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"Relaxing in a Forest..."

A short and shy deer who's learning more about the world!

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I'm pretty boring imo but I'll do my best to populate this section:

My friends would say I'm friendly, caring, and handsome (I do not agree with that last one)

Video games are a big part of who I am. I started with a Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo when I was very young. Growing up I got an Original Xbox, PS2 (Slim and Fat), an Xbox 360, and now a Nintendo Switch.

The only game I play on console anymore is Skate 3 on my 360.

I am mainly a PC gamer, I've been playing PC video games since 2014. I am not counting games such as Club Penguin, or Poptropica as those are web games. I do wish I could go back and experience them again in their raw form. The remakes don't hit the same.

I mostly play Beam.NG, Satisfactory, Halo Infinite, Overwatch 2, and Minecraft. I do have lots more games but my brain says "No". Feel free to send me a message if you want to play together! (I may actually not respond and that's my bad lmao)

Feel free to ask me about anything else you'd like to know about me! I don't know what else to add lmao


EDM mostly, there are songs where I go "This isn't what I listen to, but I like it a lot."

I listen to Monstercat, Daft Punk, HOME, some songs from Skate 3, Lo-Fi, and so much more. A few songs include:

* Lots of Monstercat songs...

* Blinding Lights - The Weekend

* City Nights - ItsDexe

* Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups (my fav atm, calms me down a lot)

* Nova - EMIRI

If you want to know more about the songs I listen to, feel free to leave a comment or DM!

I prefer to download my music so I don't have to rely on an internet connection to listen. Sure it takes up space, but with my Pixel 6a space isn't a concern.

I do pay for Youtube Preimum for the family, so I at least have a streaming service. Even if it isn't the best one out there.


Uh.. how do I explain this...

I don't really watch movies anymore. At least on my own.

I don't have a comfortable way to watch them and I am also broke as fuck. Sure I could obtain them the other way but then I won't have internet anymore. I might also experience what dropping the soap feels like, which I don't want to experience.

My #1 movie is Finding Nemo. Yes I am a child.

The most recent movie I have watched as of 7/17/23 is the new Indiana Jones movie. Knowing nothing about the series I enjoyed it a lot! It's worth a watch.


Life Hack: Buy food/snacks before going to the theatre and shove them inside your sweater. Pretend you are fluffy and you don't have to pay $20 for a small drink!




My Mom and Dad <3

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About me:

You might need to allow autoplaying content on your browser in order to hear the startup sound and song!

Does not work in Chrome, I don't know why!

This layout is funky on mobile phones! The fonts don't work!

Hey there! My name is Maple and welcome to my SpaceHey page!

Maple isn't my IRL name obviously, I just don't want to have (most of) my personal information out there.

I enjoy talking to people (even if I suck at keeping conversation lmao), playing video games, and programming.

I guess I would say I am considered a "furry". I have been in the fandom since I was young, although I never had any friends in the fandom or OC's until 2019.


The background music is called "Velkommen" by Stan LePard (RIP).

This song was used in the 1996 Internet Starter Kit by Microsoft. It has a similar track in Encarta Virtual Globe 1998, and is also found in the Windows XP OOBE (Out of Box Experience). You may have never heard it however, as the sound drivers needed to work. I didn't know it existed till a few years ago when I saw a MJD video on the topic. It was also supposed to be used in Windows 98, but it didn't have an OOBE and thus was not used; not even in the setup.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who is a decent human being and has the energy to keep a conversation going.

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Hihi, ty for the add :D u seem v cool

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No problem and thank you!

I love your profile!!

by Maple; ; Report


Rainy's profile picture

heyo nice page :3 what do u like to program? (if not just websites and stuff but even if so thats still cool)

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thank u!

honestly I program anything my 2 brain cells can come up with

I just finished creating an image viewer that can recursively scan directories and show me all of the images in them

it can also delete images if i dont want them anymore lmao

I mainly program in Python but for GUI stuff I use c#

by Maple; ; Report

very nice choices :3 that image app sounds cool. I also really like python especially for smaller scripts and things but I've been doing most bigger projects in Rust as of recent

by Rainy; ; Report

thank youuu

i mostly made it to look at my stash LMAO

but idk jack shit about Rust sooo it will stay that way :))

i prefer python anyways

by Maple; ; Report

but but rust is blazingly fast and memory safe and

jokes aside, you're probably fine just sticking to C#, fast enough for most use cases and solid over all (from my limited experience with it)

by Rainy; ; Report

yea thats understandable lmao

i dont really care that my programs are super fast

i just want them to work lmaoo

by Maple; ; Report

yeah functional is always the most important thing. I focus a lot on backend/server type things so I've kinda fallen into the whole making things fast as fuq rabbit hole. Outside of the server-side though speed is often insignificant unless it leads to major performance problems or something

by Rainy; ; Report

I want to fuck around with server side stuff but I want to wait till I actually have a server LMAO

I'm too broke to get anything for it tho

by Maple; ; Report

I definitely splurged when I got a server setup lol but you could look into getting some super cheap chromebook or thinkpad off ebay and slapping linux on it. could probably find a passable deal for under 50 bucks I'd reckon

by Rainy; ; Report

I already have a shitty laptop but I wanna get a file server on it plus it's slowly starting to break lmaoo

I need to get some cash and get out of debt :')

by Maple; ; Report