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My interests are FNAF, Marble Hornets, Creepypasta, Mandela Catalogue, Resident Evil, JJBA, Inside Job, Call of duty, Mortal Kombat, Jujutsu Kaisen, etc.


Tyler, The Creator, MF DOOM, Kali Uchis, System Of A Down, Babymetal, AJR, Evanescence, Insane Clown Posse, Madonna, Deftones, Kanye West, Rage against the machine, Marilyn manson, Rush, Slipknot, Misfits, Pierce the veil


Scary Movie Series, Scott Pilgrim, Skinamarink, American Psycho, White chicks, Superbad, etc.


JJBA, THE MANDELA CATALOGUE (comfort), INSIDE JOB (comfort) , Scott Pilgrim, Loiter squad, Clone High, The crow, One Piece, The owl house, Amphibia, Bleach, etc.


Scott pilgrim and thats pretty much it bc I don't usually read.


My friends, and a lot of other people. :)

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another random introduction on me lol!! (TW FOR SENSITIVE/EXPLICIT TOPICS IN DNI/BYI) (view more)

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About me:

Hey, You can call me Sarah or Lan. I go by she/they pronouns, and I think I'm a lesbian, but I'm a little unsure. I'm also demisexual. I sometimes like to do ghost-hunting / paranormal stuff with my friends, and I also enjoy playing video games. I really enjoy the horror genre, So I'm happy to discuss it. ^_^ Before you interact with me, I do make very inappropriate jokes such as "KYS" jokes, light homophobic jokes, very suggestive jokes, drug jokes, etc. So please let me know if you any of those things make you uncomfortable, and I won't use 'em around you. Please do not interact if you are racist, homophobic (unless its a joke), ableist, transphobic, a terf, xenophobic, proshipper, comshipper, zoophile, etc etc. Danganronpa fans (yall r on thin ice bc some of you are cool), your turn to die fans, DSMP FANS. I HATE ALL OF YOU. genshin fans, you guys are on thin ice. Also people that sexualize mandela catalogue and resident evil characters do NOT interact with my page. You guys are disgusting. Also i literally have the best brother ever } Guitar Bass

Who I'd like to meet:

People that share interests with me, Please interact.

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tickles :3

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im telling a trusted adult.

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cesar nokia goes HARD

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haii :3

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