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guiding the world pre, during, and post human life as we know it, under the surface using infallible skill and understanding, is the motive. the psyche is pulsing in everything. that being said, to hone idealistic visions and cure boredom, here is the idea...

hobbies / interests:

• the internet (a lifelong addiction to battle, actually)
• constant intellectual, logical, and spiritual enligtenment
• typing, this skill is the only reason this length coulf exist. major regret. one day i will delete everything yup (predicted correctly ! yuh).
• reading
• asmr
• tea
• music (singing, violin, and piano mainly - and most importantly, pattern seeking + understanding thru listening)
• consuming media: movies, tv, anime, youtube videos (they put drugs in video essays i swear to God), tiktoks, social media
• psychology & reading people/myself. logic + emotion
• skincare
• writing
• typology! (mbti & enneagram theory for ex, find me on pdb)
• sketching
• bangla, spanish, arabic, finnish, japanese, korean, hindi, french, ASL (only fluent in english & somewhat bangla, getting there in spanish)
• sudokus
• daydreaming (permanently wandering in my head)
• chess
• rubik's cube
• fashion observationally
• photography, a bit
• folklore and theories... conspiracy or not (a fan of fairies and aliens)
• meditation/prayer
• history
• fanfiction (tru 2 this not new 2 this)
• spelling/words
• environmentalism
• plant based, but not entirely
• comedy/humor
• baking
• philosophy
• socializing (depends, but am v welcoming to anyone!)
• learning random info like country flags & capitals
• self isolating in depressive slumps
• drug$ (d.a.r.e.: drugs are really expensive!)
• myyy form of organization
• confusion; figuring things out
• peace and love
• vine compilations
• literally anything can take my attention. or rly not

getting there:

• calligraphy (can we bring back handwritten letters?)
• 5+ diff languages fluently
• travel
• knit/crochet/sewing
• good ass cooking
• morse code
• dancing
• coding
• excel
• filmmaking
• coffee art
• makeup
• magic tricks
• martial arts
• impressions
• piano
• gardening
• knitting/sewing
• fps & other genres of vid games, more than life simulation/the type i like or am good at
• composing music
• math
• card shuffling tricks (also magic tricks)
• pottery
• trivia
• getting really good at driving, and shooting/aiming/archery of some sort
• skateboarding
• organization
• collecting
• mixing music
• origami
• hula hooping
• basketball
• ballet
• soccer
• volunteeeer
• side hustles
• sticking to goals + time management + preparation, planning, scheduling
• financial literacy
• being concise
• presentations (though i'll give myself a pass on this because im not going 2 discredit my anxiety)
• flexibility + balance
• hair style savviness
• tree climbing ability
• ux design
• animation
• health (especially mentally), confidence, self esteem, concentration

theres a common thread that has to exist, else the interest does not complete and i am delusional once again


music (mainly listening to, but also being involved in) is a major interest (hyperfixation) of mine, has been and always will be. i like to sing and play the violin. i want to get better at the piano and learn more music & pitch theory.

i like a bit of everything genuinely, but some of my fav artists (solely art, for few their personality and/or heart as well) include:

♫ frank ocean
♫ the marias
♫ beyoncé
♫ michael jackson (probably my fav of all time, his entire body of work)
♫ adele
♫ pinkpantheress
♫ coco bryce
♫ kanye west
♫ ariana grande
♫ kendrick lamar
♫ phoebe bridgers
♫ nas
♫ paramore
♫ steve lacy
♫ zedd
♫ mac demarco
♫ the 1975
♫ tyler the creator
♫ chief keef
♫ linkin park
♫ mitski
♫ bobby shmurda
♫ eyedress
♫ olivia rodrigo
♫ lamp
♫ the cure
♫ lana del rey
♫ mac miller
♫ conan gray
♫ mariah carey
♫ crystal castles
♫ rex orange county
♫ tv girl
♫ earl sweatshirt
♫ the internet
♫ burzum
♫ teen suicide
♫ bryson tiller
♫ tame impala
♫ bts
♫ florence & the machine
♫ twice
♫ jhene aiko
♫ shania twain
♫ bôa
♫ beach house
♫ men i trust
♫ alanis morrissette
♫ whitney houston
♫ queen
♫ celine dion
♫ dean
♫ playboi carti
♫ speaker knockerz
♫ pop smoke
♫ sza
♫ david bowie
♫ cigarettes after sex
♫ sofaygo
♫ amy winehouse
♫ h.e.r.
♫ kali uchis
♫ j. cole
♫ cher
♫ lorde
♫ doja cat
♫ fiona apple
♫ stevie wonder
♫ louis armstrong
♫ solange
♫ alina baraz
♫ raveena
♫ dmx
♫ fka twigs
♫ diana ross
♫ pj harvey
♫ gorillaz
♫ brent faiyaz
♫ dolly parton
♫ joe hisaishi
♫ kali uchis
♫ childish gambino
♫ erykah badu
♫ tay-k
♫ fleetwood mac
♫ lady gaga
♫ radiohead
♫ sade
♫ joji
♫ coldplay
♫ deftones
♫ miki matsubara
♫ mazzy star
♫ no doubt
♫ machine girl
♫ andre 3k & outkast
♫ marina & the diamonds
♫ ella fitzgerald
♫ the smiths
♫ clairo
♫ reba mcintyre
♫ tchaikovsky
♫ nicki minaj
♫ got7
♫ partynextdoor
♫ the strokes
♫ blur
♫ the neighborhood
♫ rihanna
♫ arctic monkeys
♫ avicii
♫ s3rl
♫ daniel caesar
♫ one direction
♫ blink-182
♫ aaliyah
♫ mf doom
♫ drake in certain eras more than others
♫ daft punk
♫ the weeknd
♫ hozier
♫ snsd
♫ regina spektor
♫ billie holiday
♫ earth, wind, & fire
♫ taylor swift
♫ green day
♫ mcr
♫ nirvana
♫ carseat headrest
♫ wallows
♫ beabadoobee
♫ boy pablo
♫ cavetown
♫ backseat lovers
♫ a LOT more kpop, especially older bands, 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen (shoutout to f(x), shinee, 2pm, sistar, etc. etc.)
♫ and a few more im missing, especially less known artists who deserve their flowers & especially from different eras and countries, and of course, my eclectic mix.

