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"I need lovings…"

Auggie, USA, INTJ, looking to speak to like minded individuals.

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History, especially antiquities like the Roman Empire, music, etc. Into philosophy and an extreme interest in space/universe. Love to read, basically just love to study/learn. Just here to meet new people who are in the culture I am and to talk. Just say hello!


Turnover, Daphne Loves Derby, Pierce The Veil, Balance Problems, Thy Art Is Murder, Stand Atlantic, Dance Gavin Dance, Echos, Alesana, etc


The Halloween Tree, Come True, Hocus Pocus, Interstellar, Wrist Cutters: A Love Story, etc




Roman and Greek history books


Caesar Augustus, Marcus Cicero

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Um they’re all dead so no chance I guess..

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Madison Brown

Madison Brown 's profile picture

Always with the super fresh profile pics!
I love them! all of them! lol.

Happy New Year!

:DD :)) <33

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Awh that was so incredibly sweet! I’m not the only one with the fresh pics, yours are also A tier (: Happy New Years!

by Auggie; ; Report


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I LOVE this band.. it's so cool you even know about these guys! Seems like very few do; I could play this album on repeattt

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I know, for a band that makes such good music they are really kind of obscure! At least I know there are two of us that appreciate it (:

by Auggie; ; Report

Oh 100% Take my head is my favorite by them

by Al3X; ; Report

☆Kai Katharsis☆

☆Kai Katharsis☆'s profile picture

TYSM 4 the add, u seem so cool x3

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Thank you, that was so sweet! You seem pretty darn cool yourself (:

by Auggie; ; Report


by ☆Kai Katharsis☆; ; Report

Moon_Malice ★

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That’s amazing! It seems to be a lost interest these days.. anything specific that you’re into??

by Auggie; ; Report

Oh I'm into it all. My "specialties" are ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome, as well as the medieval and Renaissance era. I'm also very into historical clothing, political culture, and ancient traditions/rituals.

by Moon_Malice ★; ; Report


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Thanks for the add love 🖤🕸

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Thank you for accepting, that was very sweet of you! 🫦

by Auggie; ; Report

bekah boo

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thx for the add!!! u seem so cool ^^

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Awh that’s so sweet! Thank you but i must say you are without a doubt infinitely cooler than me :)

by Auggie; ; Report

𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓷𝓲𝓶 ‧⁺˚*・༓♡

𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓷𝓲𝓶 ‧⁺˚*・༓♡'s profile picture

yesss kingdom hearts! i was hoping someone would notice~ hope u are having a good day!

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Awh you too! I’ve been playing KH for eons so I knew that line as soon as I saw it. I hope you’ve had a lovely night!

by Auggie; ; Report

Madison Brown

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Hi Auggie!!
Thanks for the add! :)
Your gauges bring me so much joy! Lol
& is that a Dracaena in your profile pic?
(the plant) .. lol.
I have one of those & I love it!!

Thanks again for the add!



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Hey thank you so much, I need to make them bigger again but I’ve been lazy And I suppose it is but you know so much more about plants than me lol

by Auggie; ; Report

Also you’re very welcome!

by Auggie; ; Report


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You have a cool page!

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Thanks! I’m glad someone thinks so lol I thought it was pretty boring tbh!

by Auggie; ; Report


☆★→xxSkittyx95xx←☆★'s profile picture

Hello! Thanks for the friend request :D Hope you're having a wonderful day~☆

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Absolutely, the pleasure is mine (: I hope yours is going swell!

by Auggie; ; Report

It's almost the weekend 🙌 Friday couldn't come sooner lol

by ☆★→xxSkittyx95xx←☆★; ; Report


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You’re welcome! Thanks for accepting it, much appreciated (:

by Auggie; ; Report


💋xoXoMassacre💋's profile picture

thankz for the add!
I appreciate it! :3

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Of course, not a problem (: Thanks for accepting!

by Auggie; ; Report


Desssayyy's profile picture

Thanks for the add ✌🏼

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You’re very welcome! Thanks for accepting the add (:

by Auggie; ; Report


whatremainsofalthea's profile picture

i am wearing a thy art is murder hoodie as we speak :0

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That’s awesome! Have a favorite song?

by Auggie; ; Report


headempty's profile picture

omg turnover, i was planning on making a peripheral vision gif soon thats sick!!
thanks for the add!

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Absolutely! Thank you for accepting! And finally, someone who has listened to turnover lol so happy to hear you like that album, one of my favorites (:

by Auggie; ; Report

୨ৎ`•° kiwi .ᐟ

୨ৎ`•° kiwi .ᐟ's profile picture

Thanks for the add ! You seem super super cool :)

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Awh thank youu! Anyone with Sora as their profile pic is cool in my book (:

by Auggie; ; Report

♤ Totaro ♤

♤ Totaro ♤'s profile picture

Thx for adding me back <3

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ofcourse, can never have enough new friends! (:

by Auggie; ; Report


💀XxJuLeZjEaLoUsYxX💀's profile picture

Hey, thanks for the add :) I hope all is well!!!

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You’re welcome! Everything is going fine, hope the same for you (:

by Auggie; ; Report

Everything is fine here too!!!

by XxJuLeZjEaLoUsYxX; ; Report


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thx for the add :)

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You’re very welcome (:

by Auggie; ; Report