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"Organizing my music section that no ones going to read"

An INTJ, 15

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vidya games (terraria, fallout and hotline miami primarily), programming in python, playing the saxophone, cars, collecting vinyl records, knitting and Hiroshi Nagai paintings


☆Meiko Nakahara ☆ Mami Koyama ☆ Junko Yagami ☆ Miki Matsubara ☆ Anri ☆ Cindy ☆ Mariya Takeuchi ☆ Junko Ohashi ☆ Tomoko Aran ☆ Kaoru Akimoto ☆ Momoko Kikuchi ☆ Taeko Ohnuki ☆ Minako Yoshida ☆ Yuko Tomita ☆ Makoto Matsushita ☆ Casiopea ☆ Rie Ida & 42nd Street ☆ Toshiki Kadomatsu ☆ Mari Iijima ☆ Noriko Miyamoto ♥️ šiaurės Kryptis ☆ Karo Stovis ☆ Mano Juodoji Sesuo ♥️ Luxury Elite ☆ Saint Pepsi (Skylar Spence) ☆ George Clanton ☆ Maitro ☆ Windows 96 ☆ Cosmic Cycler ☆ Infinity Frequencies ☆ Waterfront Dining ☆ Dan Mason ダン·メイソン ☆ t e l e p a t h ☆ ESPRIT 空想 ☆ Architecture in Tokyo ☆ 猫 シ Corp ☆ 18 Carat Affair ☆ Macintosh Plus ☆ Chris††† ☆ bl00dwave ☆ Desert Sand Feels Warm At Night ☆ Satin Sheets ☆ FM Skyline ☆ Incorporeal Visions Deluxe ☆ Hotel Pools ☆ VAPERROR ☆ Persona La Ave ☆ Runners Club 95 ☆ Nmesh ☆ HKE ☆ Tupperwave ☆ Surfing ☆ LensCorp™ International ☆ JM DROWZEE ☆ Death's Dynamic shroud.wmv ☆ CYBEREALITYライフ ☆ Blank Banshee ☆ ぬいぐるみクレヨン Lush Crayon ♥️ Desired ☆ Yung bae ☆ Macross 82-99 ☆ Lola Disco ♥️ Perturbator ☆ M|O|O|N ☆ Modern Talking ☆ Laura Branigan ☆ Teresa Teng ☆ Billy Idol ☆ Sidewalks and Skeletons ☆ Das mörtal ☆ Jasper Byrne ☆ Surfing


Suicide club, All quiet on the western front, Come and see, Noriko's dinner table, Who Killed Captain Alex and movie adaptations of whatever's in my books section


Miami Vice, JJBA (parts 2 and 3 are my favourite) and Always sunny in Philadelphia. I really liked Ну, погоди! as a kid


American psycho, Battle royale, 1984, No Longer Human, animal farm.


He's just like me fr,with%20Jacket%20in%20Hotline%20Miami.

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About me:

My name is Tom, from Alytus, Lithuania but I live in England (sadly). A Part time baltic nationalist, pagan cultist and a really awkward guy but I'd love to chat about any mutual interests! My layout is with alterations. Mine looks awful on mobile cause I suck at html. I won't fix it.

Who I'd like to meet:

anybody! You can't have too many computer friends. I like people who spam bulletins, I read almost everything and Im rooting for you! Flag Counter

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☆ humanoid trash!! ☆

☆ humanoid trash!! ☆'s profile picture

ty 4 the add!! :DD

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Bullet ✯ (Iheartddc)

Bullet ✯ (Iheartddc)'s profile picture

thx 4 the add!

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Appreciate the accept and happy holidays and 2023 welcome to the club!

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Luvyapix its hot!!

by Club72; ; Report


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XD_M1k3y_Br1x3y_XD's profile picture

Thank you so much for accepting my friend request!!!! You seem super cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime!!!! (:

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luv ur music taste! :-)

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sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

ty for the add, your page looks so sick!!
(also hotline miami is 10/10)

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Martin C.

Martin C.'s profile picture

Hey thanks for the add! I like your profile!

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Thanks for the add, Check out my Music sometime=

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hello!! thanks for accepting

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thanks 4 the add. i c u like all quiet on the western front .. i remember watching it in highschool history, and im still mad abt the ending

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SOVIET SHIKSA's profile picture

Thank you for deciding to connect.

I'm hopeful that your day is going well.

If you're interested in making your day worse....listen to some Soviet Shiksa.

On Spotify

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Made my day worse, I like it

by NLTW; ; Report

Perfect. Thank you for choosing unhappiness.

by SOVIET SHIKSA; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Singer

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💖 ✨

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Hi! Thanks for being a friend 💫

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No worries! thanks for the add

by NLTW; ; Report