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"You know what's cooler than magic? Math!"

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Retro video games, board games, mathematics, writing.


All kinds. Seriously, my music is all over the place.





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About me:

I'm just me. I look like Superman. I'm from California, but I'm definitely not a typical Californian. I don't fit neatly into categories or labels, so you'll just have to send me a message to find out who I am.

I'm an amateur writer too. My current project is an episodic coming-of-age story set in 1998: dontletthedaysgoby.home.blog

I do a Song of the Day page: djgj64songoftheday.wordpress.com

I also occasionally blog here: gregoutofcharacter.wordpress.com

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I love math!

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good! I have a degree in mathematics

by DGS; ; Report

omg that's sick:)
what do you do?

by stelios; ; Report

I'm a teacher... what about you?

by DGS; ; Report

That's extra sick!!! I'm currently a student, though next year I will enroll at a university. Preferably computer science.

by stelios; ; Report


by DGS; ; Report


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๐Ÿ–ฉ Happy 3.14!! ๐Ÿ–ฉ

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Thank you!

by DGS; ; Report


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Nice to see you
And your Math. I enjoyed it in school. It was hard but when I got it finallyโ€ฆ and everything snapped into place, finallyโ€ฆ
it was YeY awesome!!

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How'd you find my page? Nice to meet you... That sounds about right; math makes so much sense and follows consistent rules if you're willing to learn them. I just naturally think that way; that's probably why I've always been good at math, and bad at things that don't follow consistent rules, like relationships and making friends.

by DGS; ; Report

The over 18 groupโ€ฆ I saw your amazing blog and thought, Iโ€™m friending him.

by AshVan; ; Report

aww... thank you! My blog on here, or one of my creative projects that I've linked to?

by DGS; ; Report


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"You know what's cooler than magic? Math!"

Ummm no. LOL, I can do it but I'd much rather not. Infact, you are free to math all you wish!

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Well... if there were no math, there would be no social media, so there. Magic never brought any of us new friends from around the globe.

Also, I have a degree in mathematics, and that quote is from a movie that I had just seen when I set up this page in late 2021, and I just never bothered to change it :)

by DGS; ; Report

Bahahaha, I'll leave all the math to you, okay?

Last time I got into this I had to prove I knew what I was doing and I'd rather not do any carrying over or anything! LOL
Also, I just wanted to jest with you about the quote, I don't have a clue how often you change or don't change your profile/wall. Noticed I had never stopped by unless you delete comments. Sooo tada!

by Diana; ; Report

I don't delete comments :) I have a lot of people I'm friends with on here whom I don't talk to much... so it's good to talk to you. How are you today?

by DGS; ; Report

I'm alright, not going to lie I'm not really feeling so good this time of year is just... Well. It can be tough to keep feeling cheerful. Upside is my new years plans with my friend I've been celebrating with since 2019 are in the works.

Other than that I was amused with my Spotify wrapped. One.of.My favorites was bumped from 1st top artist to 3rd. Also felt they didn't start taking anything into account until March since they focused on a song I added late spring.

How about you? Having a good week?

by Diana; ; Report

I'm not feeling so good either... I've just been in a funk lately. To sum it up in one sentence, I feel very out of place in my life right now, I have for several years now, but the situation isn't so cut and dried as "pack up and move away and start over" because there are a lot of factors in play and a lot of uncertainties. I do have something to look forward to next year (the thing I was being vague about in the bulletin), but that's just a one day event, not a fundamental change in my life, and even that came at a cost, because I had to cancel something I had already planned, and paid for. I mean, I guess things could be a lot worse, I probably complain too much...

I rarely use Spotify, so I don't know anything about how the algorithm for Spotify Wrapped works... interesting.

by DGS; ; Report


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Really neat page!

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hi what's up

by DGS; ; Report

Sir. Carson [NEW ACC IN ABT ME]

Sir. Carson [NEW ACC IN A...'s profile picture

What happens if I call that phone number on your card

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I've never tried it, but it's a 555 exchange, so it's obviously not real. (It's the same phone number that was in the movie, but I changed the area code to match where I actually live.)

(Technically, I've read that in some area codes, only phone numbers starting with 555-01__ are reserved for fictional use, not all phone numbers with 555 exchanges, so it might be real. I've never seen an actual phone number here with a 555 exchange, though.)

by DGS; ; Report

Courtney Tastic

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hi there! how are you?

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doing ok... glad it's the weekend but it's going to be a full and emotionally intense weekend... how are you?

by DGS; ; Report

so far so good. right now i'm working on editing things for my site and watching this show called the 100.
it's on netflix and it's pretty good.

got any weekend plans?

by Courtney Tastic; ; Report

I've heard of that show, I used to know someone who liked it... it sounded interesting.

I'm going to two separate unrelated memorial services this weekend. :( I also got invited to two social things tomorrow that I'm hoping to at least stop by, but I don't want to tire myself out too much, so plans might change last minute.


by DGS; ; Report


๐™„๐™‰๐™‚๐™๐™„๐˜ฟ's profile picture

I read your poem! So so many references and actual rhyming lines (which I canโ€™t ever do consistently if at all lol)

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Thank you... glad you liked it :)

I'm curious what you thought was going through my head when I wrote it... just wondering how much of my original thought process made it through to other people's interpretations. Can you send me a message and tell me what you thought? I'd rather not give it away openly where anyone can read... is that ok?

by DGS; ; Report


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Thanks for the add friend! Hope your month goes well! :)

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Thank you! January had some really great high moments, so I hope February isn't a letdown by comparison...

by DGS; ; Report

Lord Byron Silverhand

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what's up?

by DGS; ; Report


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Appreciate the add!

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you're welcome... have a great day!

by DGS; ; Report