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I collect Monster High dolls and Cd's from bands i like, also skelanimals plushies and little merchandises, i collect movies that i like and lighters (: , i also collect anything i have a hyperfocus on :D but mainly just Mh Dolls and Cds! im extremly obsessed with The Last of Us, Life is strange, Fran Bow, Fnaf, Lollipop Chainsaw and Alice Madness Returns since those were the games i mainly grew up with :D I also Love Love LOVE Sally face sm! Those are the things i hyperfixated on for years so if you like those too lets be friendz!!


I listen to mainly Emo music and Heavy metal, i also listen to vkei and nightcore (: but im open to diffrent genres too! :P I Listen to (bare with me this is gonna be a LOT ;-; ) : KoRn, Soad, Deftones, PtV, BvB, Slipknot, Mcr, Esacpe the Fate, Meshuggah, The Cure, Dadaroma, The GazettE, Attila, Madmans Espirit, Bmth, p!atd, Bullet for my Valentine, Get Scared, Tokio Hotel, Blessthefall, Evanescence, Motionless in White, Kittie, Crown the Empire, Drowning Pool, Spiritbox, DEXCORE, Green Day, Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Kizu, Babymetal, Linkin Park, Paramore, Flyleaf, Lana del rey, Falling in reverse, Famous Last Words, Sleeping with Sirens. I prob forgot a bunch more but that was alot omg D: I do listen to some botdf and msi songs but in no way do i support them! i seperate the artits from their songs and download their music illegaly to listen to it in my own time and obv not to give them any streams (: thats why i didnt list them up there :D so please do the same and dont stream botdf and msi songs and download them instead <:


My absolute favorite movie has to be childs play and all the chucky movies in general (: same with the movie ringu and A Regular Woman since i relate to it alot (: im mostly into horror movies though! if you have any recommendations let me know! :D


South Park and invader zim :3


my favorite book probably has to be twilight and the junji ito mangas(:


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Heya! :D my name is Roro but you can also call me Roxi [: I'm 18 and i'm emo/scemo I love playing video games and im a collector of various things! i also love love music and movies :3 I suffer from bpd and adhd so i hope to still find some friends since im not really good at keeping those [: Nice to meet you! :P I play R6s, Overwatch and Dead By Daylight when it comes to multiplayer games so if you wanna play lmk!! :D

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You like koRn? Do you skate?

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Heya! Yes I love koRn! I grew up listening to them because my brother would blast them in their room all the time :D i used to skate when I was around 13 but I haven’t skated in a while so I’d probably fall on my face xD

by SceneBean; ; Report

I love your brother they sound like me lmfao

by RyanF1049; ; Report

He used to also blast meshuggah all the time! Incase you know them too :D

by SceneBean; ; Report

No but imma have to check ‘em out tho

by RyanF1049; ; Report