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"Already wanna change my hair again"

27, USA, she/her

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Nostalgia, computer games I played as a child, MySpace, Fortnite🤘🏼 Just got certified to perform reiki and sound baths ^-^


Almost everything🎶

Specifically: Turnover💖, John Mayer💖, Aesop Rock, Metallica, Indie/Alt, R&B/Soul, Lo-fi, 2000’s hip-hop and pop✨✨✨✨


Jumanji (original), The Goonies, Scream, Arctic, Home Alone, A Beautiful Mind


The Office, Brooklyn 99, Mythbusters, Impractical Jokers, Dirty Jobs, How It’s Made


Check out the group I made for Crumbl Cookies spoilers! An extension of the FB group for fans of Crumbl😊 🍪Crumbl Cookies Fan Club🍪 I also just added a praising group like the ones found on FB! 😁That’s It, I’m Everything Praising!😁 Join there if you like to be surrounded by positivity!✨


My fiancé💝 And my dad😊

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About me:

Just a 2010s scene kid at heart, wanting to bring that back to the surface💖 Shoot me a message, let’s pc4pc!!💖 Kiss Me Sweethearts

Who I'd like to meet:

Fellow scene kids/alt baddies😊 Adults only, please! Preferably at least 25🙂 I'm not looking to flirt. I love my fiancé. Ty.

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Lord Byron Silverhand

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Hello friend!

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by Roses Glitter; ; Report

What is your favorite memory of the 2010s?

by Lord Byron Silverhand; ; Report

Omg. Probably 2017 in general. It was a good year for me. I went to multiple goal concerts in the summer, generally enjoyed time with my friends, then traveled to NYC alone right before Christmas so I could see all the cute decor that goes up around the city (a bucket list trip for me). I feel like I peaked that year LOL. How about you?

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

Welll I got married in 2015. So that should take the cake hahahaha

by Lord Byron Silverhand; ; Report

Absolutely! That's a great memory, I'm sure.

by Roses Glitter; ; Report


by Lord Byron Silverhand; ; Report


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Hii Roses Glitter!✋🏼

Thank you for the add. I'm glad you also discovered Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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I agree! If I knew more about coding, I’m sure I would have even more fun! Lol

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

I agree! If I knew more about coding, I’m sure I would have even more fun! Lol

by Roses Glitter; ; Report


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thanks for the add, cool shirt 🤘

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Thank you thank you!!

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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Hi! Thanx for the add! :D

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Thank *you*! Reach out anytime

by Roses Glitter; ; Report


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Thanks for the add. Metallica is legit, especially the older albums like Master of Puppets,And Justice For All etc. Happy new years to you and yours 🤙

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Hi, thank *you*! I love your profile!! And I agree, I love their older albums. Their very first one is my favorite :)

by Roses Glitter; ; Report


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I just want to look at your profile page all day, it's so pretty / easy on the eyes!

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Thank you, I was so lucky to find this layout!! I’m not cool enough to know how to code things myself, so I’m thankful for the awesome people who can make cute things like this for me to use✌🏼

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

Vegan Prepper

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Thanks for the add!! What's your favorite Metallica album?

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Thank *you*! Their first one, Kill ’Em All, no contest

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

FUCKK YES 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% AGREE.

by Vegan Prepper; ; Report


by Roses Glitter; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! Nice to meet you.

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Thank *you*!

by Roses Glitter; ; Report


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Neat page!

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by Roses Glitter; ; Report

James Sweetsir

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Hey hey!! Thanks for the add!! Hope you are having a chill day!! Always down to talking gaming or play if you need a squadmate on fortnite haha!

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👀 Only say that if you’re serious👀👀👀

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

Haha!!! Im down! I dont like solos, its more fun gaming and laughing with buddies, and none of my friends play fortnite anymore! haha

by James Sweetsir; ; Report

Are you a sweat or are you okay with finishing top five? I’m mediocre.

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

Haha I could care less if we come in last or first as long as we laugh and have fun lmao. I have just as much fun dropping into a super hot zone and getting lit up laughing as I do winning :D Laughter > winning always haha

by James Sweetsir; ; Report

Perfect, you sound like my kind of squadmate. My Epic name is the same as my SpaceHey but with no spaces. I actually haven’t played since the new season came out, so it’s been awhile.

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

Sounds good Ill add you right now! Mine is LoadedGunsTTV!

by James Sweetsir; ; Report

Glitter Heart

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Thanks so much for the add! I do hope you have a great day! 💖

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Right back at ya!🩷

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

candy aphrodite

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thank you for the add! your profile is gorgeous (i love the pink!) and i like your hair too! xx

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Thank you, I appreciate your kindness🩷

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

NT ☆

NT ☆'s profile picture

new friends
thank you for the request
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page. 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💞

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Thank you, positive vibes to you as well! I love your profile!

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

thank you so much lovebug <3

by NT ☆; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add

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Of course! Your profile name caught my attention lol

by Roses Glitter; ; Report


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Nostalgia had a huge part for all of us to be in here :D And come on you better bring your fiance to Spacehey as well

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I will try, but he and his thousands of irl friends are on FB, and I don’t think he was into MySpace when it was a thing, so I think I’m by myself over here

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

You can seduce him into joining Spacehey by telling him that he can find in here all the common things and interests/hobbies he has in real life

by Malko; ; Report

I will try!!

by Roses Glitter; ; Report


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Hey, thanks for the add! What's your favorite song at the moment?

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Hi! No way I could pick a favorite song, but I’m loving the most recent album from Turnover called Myself in the Way! I highly recommend it and their last four albums How about you?

by Roses Glitter; ; Report

I've been listening to Greta Van Fleet's new song, Meeting the Master

by GO AWAY; ; Report

I’ll have to check it out!

by Roses Glitter; ; Report