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I am a nerd/geek or whatever you want to call it. Video games, anime, technology, and etc are all my jams. It's where I find enjoyment. I enjoy board games too as a good game night with food, drinks, and friends just can't be beaten.

Huge football fan...the only sport I truly care about. New England Patriots fan through and through.

Cooking is fun and I'm a foodie on top of that. I love going out and trying different food and places from the hole in the walls to the most upscale.

But generally I'm a homebody. Cuddled up on the couch, playing a game, watching some anime, or a movie is where I'd like to be.


I listen to all genres of music. There isn't a single style that I don't like. But what I primarily listen to is Neo-Soul, RnB, and Lofi. I'm just always looking for good vibes and love. Here is a link to a spotify playlist I made. Enjoy!!


Too many....just way too many to list here. In general I love musicals, action, scifi, fantasy, comedy, family, animated, and romantic movies. So a pretty wide range there. If I had to pick a top 3 favorite though I'd have to go:

1 - The Truman Show

2 - Fifth Element

3 - The Lion King (cartoon) (p.s. I personally enjoyed the remake even though it got a lot of hate)


I don't watch a lot of TV these days (who does right?! lol) but I do watch a lot of anime though. Every season there is always some good ones to watch. I generally LOVE all isekai anime, especially if the MC is crazy OP. Actually any anime with an insanely OP MC and I'm watching it. Love slice of life as well. HoriMiya is probably my favorite currently. It's so freaking adorable. I can talk about anime all day lol.

I watch a lot YouTube like most of us. Some of my fav YTers are:

  • JackSepticEye
  • AnarchyHD
  • Glock9
  • Cash Jordan
  • Philip DeFranco
  • Babish Culinary Universe
  • Freakin Reviews

But when I do sit and watch a show Letterkenny is up first at the moment. Hilarious show. Anything else is spur of the moment if I enjoy the premise of the show. Jack Reacher was great. I watch the first like 5-8 episodes of Married at First Sight too. I'm clearly all over the place lol.


The entire Percy Jackson universe of books including the Kane Chronicles, Magus Chase, and Trials of Apollo. The movies DO NOT EXIST!! I am so pumped for the Disney+ series though.

The Seven Realms series

The Heir Series

The Warcross Series

There are many more that I can't think of atm. Currently in need of some good series to read. As you can see I love YA style books in the fantasy, action/adventure genre. So if you have any suggestions please send them my way.


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About me:

Silly, loving, caring, hardworking, empathetic, and so much more. I'm an ENTP-T and an Aries, if you're into that sort of thing, just to give you insight on me. I'm just a guy who strives to give love and help when and where needed. I'm not perfect but I try to be the best version of myself daily. Though I may not always succeed in that endeavor, I learn from my mistakes and forge a better tomorrow.

The "dad" of a lot of my friends, the therapist to many others. My ear can listen for hours and my advice is solid gold....just don't ask me to take my own as it's easier to export than to import lol. Single, Father to a sometimes wonderful/sometimes a devil daughter and avid football fan.

Who I'd like to meet:

On here I'd love to meet anyone who's looking for chill vibes and a good time. I am very accepting to all walks of life. No discrimination of any kind from this guy. Hoping those I meet are the same. I just want to spread love and care wherever I am.

As far as celebrities go...there aren't any names I can think of at the moment as I'm not overly star struck. I mean, of course I'd love to meet some big names but not for pictures or autographs. I just want to pick people's brains, learn what steps they took, what moves that made, what sacrifices they had to take. Nothing beats learning from those to achieved the things you want to as it gives you valuable lessons. And well....there's also networking of course. Meeting people can open doors previously closed.

But to get a bit deep, or not so deep I guess as it's cliché these days, I love to me my younger self. Tell him that everything's going to be ok. That putting in that extra effort in school will be worth it. That pushing for what you want and not settling is ok. That you aren't as alone as you think. The passion and drive has always been there.....just don't wait to late to access it.

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Neat page!

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Lame Genie - Video Game Music

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Thanks for the add back, hope you enjoy the music! 🎶

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Hey there :) just stopping by to say hello :) have a great day

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Thank you. Hello yourself! Hope you have a great week!

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Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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Welcome aboard, my brother !

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Thank you! Super excited to relive the glory days of social media. Lol.

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