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"Probably just sleeping my life away all summer "

he/they/them or it/its/itself I'm 13 soon 14 not hot but nice

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I like to read Bl comics and write Bl stories and I like drawing and cooking and sleeping I have an unhealthy obsession with ur mom jokes if you cant tell I curse a lot Mentally unstable with: body dysmorphia and gender dysmorphia and I have anxiety and social anxiety and depression so might cry from little things so please be nice to me I have a blood kink lol( not like I want to stab you and watch you bleed more like cosplaying with blood and maybe like nose bleeds lol I'm not weird I swear I just have a thing for cosplayers) also i like to rp so if your into that dm me lol And I have a very unhealthy obsession with heartstopper I like to think Im Very funny I hate onion ,tomatoes ,mushrooms, and cheese on specific things ,and carrots ,peas, and mayonnaise I can't wait for my birthday July 5th and I get out school June 17 and I'll remember to go all out this summer unlike last year lol I love horror movies and comedy lol I want to be a writer or poet lol weird I know


I love melanie Martinez, girl in red, lil darkie, polo g, sorry mom specifically her song (I fucked yr mom), my chemical romance, lil baby, and Penelope Scott,ppcocaine,corpse husband,harry styles,conan gray.




stranger things ,love victor, shameless, spongebob,heartstopper, family guy,13 reasons why. I FREAKING love all these shows lol


Idk heart stopper i read it on webtoons and want the book so bad send them to me nowwww


Ur mom

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I'm 13 Pan, Demi, Poly, Trans(FTM), single 0/4 lovers I'm an switch mostly top but im not picky lol

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Who I'd like to meet:

Friends ages 13-16 And s/o (s) ages 13-14 maybe 15 depending tho lol And ur mama ages 30+ lol (jp dont take me seriously) Emos ! 😭😍❤ I have a thing for emos I just love their style honestly And kit Conner ,Sam and Colby ,Conan gray ,Harry styles ,Joe Locke ,Melanie Martinez ,Lil darkie Penelope Scott ,Sorry mom ,Girl in red, Gaten , Joe Kerre, Mille Bobby brown.😍

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thanks 4 the add, nice to meet you!

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No problemo and nice to meet you to

by Ashton /Ace; ; Report


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ty for adding!! your acc is so cool also i totally relate to the blood kink thing, you described how i feel perfectly lol

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No problemo and Thanks!

by Ashton /Ace; ; Report


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tysm for the add! ur super cool B)

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No problemo! And thanks luv !

by Ashton /Ace; ; Report

# LEO !!

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thx for tha follow !! ur layout is dope

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No problemo 👍 and thx!

by Ashton /Ace; ; Report