nostalgia, for me, is a lot of: 1D, taylor swift, pierce the veil, justin bieber, katy perry, evanescence, avril lavigne, rihanna, big time rush, sleeping with sirens, ariana grande, selena gomez & the scene, black eyed peas, nelly furtado, backstreet boys, britney spears, nirvana, my chemical romance, ke$ha, lady gaga, david guetta panic! at the disco, fall out boy, green day, bring me the horizon, beyoncé & destiny’s child, spice girls, mj, radiohead, coldplay, kpop from the early 2010s (such as snsd, bigbang, early bts), etc. basically a lot from the 90s to the 2010s.

follow me on spotify plz!!: https://open.spotify.com/user/awesomeness320404?si=ElTnnudNSsm37k-w3z1T8w


im a budding film freak
🎥 love studio ghibli & satoshi kon & Disney movies
🎥 love movies in any language
absolute favorites (solely art) include:

🎥 the godfather series
🎥 the purge series
🎥 train to busan
🎥 black swan
🎥 beethoven movies
🎥 the matrix
🎥 seven
🎥 nightmare on elm street
🎥 legally blonde
🎥 mean girls
🎥 it's a boy girl thing
🎥 the twilight series
🎥 virgin suicides
🎥 amelié
🎥 it's a wonderful life
🎥 the before trilogy
🎥 chungking express
🎥 lost in translation
🎥 love actually
🎥 the parent trap
🎥 step up series
🎥 anything cheetah girls, lizzie mcguire, bratz, and barbie
🎥 orphan
🎥 400 blows
🎥 the social network
🎥 rocky
🎥 akira
🎥 the santa clause movies
🎥 a handful of netflix psychological thriller/horrors such as hush
🎥 breakfast at tiffany’s
🎥 heathers
🎥 coraline
🎥 the nanny diaries
🎥 clueless
🎥 beetlejuice
🎥 interstellar
🎥 midsommar
🎥 corpse bride
🎥 shutter island
🎥 joker
🎥 the bridget jones series
🎥 gone girl
🎥 silence of the lambs
🎥 the prestige
🎥 the pursuit of happyness
🎥 just friends
🎥 the martian
🎥 the notebook
🎥 good will hunting
🎥 jennifer's body
🎥 kuch kuch hota hai
🎥 the dark knight (dc in general; excited for the batman)
🎥 iron man (mcu in general; excited for the new spider-man)
🎥 american psycho
🎥 the karate kid series
🎥 silver linings playbook
🎥 anastasia (dreamworks)
🎥 suspiria
🎥 shawshank redemption
🎥 fight club
🎥 mr. and mrs. smith
🎥 the lorax
🎥 the secret life of walter mitty
🎥 inglorious basterds
🎥 les miserables
🎥 freedom writers
🎥 nightmare before christmas
🎥 superbad
🎥 goodfellas
🎥 a bronx tale
🎥 mississippi masala
🎥 transformers series
🎥 fast & furious series
🎥 men in black series
🎥 inception
🎥 kill bill
🎥 parasite
🎥 college road trip
🎥 little manhattan
🎥 sundays at tiffany's
🎥 fantastic mr. fox
🎥 remember the titans
🎥 space jam
🎥 the blind side
🎥 trainspotting
🎥 moonlight
🎥 fruitvale station
🎥 la la land
🎥 juno
🎥 the great debaters
🎥 knives out
🎥 the notebook
🎥 the wolf of wall st
🎥 her
🎥 perks of being a wallflower
🎥 the harry potter series
🎥 the scream series
🎥 the strangers
🎥 home alone 2
🎥 saving private ryan
🎥 a handful of anime movies including studio ghibli & satoshi kon like mentioned. most notably: your name, millennium actress, perfect blue, i want to eat your pancreas, kiki’s delivery service, my neighbor totoro, howl's moving castle, spirited away, nausicaa of the valley of the sea, whisper of the heart, and ponyo.
🎥 a handful of disney movies. most notably: ratatouille, up, tangled, hunchback of notre dame, tarzan, hercules, the princess & the frog, aladdin, mulan, frozen, atlantis, treasure island, enchanted, soul, coco, luca, brave, inside out, moana, monsters inc., toy story, wall-e, turning red. Disney channel movies like hsm & camp rock & sky high are up there as well purely for nostalgia's sake, as well as the CLASSIC halloweentown series that i adore; also like what Disney is doing representation wise w/ films like Luca (animation) & Spin! (live action)
🎥 monte carlo
🎥 her
🎥 prince of egypt
🎥 snowpiercer
🎥 road to el dorado
🎥 promising young woman
🎥 the whole truth
🎥 beyond the lights
🎥 slumdog millionaire
🎥 om shanti om
🎥 funny face
🎥 nacho libre
🎥 the matrix
🎥 midsommar
🎥 bridge to terabithia
🎥 but i'm a cheerleader
🎥 the grand budapest hotel
🎥 chennai express
🎥 spider-man: into the spiderverse
🎥 spider-man: no way home
🎥 10 things i hate about you
🎥 the suicide squad movies
🎥 pretty in pink
🎥 dune
🎥 the batman (2022), phenomenal
🎥 the call (korean)
🎥 monster house
🎥 bandersnatch (black mirror)
🎥 insidious series
there may be a handful im missing but my filmbro popped out i just rly love movies


