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Anime, composition, mecha


J-pop, pop-punk, emo, visual kei, Vocaloid and otaku rock (LeetStreet Boys, Free Parking!). Fall Out Boy are the greatest band in the world.


I love Clerks


I don't feel like listing all the anime I've seen here, so just ask me.


Visual novels count, right?


Matthew Myers (LeetStreet Boys), Takamachi Walk, yuyoyuppe, utsu-p

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About me:

Mabinogi junkie and music composer. I write pop-punk and visual novel OST.
I like making new friends and I'm friendly to all as long as you're not mean to me

I may often post my music here on my profile, but that does not mean I am only here to promote my work. I love making new otaku friends and meeting other like-minded people.

Who I'd like to meet:

Friends. (new layout in progress)

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fun ✧.˚ ⁺ 。゚‧

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thx 4 the add !!

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what's your favorite moment in Clerks and why is it (not) the Death Star discourse?

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Good question. Definitely a tie between that Death Star discourse, "MY LOVE FOR YOU IS LIKE A TRUCK BERZERKERRRRR" and this. I fucking love Randal.

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


eva♱'s profile picture

tysmmm for da add ur profile is rly cool and so is ur music!!<3

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Thank you so much!!

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


cherry's profile picture

thx for the add! u seem rly cool! ^^

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thanks you too!

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


aeron's profile picture

i <3 ouran sm !!

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by tai7kmusic; ; Report

vampx ★

vampx ★'s profile picture

ty for accepting !! <3

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Thank you for adding me!!

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


yuwumi's profile picture

tyy for the add!! i love ur pfp ♪(´▽`)

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Thanks! Yours is great too. I love Corpse Party

by tai7kmusic; ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls

The Young Vulnerable Anim...'s profile picture

Hey, thanks for adding us! Also, your taste in movies is IMMACULATE.

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Heh heh thank you. Your music is great by the way. Reminds me of a heavier LeetStreet Boys

by tai7kmusic; ; Report

Hey thanks! That's means a lot to us! Will have to check them out.

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls; ; Report


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finally some freddy got fingered appreciation

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It's an underrated masterpiece of absurdity

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


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Thank you most graciously for the add. Love the Gary pfp. Also, cool to see the theme you made for IM. If I'm ever inclined, I'll try it out one of these days.

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silas ☆

silas ☆'s profile picture

thx sm 4 the add!!

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Hello, thank you for adding me! It's so cool to see another person that plays mabinogi, though sadly I haven't been able to play in months since my laptop died...and won't turn on at all.(ಥ﹏ಥ)
Whenever I get a new one though maybe we could play together!

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I'm sorry about your computer, but yeah I'd love to play mabi! I don't play the steam version though I mostly play on the mabi.pro private server. I could probably try getting into the steam version one of these days

by tai7kmusic; ; Report

Ooh, I've only played the steam version and didn't know there were other ways to play. Is there a difference between the private ver. and the steam ver.?

by gem_arch; ; Report

Everything is free in the private server, and for me it's just less slow since it runs on an older version.

by tai7kmusic; ; Report

I'd definitely wanna try it out then! Mabi wasn't usually slow for me but whenever I went to uh...I forgot the name already but it's where all the shops and people are, it'd always become extremely laggy...I would also like free stuff ofc (*¬ v ¬ )

by gem_arch; ; Report


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Thx for the add!

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daddy would you like some sausages

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i'm the backwards man

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


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thx for accepting!! luv your layout!! <333

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Thank you!! I'm gonna release it to the public soon

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


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♫♪ Hello! Nice to see you here! We have Original Music Tracks & Vids on our page! Also Links to our Spotify, Youtube and other sites at the top of Page! ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ Thank You

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hi new friend! :D

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by tai7kmusic; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture


If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

=> FunHouseRadio.com

We're currently playing our most insane holiday mix ever!

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No problem, thank you for adding me

by tai7kmusic; ; Report


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wicked new theme, will you be releasing this?

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by tai7kmusic; ; Report


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love the new theme!

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