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Im sure you already know that I like Marble Hornets, that also includes Clear Lakes 44 and ECKVA. EverymanHYBRID and TribeTwelve is also cool! I study tarot cards and learn languages for fun.I can almost properly speak German! Taking long walks with my dog and enjoying the woods is also fun. For a hobby I collect coins and stickers. Sometimes I like to crochet. Fashion is one of my many interests just looking at it makes me happy. Thrifting is something i do a lot. And when im not doing activities I'll be watching YouTube. I like to make bracelets, when i feel like it. I read a ton of books either online or on paper, im unstoppable. Im always listening to music. I write a ton and always trying to find new ways to better my writing!


I've listen to bands like Nirvana, my chem, msi, Korn, deftones, the garden, The Cure, Metallica, Radiohead, Daft punk, Evanseance, Slipknot, Icp, The Smiths and The artic monkeys . There's bunch of rock songs that I listen to. I really like anything from TV girl. And the occasional rapper like Tyler the creator. I really like his the estate sale. I also like vocaloid too. I listen to a lot of songs from video games and musicals. I will listen to any Melanie Martinez song. There's alot more artists and bands that I listen to but it's hard to remember them all. I'll sometimes make my own songs by playing my instrument. I'm always open for song suggestions!


HEATHERS!!!!!!!! Or pulp fiction, coraline, Mean girls, The Craft, Kill Bill, Gone girl gone, Girl Interrupted, The Ring, Twilight, Clueless, all three of the Lotr movies. If its considered scary I probably like it.


I really like The walking dead, Better call Saul and interesting documentaries


Im a super fan for The Hobbit and a lot of mangas. Like Jojo's bizarre adventure. Even though I have a full book shelf, I mostly read stuff that's online. But I'm currently reading Twilight and Fellowship of the Ring. If I ever get the chance I would like to read the marble hornets comics. Speaking of comics I like the walking dead ones.


My past teachers<3

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About me:

I'm currently obsessed with Marble Hornets and have been in the Fandom for years. Dispite my profile my favorite color is pink, black and basically anything pastel or glitter. I am a fan of cute things such as pushies.I also play the violin, guitar and ukulele...I suck at it. To also include skills, I have a passion for singing my heart out. haha I'm mostly extroverted and love talking, it's hard to stop! If you're interested here's a few Fandoms im in :Creepypasta, fnaf, Splatoon, The walking dead, Jojo's bizarre adventure, ddlc , star wars and Lord of the Rings. Toodles!

Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat

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Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who is kewl! Feel free to msg me but i most likely won't reach out first.

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TYSM for accepting visit leave comments!

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Blazin Rasin

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How do I comment

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✪Cannabis Corpse✪

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luvluvluv ur page its so cool !!! gr8 music taste & interests X3

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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🫶 💕 💞

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I love your page! I saw it and I was like
“I have to friend this woman ong” And to my surprise you accepted! I would love to get to know you <3

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Omg same! Msg me!

by ⦻Lithium⦻; ; Report


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Epically made page! Lucky to have a pal like you -chicken_snatcher

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by ⦻Lithium⦻; ; Report


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I hate you stinky

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bennyy !!!

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i <3 repo the genetic opera omgomg

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I literally love ur page!! Also slight flex but I have my hoody plush and I beat him every night >:3

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Awesome page!

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aaron !

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ITS SO COOL FINDING ANOTHER EMH AND T12 FAN!!! U have awesome interests :]

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Sweet profile man.

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⦻._Kyle Witherton‎_.⦻

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Your profile looks really cool!

(I also ordered the masky plush!!)

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Hey, thanks for accepting my friend request :))
DDLC is cool :))
My fav characters Yuri :)

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thx for the add, ur profile is adorable!! <3

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˗ˏˋ leo ˎˊ˗

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no way you marble the hornets

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I adore your music taste and heathers is sooo good! 💗💗

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hehe thanks 4 the add, luv to see a fellow walking dead fan :DD

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