this list starts and ends with criminal minds tbh

★ avatar: the last airbender !!!!!
★ midnight gospel
★ anything that was on disney channel, nickelodeon, and cartoon network in the 90s-2010s (especially 2000s/2010s disney, 2010s nick & cn), and pbs tbh. most notably: wizards of waverly place, hannah montana, that’s so raven, proud family, lizzie mcguire, even stevens, drake & josh, icarly, victorious, spongebob squarepants, h2o: just add water, courage the cowardly dog, the misadventures of flapjack, chowder, MAD, anything on toonami or adult swim, but also kiddie shit like arthur, between the lions, ruff w ruffruffman, and sesame street got me thru it. also other older shows such as winx club and totally spies, all of this + online games + nintendo hard carried my Growing Up Era. i miss the media vehemently
★ law & order svu
★ the simpsons
★ full house
★ the fresh prince of bel air
★ moesha
★ boy meets world
★ the boondocks
★ bojack horseman
★ new girl
★ daria
★ reba (listen as a brown girl born n raised in the city i was v weirdly interested, and i have 2b honest! right?....... haha)
★ that 70s show
★ a chunk of anime from cowboy bebop to attack on titan to hunterxhunter to naruto to sailor moon to nana to jujutsu kaisen to michiko to hatchin to kaichou wa maid sama to komi can't communicate, so on and so forth
★ a chunk of netflix shows, from elite to when they see us to squid game to never have i ever to stranger things to you to squid game to umbrella academy
★ pretty little liars
★ skins uk (the best! s1, 2, 3, 4)
★ old degrassi
★ euphoria
★ the office
★ gossip girl
★ how to get away with murder
★ the purge tv show
★ gilmore girls
★ x-files
★ skam (norway)
★ fleabag
★ the walking dead
★ lost
★ the queen's gambit
★ black mirror
★ anything true crime
★ note: i was somewhat of a gilmore girls, dawson's creek, the o.c., pretty little liars, one tree hill, vampire diaries gal but from the sidelines, fan of some more than others

there’s more/better quality of faves that i need to think of to fix this list

currently planning to watch: breaking bad, lost, the walking dead, the end of the fucking world


so much so much so much i wish i had recorded better as a kid + fulltime bookworm

✏ the power of now
✏ ender’s game
✏ warrior cats
✏ anything rick riordan
✏ anything jk rowling
✏ the great gatsby
✏ the giver
✏ the outsiders
✏ the hunger games series
✏ the book thief
✏ the chronicles of narnia
✏ a series of unfortunate events
✏ the kiterunner
✏ the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
✏ women, race, and class
✏ animal farm
✏ manga, especially junji ito
✏ sylvia plath minus racism, virginia woolf, jane austen, emily bronte, and richard siken anything

… to be updated once i use my noggin as this is a bit outdated.


epic ppl who get it . i adore u

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Ohhhh absolutely! 💕🕸 Always feel free to reach out. I’m sending you love & good vibes your way

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