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"Tired asf "

when you go outside and smell that zaza

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I LOVE to make things! I make kandi, beaded jewellery, knotted friendship bracelets, earrings, crochet, diamond paint, draw, do jigsaw puzzles etc. This is what happens when you are an only child :) Ask for snap


I listen to so many different things it’s not even funny…. Emo, metal (and many of its subgenres), DSBM, post-hardcore, dnb, breakcore, shoegaze, grungegaze, darkwave, alt rock, grunge, rap, trap metal, emo rap, dream pop, pretty much anything in the edm category and more (‘: feel free to look at my Spotify =D Here’s some emo shit to get the idea? Newgrounds Death Rugby, Thursday, From First To Last, Basement, foxtails, Sunny Day Real Estate, Balance And Composure, Daylight, Title Fight, Movements, If I Die First, Static Dress, Brand New, Citizen, Aiden, AFI, Isles & Glaciers, La Dispute, Birds in Row, Shin Guard, Nouns



At the moment I am obsessed with One Piece



Gerard Way

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About me:

Hi I’m Zam ig lol I’ll add more to this eventually, feel free to talk to me, don’t be weird plz =J I am trying to go outside more and use my skateboard which is fun but i'm not the best at it haha. I have many interests / collections and love to consume shittons of music at all times possible =p I also love thrifting for clothing that fits in my style (or to even go outside of my usual style) - btw i'm sorry for any late responses in messages, i am not very active on here but i try to come on whenever i have the time!!!

Who I'd like to meet:

People who aren’t homophobic, racist, yk, the bare minimum lmao. Emos pls hmu ! People interested in fashion, alternative subcultures, alt music and people who can share their interests.

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☆ ash abysmal ☆

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thanks for the add back!! u seem hella cool :3

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the song in ur profile is unironically fire whats the name :3

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ahaha im glad someone noticed, its so silly but also a good song. Its sometimes by Serialist and Party Harding or something like that <3

by Zam =p; ; Report

thx :3

by sistertosleep; ; Report


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You have a cool page!

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Tyyyyy bro

by Zam =p; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

Hiii! 💜🩵🩷

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Hii Zam!✋🏼

Thank you for the add. Welcome to Spacehey, the coolest place on the Internet since the old Myspace, and this platform is pretty fun

~Frankkie R.

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i got the new forgis on the jeep

by Zam =p; ; Report


SADGURL™'s profile picture

Thanks for the friendship love 🖤🕸️🤍

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Ofcc I love how much detail you put into your profile

by Zam =p; ; Report

Much love 🥀🤍

by SADGURL™; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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h's profile picture

omg im so sorry for not leaving a comment. nice to see someone else in australia lol

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all good!! Yeah it's pretty lonely here lmaoo

by Zam =p; ; Report


XD_M1k3y_XD's profile picture

Thank you so much for becoming friends with me!!!! X3 You seem super super super duper cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime, you seem super amazing, id love to be friends!!!!! X3

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Ofc!! Thank you :3

by Zam =p; ; Report


FirstMaple's profile picture

u look dope asf i love ur style and we have very similar taste 🤘

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Tysm!! You seem really cool too✌️

by Zam =p; ; Report


ISOA GAMBEL's profile picture

Thanks Zam for the add. I am artist singing in English, Spanish, French & Japanese ♬ ♫ ♪
All my original. If you like please sub to my
Spotify (◠‿◠) Have a nice day.

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♬ ♫ ♪ Hi Zam! Yes. Is as original Myspace back again without the evil Overlords! Welcome Here! On my page are my own original content Music Tracks & Vids, plus Links to my Spotify, Youtube and other sites at the top! ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ Thanx!

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Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime=

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what fashion style do you like ?
i like gothic fashion style :) ( and other things like scene, emo, and more )

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I like a lot of fashions, especially decora kei! Though my #1 is emo and that’s also how I look majority of the time.

by Zam =p; ; Report

I like a lot of fashions, especially decora kei! Though my #1 is emo and that’s also how I look majority of the time.

by Zam =p; ; Report

Nice !
decora kei is a very nice fashion too !

by Scenelover; ; Report

Indeed :D it's so fun

by Zam =p; ; Report


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Let's be a emo :)

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Leon Lawless

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tysm for the add back

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