roman numeral thing lol

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bahahaa x) it may be tricky sometimes + ur profile looks so noice!!

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report

thank you so much!! but roman numerals are beautiful tbh, worth the struggle

by sasquatch (wicketmaster); ; Report


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heya! thx 4 the add^^!
u seem really cool!

keep rockin'!🤟

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thank uu! \m/

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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ty for the add!!! I LUV UR PROFILE LAYOUTTTT

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AWW TYSM!!! smoochez

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report

jett ☆

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omg i luv ur profile so much ty for the add

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tyy x] no probz

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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greetings fellow marx fan

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buenas noches comrade

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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thx 4 the add!

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ur welcome!! love ur stampz they look so cool

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report

Tyyy!! U can use them if u want :-)

by xXn1koXx; ; Report

woah thankss<3 im lookin forward to it!

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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Nice page!

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tyy! still workin on it

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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thank u for adding me!! luv ur vibe <3 + primal fear is super underrated too

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waaa thx ure so pretty!! also yea they robbed edward that year, his performance was phenomenal

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report

Christopher Wu🎹🎵💗

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🌹Have a blessed wonderful day always my friend!🌷

Not everyday is good but there is good in everyday.


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haha xD have a nice day chris!

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


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tysm for adding me back u seem super cool!

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thx!!! u look incredibly cute x3

by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report


by trinaangel77; ; Report


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by ༺asmiuwin༻; ; Report