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"chilling 4ever (or really, really attempting to)"

21 ~ 5'5 ~ eng ~ she/her ~ chronically online since '09

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dabbling stuff

• reading and writing
• music
• psychology, and typology (check me out on pdb, as interesting… as the site is: --> OPS-Ni savior IEI 6w5 sp/so 692 beta quadra CT SeTi/TiSe INFJ is my educated typology guess for myself)
• skincare and biohacking through nutrition understanding
• art
• linguistics (add me on duolingo!
• fashion
• comedy
• asmr
• film
• meditation
• history (especially of the routes of: europe, asia, and africa)
• martial arts
• philosophy
• cooking
• dance
• yoga
• figuring life out, and showing it to others


music is a major interest of mine eternally.

i like to sing and play the violin. i want to get better at the piano, the violin, and learn to mix.

most genres are cool and i’m always open to recommendations. i am not specific, but i like to traverse through time.

some favorite, mostly well known artists include:
radiohead, the marias, michael jackson, stevie wonder, beyoncé, cocteau twins, paramore, ariana grande, kendrick lamar, pink floyd, avril lavigne, lil peep, björk, my bloody valentine, regina spektor, beabadoobee, joy crookes, tori kelly, brent faiyaz, lamp, $uicideboy$, aphex twin, mitski, joe hisaishi, aretha franklin, kate bush, death grips, cigarettes after sex, kali uchis, poison girlfriend, mazzy star, mariah carey, her's, billie holiday, lykke li, marvin gaye, aaliyah, miki matsubara, childish gambino, joanna newsom, penelope scott, marina & the diamonds, fiona apple, the cure, raveena, whitney houston, drake, jeff buckley, the neighborhood, usher, clairo, destiny's child, natalia lafourcade, deftones, earl sweatshirt, nirvana, machine girl, imogen heap, sade, lauryn hill, lovejoy, pharrell williams, hans zimmer, erykah badu, mac miller, lily chou-chou, pinkpantheress, the internet, thundercat, toby fox, frank sinatra, faye wong, nas, bôa, men i trust, laufey, jhene aiko, tv girl, green day, pierce the veil, the beatles, beach house, lorde, steve lacy, partynextdoor, teedrah moses, ethel cain, joji, rihanna, mf doom, lana del rey, kanye west, arctic monkeys, billie eilish, mac demarco, the notorious b.i.g., frank ocean, my chemical romance, wu-tang clan, and tyler, the creator.

some kpop favorites include girls' generation, twice, newjeans, aespa, bts, f(x), blackpink, wonder girls, hyuna, bigbang, 9muses, tvxq, kara, girl's day, tiger jk & yoon mirae, aoa, boA, got7, seo taiji and boys, 2ne1, iu, red velvet, and dean. my jpop favorite is babymetal.

i'm very into classical music as well, it's my favorite to play and explore.

follow me on spotify in my links section below :)


im a film freak so throughout life i have watched a lot, hence the long list, and i continue to deepen my knowledge on film by watching as a pastime. i appreciate well shot cinema and the nitty gritty of how screenwriting and actual film, works. i prefer to understand the messages for how they are aligned to my understanding of life and my path. i'm going to clean this up eventually and probably make a letterboxd. FAV GENRE: psych. thriller, horror, existential, romantic, and comedy

🎥 love studio ghibli, satoshi kon, and disney movies
🎥 love movies in any language
favorites include:

🎥 the godfather series
🎥 the purge series
🎥 train to busan
🎥 black swan
🎥 beethoven movies
🎥 the matrix
🎥 seven
🎥 nightmare on elm street
🎥 legally blonde
🎥 mean girls
🎥 it's a boy girl thing
🎥 the twilight series
🎥 virgin suicides
🎥 amelié
🎥 cure (jpn)
🎥 it's a wonderful life
🎥 the before trilogy
🎥 in the mood for love
🎥 taxi driver
🎥 lost in translation
🎥 love actually
🎥 the parent trap
🎥 step up series
🎥 the truman show
🎥 anything cheetah girls, lizzie mcguire, bratz, and barbie
🎥 orphan
🎥 400 blows
🎥 the social network
🎥 rocky
🎥 akira
🎥 the santa clause movies
🎥 a handful of netflix psychological thriller/horrors such as hush
🎥 breakfast at tiffany’s
🎥 heathers
🎥 coraline
🎥 the nanny diaries
🎥 clueless
🎥 beetlejuice
🎥 interstellar
🎥 midsommar
🎥 corpse bride
🎥 shutter island
🎥 joker
🎥 the bridget jones series
🎥 gone girl
🎥 silence of the lambs
🎥 the prestige
🎥 the pursuit of happyness
🎥 just friends
🎥 the martian
🎥 the notebook
🎥 good will hunting
🎥 jennifer's body
🎥 kuch kuch hota hai
🎥 the dark knight (dc in general; excited for the batman)
🎥 iron man (mcu in general; excited for the new spider-man)
🎥 american psycho
🎥 the karate kid series
🎥 silver linings playbook
🎥 anastasia (dreamworks)
🎥 suspiria
🎥 shawshank redemption
🎥 fight club
🎥 mr. and mrs. smith
🎥 the lorax
🎥 the secret life of walter mitty
🎥 inglorious basterds
🎥 les miserables
🎥 freedom writers
🎥 nightmare before christmas
🎥 superbad
🎥 goodfellas
🎥 a bronx tale
🎥 mississippi masala
🎥 transformers series
🎥 fast & furious series
🎥 men in black series
🎥 inception
🎥 kill bill
🎥 parasite
🎥 college road trip
🎥 little manhattan
🎥 sundays at tiffany's
🎥 fantastic mr. fox
🎥 remember the titans
🎥 space jam
🎥 the blind side
🎥 trainspotting
🎥 moonlight
🎥 fruitvale station
🎥 la la land
🎥 juno
🎥 the great debaters
🎥 knives out
🎥 the notebook
🎥 the wolf of wall st
🎥 perks of being a wallflower
🎥 the harry potter series
🎥 the scream series
🎥 the strangers
🎥 home alone 2
🎥 saving private ryan
🎥 a handful of anime movies including studio ghibli & satoshi kon like mentioned. most notably: your name, millennium actress, perfect blue, i want to eat your pancreas, kiki’s delivery service, my neighbor totoro, howl's moving castle, spirited away, nausicaa of the valley of the sea, whisper of the heart, and ponyo.
🎥 a handful of disney movies. most notably: ratatouille (the GOAT), up, tangled, hunchback of notre dame, tarzan, hercules, the princess & the frog, aladdin, mulan, frozen, atlantis, treasure island, enchanted, soul, coco, luca, brave, inside out, moana, monsters inc., toy story, wall-e, turning red. Disney channel movies like hsm & camp rock & sky high are up there as well purely for nostalgia's sake, as well as the CLASSIC halloweentown series that i adore; also like what Disney is doing representation wise w/ films like Luca (animation) & Spin! (live action)
🎥 monte carlo
🎥 her
🎥 prince of egypt
🎥 snowpiercer
🎥 road to el dorado
🎥 promising young woman
🎥 the whole truth
🎥 slumdog millionaire
🎥 om shanti om
🎥 funny face
🎥 bridge to terabithia
🎥 but i'm a cheerleader
🎥 the grand budapest hotel
🎥 chennai express
🎥 spider-man: into the spiderverse
🎥 spider-man: no way home
🎥 10 things i hate about you
🎥 the suicide squad movies
🎥 pretty in pink
🎥 dune
🎥 the batman (2022), phenomenal
🎥 the call (korean)
🎥 monster house
🎥 bandersnatch (black mirror)
🎥 insidious series
i just rly love movies, i'll narrow this down eventually


this list starts and ends with criminal minds tbqh!!

