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Hanatarash, Linkin Park, REVCO, MSI, Rob Zombie, Limp Bizkit, Bloodhound Gang, ICP, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, ABK, Stitchez, Troubled Mindz, 3OH!3, Radiohead, Brokencyde, JJ Demon, Twenty One Pilots


House of 1000 corpses, Grave Encounters, Oldboy, Lighthouse, Stalker, Casshern, noroi:the curse, Hell House LLC(and other Found Footage horrors^^), Kairo, Sinister, Ichi the killer, birdy(1984), Who killed captain Alex, Big Money Hustlas, Death Racers, Jackass(maybe except jackass forever lol)


Marble Hornets, EverymanHybrid, dont hug me im scared, south park, amazing world of gumball, Sonic X, Sonic BOOM, Sonic Prime, old Scooby Doo, Jackass


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining, PTSD Radio, Dark Hideout, junji ito manga


Yamantaka Eye, Koji Shiraishi, Michael Rooker, Chester Bennington, slenderman


Postal, DOOM, Metal Gear Solid, Hatred, Manhunt, GTA, Portal, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., everything Sonic related

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About me:

★20 ★ENFP ★SCEMO ★JUGGALO ★I like games, cds, cartoons, comics, manga, music, creepypastas, slenderverse, old internet horror and horror movies ★I love nu metal, horrorcore, noise, hardcore punk, industrial, synth pop, ebm and much more (*´▽`*) popup text when mouse is hovered

Who I'd like to meet:

some cool Juggalos and scene/emo people (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ popup text when mouse is hovered Thick Skeleton Skull

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Thankz for adding me back you seemz really cool 🖤:D
(Love your layout too!!)

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.•⦻♬ คˣ𝐞ˡ ♬⦻•.

.•⦻♬ คˣ𝐞ˡ ♬⦻•.'s profile picture

Omg sonic, slenderverse n linkin park lover? U GOTTA be my friend dude this isn't even a question XD

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0MG sure!>.<

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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Cool page!

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by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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Haii thx 4 the add love ur profile ^_^

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haiiii;3 thx i luv ur profile*=*

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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Haii thx 4 the add love ur profile ^_^

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Yooo I didn't think I'd see another Rusty Lake fan here! ^0^

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i absolutely luv this series!! especially hotel and paradise :>

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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thx 4 the add !! u seem so kewll !!!! xDDDD

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awwww thx;0 luv u(* ^ ω ^)

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report

Ivan ☥

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thx for the add! you look cool and have a good music taste =D

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by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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Nice profile!

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awesome profile

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THX:3 i love radiohead!!

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report

THX:3 i love radiohead!!

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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thanks for accepting my request! Also whats your fav brokencyde song? :D

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probably "booty call" :3

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report

ooohhhh nicee onee!!!!! :D

by Cel; ; Report


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hey ^^ thx for the add! You seem so cool. Have a great day and hmu if you want <3

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Niamh (they/them) <3

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Your so cool also thx 4 the add!

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Lapis 𓆩♡𓆪

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ty for the add, u win coolest acc EVER

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thx<333 luv u><

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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LOVE DA LAYOUT!1!!!1111! X333333

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by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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OMIGOSH Incredible layout!!! :OOO

And what’s your most favorite Creepypasta story?

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i luv slenderman, dollmaker, kagekao and every lost media creepypasta

by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


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Thx for the add i've always wanted an ENTP friend :p

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꒰🐾🍟꒱ 𝙹 𝚄 𝙻 𝙴 𝚂 !

꒰🐾🍟꒱ 𝙹 𝚄 𝙻 𝙴 𝚂 !'s profile picture

stealing your blinkies RNN. get robbed!!1!1/j

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Ty For The Add M8, Your Profile Is Trippy And I Luv It

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by ✮hikik0m0ri✮⋆˙; ; Report


by Whiskers; ; Report