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Well, travel and nature obviously lol. But nothing clears my mind more than having a nature trail to myself or the peace and quiet of walking through town late at night. Being as introverted as I am vlogging is not something I expected to get into so much, but I've really enjoyed it. Vlogging and sharing my nature photos has really been the best way for me to express myself artistically. I do work a lot, so when I'm not actually working or on one of my vlogging adventures I enjoy just relaxing at home with my family.

I also run several Disney/Nickelodeon related campaigns including,, and It's a whole other hobby/passion project of mine. Message me if you are interested in learning more and want to go down that crazy rabbit hole! :-)


Long live the '80s! I love my '80s music. The more cheesy pop the better! I was also big into Dave Matthews Band in the '90s. Taylor Swift is my BAE though! Everything Has Changed is the best song! :-)


Hard to say as I feel like I never have enough free time to watch a movie. But if it is made by Disney or Pixar, good chance I like it! :-)


There are two big eras for me TV wise. #1 '90s Nickelodeon, especially the Nicktoons! Rugrats my fave. Love the whole Klasky Csupo lineup. I had a big crush on Larisa Oleynik (Secret World of Alex Mack) growing up. #2 '00s Disney Channel. Lilo & Stitch is my favorite there. I also really liked Kim Possible. Pretty much all the cartoons in these eras were amazing. More recent Disney Channel shows I've watched include Star vs the Forces of Evil, Tangled: The Series, Big Hero 6 The Series. On more grown up related content two shows I watch with the wifey are The Rookie and The Good Doctor. I really don't have much Netflix and chill time though lol. On a good day I may have a few minutes to browse through Disney+. :-)


Who has time to read books?


I have to put Adam the Woo in here only cause he is by far my biggest inspiration for what I do on YouTube. Justin Scarred's content is great as well. :-)

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About me:

Welcome to A Blog by Wayne, the official blog of the Memories by Wayne YouTube channel!

At a young age, embarking on our biannual family road trip to West Virginia with numerous road maps in hand, I would occupy myself by finding local radio stations on my Walkman and TV stations on my portable B&W TV. The highlight of those trips though would be my patient parents letting me stop at every other service/travel plaza and rest stop along the way to play the arcade games, browse the gift shop, and pick up more maps lol. My love of travel and road trips had begun.

Memories by Wayne began in 2015 on Instagram as a way to share my mass collection of nature related photos to a more public audience. Sunrise/sunsets, lakes/ponds, fall leaves littering a nature trail, was sort of my "specialty" if you want to call it that.

In 2015 while in the South Bend, Indiana area I decided to visit this little Japanese garden, and I filmed it. At the time I was also watching Adam the Woo's cross country back road vlogs and thought, "Hey, maybe I could do this on a smaller scale as well." In July of 2016 the official Memories by Wayne YouTube channel was born!

I reside in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and so I do a lot of vlogs at nearby forest preserves and nature parks. I also do a lot of day trips around southeast Wisconsin, Northeast Illinois, Northwest Wisconsin, and Southwest Michigan. So while my channel is very travel and nature related, I also do a lot random stuff like retro gaming content and family vlogs. Whatever interesting is going on in my life, whatever memory I want to share, you will find it here!

In 2021 I started doing YouTube Shorts to better communicate with my audience. But there is only so much you can say in 60 seconds. I'm 100% an ISTJ, and a writer at heart. I could do a WordPress or Weebly like everyone else. But something about this platform appealed to me. I was an early adopter of MySpace. I also had the full suite of IM services (AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ) going on back in the day. Facebook has become such a bloated platform of sponsored ads, politics, and general toxicity. I wanted a clean, positive, ad free platform to share my thoughts, stories, memories, and travel experiences.

In 2022 YouTube released the "Community" tab to the masses! I still kind of prefer this platform for long form blogs. But I am posting photos and short channel updates there as well.

Welcome to "A Blog by Wayne", a division of "Memories by Wayne"! :-)

Who I'd like to meet:

Warmhearted people, who spread love and kindness and embrace diversity. If you have an interesting family road trip story, I would love to hear it. If you have insight on nature related places to visit in the greater Chicagoland area, suggestions are always appreciated. I just enjoy meeting new people, learning their story, and hearing about their life memories. As any true introvert, I'm a pretty good listener and supporter for my friends when they need to get something off their chest.

Please subscribe and join the growing community on the official Memories by Wayne YouTube channel! I enjoy reading and responding to all comments. Thank you for the support and hope to hear from you soon! :-)

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Hi, thanks for the add :)

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You're welcome. You have a really neat looking profile as well. Have a great day! :-)

by Memories by Wayne; ; Report

Thanks, I spent way too much time on it :D

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Summer mellow 4 u!πŸ©΄πŸ¦©πŸ§πŸ«§πŸ§‹

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A mellow summer for you as well! :-)

by Memories by Wayne; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! ✨

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Thank you, have a wonderful day! :-)

by Memories by Wayne; ; Report

Of course ✨ Thanks for following me on Instagram

by SADGURL™; ; Report

No problem! Happy to support you. Been enjoying the pics. :-)

by Memories by Wayne; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add, Wayne

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Thank you! :-)

by Memories by Wayne; ; Report


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THANKS for the friend request!You are totally tubular!🎧

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Thank you for the add. Have a groovy day! :-)

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No problem! && thank you 🌈

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You're welcome. Have a great weekend! :-)

by Memories by Wayne; ; Report

Unstoppable Lobster

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Thanks for the add, friend! Good to see another retro TV and gamer here.

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Nice to meet you. Definite enjoyer of all things retro here. :-) Have had various versions of my own "game room" over the years that I call "Wayne's Arcade World". My cousin owns an arcade and vending business in northern Illinois. And of course attend and vlog the Midwest Gaming Classic every year. So been immersed in it for a long time even though I was too young to really experience the golden age of arcade video games. Definitely good amount of gaming/arcade stuff mixed into my YouTube channel. :-)

by Memories by Wayne; ; Report

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.


We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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I will check it out! I am aging myself greatly by saying this lol, but I used to listen to Dr. Demento every week as a kid.

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Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime=

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Thanks, I will check it out! :-)

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πŸ’• πŸ’ž

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Thank you! Been gone awhile but finally back! Hope you are doing well. :-)

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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πŸ’– ✨

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Hey Wayne. Keep up the good work and thank you for adding me

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Thank you for the kind comment! :-)

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