★ avatar: the last airbender !!!!!
★ midnight gospel
★ skins uk (the best! s1, 2, 3, 4)
★ mtv's downtown
★ anything that was on disney channel, nickelodeon, and cartoon network in the 90s-2010s (especially 2000s/2010s disney, 2010s nick & cn), and pbs tbh. most notably: wizards of waverly place, hannah montana, that’s so raven, proud family, lizzie mcguire, even stevens, drake & josh, icarly, victorious, spongebob squarepants, h2o: just add water, courage the cowardly dog!!!!, the misadventures of flapjack, ADVENTURE TIME!!!, chowder, MAD, anything on toonami or adult swim, but also kiddie shit like arthur, between the lions, ruff w ruffruffman, and sesame street got me thru it. also other older shows such as winx club and totally spies, all of this + online games + nintendo hard carried my Growing Up Era. i miss the media vehemently
★ law & order svu
★ the simpsons
★ full house
★ the fresh prince of bel air
★ boy meets world
★ the boondocks
★ bojack horseman
★ new girl
★ south park
★ daria
★ reba (listen as a brown girl born n raised in the city i was v weirdly interested, and i have 2b honest! right?....... haha)
★ that 70s show
★ a chunk of anime: death note, neon genesis evangelion, nana, cowboy bebop, attack on titan, hunterxhunter, naruto, sailor moon, kaichou wa maid sama, pokemon, kimi ni todoke
★ a chunk of netflix shows: black mirror, stranger things, the queen's gambit, when they see us, umbrella academy
★ pretty little liars
★ old degrassi
★ euphoria
★ the office
★ how to get away with murder
★ the purge tv show
★ x-files
★ skam (norway)
★ fleabag
★ the walking dead
★ anything true crime
★ note: i was somewhat of a gilmore girls, dawson's creek, the o.c., one tree hill, vampire diaries gal but from the sidelines, fan of some more than others

there’s more/better quality of faves that i need to think of to fix this list

currently planning to watch/continue: freaks & geeks, gleipnir, community, and breaking bad


before anything, i am described as a bookworm

✏ the power of now
✏ ender’s game
✏ warrior cats
✏ anything rick riordan
✏ man's search for meaning
✏ gone girl
✏ the great gatsby
✏ the giver
✏ the outsiders
✏ the hunger games series
✏ the book thief
✏ the chronicles of narnia
✏ a series of unfortunate events
✏ the kiterunner
✏ the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
✏ no longer human
✏ animal farm
✏ manga, especially junji ito
✏ jane austen, emily bronte, and anais niin
✏ richard siken anything
✏ vogue issues ;)

follow me on goodreads in my links section below :) this will eventually be updated


my parents
nausicaa (nausicaa of the valley of the wind)
uncle iroh (atla)
batman and spiderman
kendrick lamar
viktor frankl and gabor mate
and non-humanly, always God

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About me:

Apollo Class hi! im lamb. i am a south asian american, muslim woman of 21 years, your resident broken record of a life guide. i always aim to be charismatic, chameleonic, consistent, beautiful inside and out, and a sagacious thinker. at times, i admittedly miss the mark, but it is according to you whether i meet the "standard".

in the future, my skills would be best used as a (hypno?)therapist and researcher; eventually channeling my isomorphic observations into permanent mediums of communication - through art and academia. i want you all to remember this: the meaning of life, across time as the data collects, is fulfillment for the individual life. through this, we can understand time as well as its absence, we have understood not only the essence, but the grand span of history and what is yet to come.

this page is for what to direct some to, when they ask for a(n immature) "site/media" of mine, since i am out of my tumblr era for years now. so, here is some shit i think is cool.

I DON'T BITE so please feel free to talk to me anytime, and dm me for my discord! if you are under 18, please proceed with discretion on the internet overall, but you are free to interact with me. i'll always be aware of your age and what it means for your safety first and foremost. for your own comfort, feel free to heed caution from interaction at a certain level, such as DMs.

p.s. the only other information i can think of to add is that i am neurodivergent, i've been psychologically acknowledged as having ADHD.

2:22 * ラム sees 生きがい ✿
"The Earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand."
“No matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.”
-- Castle In The Sky

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Who I'd like to meet:

my boyfriend
internet besties of all kinds; i'm an ally to you if you're chill ^.^
moomin and co.
sanrio characters
sonny's angels
animal crossing characters
friedrich nietzsche
and most importantly of course. your mother.

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Cool profile!

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hi tysm for the add!!

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i forgor to respond to this - thank you sm for taking me up on communication!! <3 you're lovely

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angellic ardoure

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You've got some out of this world vibezz! Tysm for the request star-darling- would Love to do an astrology reading for you some time, I'm sensing a big shift for you at this time.

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thank you so much love!! i'd love to connect for that soon, will def let u know if/when it's possible to take u up on that on ur page <3

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HOLY SHIT THAT IS THE LAYOUT!!!!! Where did you get it???? Thanks for the add, you'll get a lifetime supply of swiss cheese (eventually)

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hello!!! this is made by a user named tilapia but i forget the exact details, i'll try to find. thank you so much though! (all credits to them!). it's nice to meet you, cool country

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♬ ♫ ♪ Hi! And welcome Here too! My page also has my own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to my YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music etc... My Spotify is ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ Thanx!

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thanks friend!

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♬ ♫ ♪ Yr welcome! Good Luck to you! (◕‿◕)

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♫♪ Hello! Nice to see you here! Our page has our own original Music Tracks/Vids, Links to our YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music etc... Our Spotify is ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ Thank You

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cool, will check it out sometime!

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♫♪ Thanks a lot! Enjoy your week! 🌷 ✿(◠‿◠)✿ 🌷

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Thanks for accepting my friend request! As someone who also speaks in paragraphs, I could relate to the absolute clutter that is the interests page (you listed Midsommar and The Matrix twice). I figured you seemed like someone I could have interesting conversations with.

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of course! you understand, thank you for giving it a genuine look in the first place. i appreciate that so much .. lmao my mistakes are just.. but yeah, we will definitely have interesting conversations when time allows - hit me up anytime!

by lamb Ꮚᵔꈊ’Ꮚෆ 💙𑁍; ; Report

NT ☆

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new friends 
thank you for the request
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page. 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💞

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thanks so much sha!! <3 sending positive energy right back at you :)

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Thanks for the add, ur vibe and style are amazing!

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of course, i did so because YOUR style and vibe are amazing <3 thank you sm and pls feel free to chat anytime!!

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beautiful layout!! love the vibes here and you seem like such a cool person!

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thank you!!! i adore your profile and picture, and you seem amazing :) pls feel free to hmu anytime

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dude your blog looks so cool!!!

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thank youuu!!! C:

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XJ Luna

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Your profile is so cool!

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thank you so much love!! (all creds first to the html gods who create such themes 🙏🏽) i love yours as well, it's dope

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your theme is sick :0 we actually have a lot of music in common! i love people who listen to both pop and more ''underground'' stuff, tbh i dont trust ppl who hate all pop music LOL

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thank you so much!!! yes we sure do, and i totally agree lmao... like let's be honest here. pls chat w me anytime, we can talk about music and anything else <3

by lamb Ꮚᵔꈊ’Ꮚෆ 💙𑁍; ; Report

Brynner Baccino

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ur profile is so clean and sleek! I love it!! we do have alot of interests in common!!

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thank youu, we sure do! let's chat sometime :)

by lamb Ꮚᵔꈊ’Ꮚෆ 💙𑁍; ; Report

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💕 💞

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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Wacky Alex

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Happy Holidays!
Need some wacky (x)mas music?

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Ohhhh absolutely! 💕🕸 Always feel free to reach out. I’m sending you love & good vibes your way

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♡ bambi ♡

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i need to add more to my profile like u did, i luv ur page. once i find my switch we should play animal crossing lol hiii

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Thanks so much for the add! 💕🕸

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