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changes unexpectedly but rotates often. i enjoy splatoon, disco elysium, team fortress 2, madoka magica, reverse 1999, insects, comparative anatomy, animals, coleoids, magical girl raising project, rage comics, garfield, n25 project sekai, costume quest, castle crashers, portal, don't starve, yiik, drawing, the Office.... sometimes i check back in with identity v. that's all i can think about for now :)

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pretty much anything. i learn about different songs through soundcloud ONLY. into alternative rock mostly. not sure exactly what i enjoy in music but screamo and hiphop and anything pop is fun. i dont listen to country but ive heard there are pretty good songs to listen to. Insane Clown Posse is good too. ive been listening to LSD & the Search for God a lot lately. will listen to splatoon music for ten hours. Sea Power is good! i used to be a Glass Animals fan. i would recommend them for those that like pop songs with interesting stories. Cosmo Sheldrake's Wake up Calls is really good.... and quite sad and beautiful when you learn why it was made... it is good... i also enjoy Greer but not as much as i used to. still very nice either way. Weyes Blood, Hemlocke Springs, Steve Lacy, The Pharcyde, No More Lullabies, and really anything else i can find. also, check out Emmanuel Jal's music!

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i dont watch movies often. unless you count youtube. then i watch youtubes every other day. i liked Sixth Sense, Carrie (1976), Paranorman, Asteroid City, The Lego Movie.... there's nothing i really gravitate to when it comes to films or tv. The Truman Show, Twilight, Emesis Blue, and Harvey!!!! :D

i dont really remember any movie i probably like. i do not like watching movies often because i cannot be bothered. unless it's on youtube or some website. i usually dont watch otherwise. also i watched Saw recently it was really good but not as scary as i thought it would be (got anxious during kidnapping scene anyways). ReAnimator was great too however the writers did the girlfriend dirty im sorry but i support Herbet West unconditionally

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Community :D. invader zim, invincible, erased, the amazing digital circus, alien stage, nyan neko sugar girls

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i used to like Dawn of the Clans when i was young. and the Sailor Moon manga. i dont really read! but i really liked Station Eleven. it is very good, the writing style is easy to get into. nonfiction books about political/economic philosophy are good, but im slow reading and understanding them. pretty much anything about anatomy and physiology (kinda been obsessing w reading on that lately actually). anything biology is fun when it relates to health science and how organisms work. i also read anything about insects :). i used to like Homestuck if that counts (nepeta and some other characters are still cute to me). Going Postal, Men at Arms (Terry Pratchett)


i dont know

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About me:

Reverse 1999 Eagle

18, male - he/him

i dont talk on this site as much as i use to but i'll probably write entire emails anyways. grins :D

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layout by poppyp

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Who I'd like to meet:

anyone willing to talk. even if we dont share interests i will probably read and respond to your bulletins. i go on the forums occasionally. it would be nice to meet other people thatre my age or much older. i might decline if youre like way younger than me (even if i think you seem cool, sorry :c !)

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What Flavour Are You? I taste a bit like Almonds.I taste a bit like Almonds.

Mmm, the taste of almonds - anathema to many with nut allergies, and a bad sign for many more, as my taste is not unlike that of cyanide. Am I good or am I poison? A risky thing to guess about. What Flavour Are You?
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i lovr sakaki azumanga daioh i was obsessed with the manga as a child. unfortunately if you talk to me i will not shut up

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may's breeze

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when u find that profile with the best vibes on spacehey

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this is a compliment of the highest honor... thank youu :D..!!! i smiled a lot and ran around a bit after reading this LOL
hope you have a nice day!

by animals; ; Report

sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

you are so kind, thank you so much!!
i hope you've had a great week - i really appreciate you!!

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aww thank you :D!! wish you a nice week as well!

by animals; ; Report


minesweepooper's profile picture

actually the cooleest person on spacehey 💪💪!!

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omg thank you XD i love talking to peeps on spacehey and it's always a blast to talk to you about little things n your ocs. you always got some creative thing going on (and i can never seem to stress that enough whenever you do something new honestly!)

so basically i second that, but to you in return B)

by animals; ; Report


angelmon's profile picture


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tysm ^o^ X) !!!

by animals; ; Report


Kathleen's profile picture

wow, thank you so much. i was reading your profile and i'm like 'whoa, this person actually reads stuff, WE MUST BE FRIENDS'.

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ahhhhhhh hahah that's awesome!!! thank you again for adding back, you seemed really awesome too and i had to friend request!! have a nice night :D

by animals; ; Report


Bambi's profile picture

Dope Louis Wain stamp, dope tf2 stamps & pics. Thanks for accepting my addddd! :D

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yeasss no problem B) :D!!

by animals; ; Report

NT ☆

NT ☆'s profile picture

new friends 
thank you for the request
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page. 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💞

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thanks, you too! happy new year :D

by animals; ; Report

Happy New Year to you also :)

by NT ☆; ; Report

boone λ (#1 Charles Smith fan)

boone λ (#1 Charles Smith...'s profile picture


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no problem feetman have an awesome night/day/evil afternoon

by animals; ; Report


chuuwrldz's profile picture

love ur page! u seem cool

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thanks you seem epic too :D!!! have a nice day/night!!!

by animals; ; Report


rai-rai 😎's profile picture

Heyyy! Watcha doin' rn? Love the myspace colour scheme.

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i was outside hanging with my dog; it was super chilly and windy! im back in the house now though and im tinkering with my profile :) how about you? and thanks for the add!

by animals; ; Report

i luv ur layoiut. where did u get it?

by rai-rai ; ; Report

say hi to u dog for me lmfao. U seem cool. I'm just browsing spacehey.

by rai-rai ; ; Report

my layout's from poppyp! here's a link to the layout, it's the Spacehey 2.0 Gloss one :D and i will tell my dog you said hi haha, she loves people.

by animals; ; Report

wait sorry it's the Matte one! i guess i didnt update the link in my profile oops......... i will have to adjust that! same author, different layout (Spacehey 2.0 MATTE, not gloss. oops!!!!)

by animals; ; Report

tysm! Omg I like Amy Winehouse? My fave is stronger than me. Or "what is it about men"

by rai-rai ; ; Report

no problem!! i like amy winehouse too (been getting into her more recently), tears dry on their own is my fave so far, especially since my mom used to play it a LOT (and she loves amy winehouse) so there's extra sentimental value. her works are great, it's nice we get to listen to it to this day despite her unfortunate passing... hope you get to enjoy the layout, i know i love it a lot (i switched to gloss but missed the matte layout so much i switched back, hence me accidentally leaving gloss linked :P )

by animals; ; Report

awwww! Yes I will miss Amy ! I'm glad u find sentiment in her. My friend introduced me to her music. I love it so much. Her debut album is my fave!

by rai-rai ; ; Report


charlie☆'s profile picture

omg an alien stage fan?

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yesss my fave is sua :D you into it too?

by animals; ; Report

yeah I've been into it since the start, I'm a big vivinos fan :D

by charlie☆; ; Report

that's so awesome though i love seeing other vivinos fans out there. any fav videos? i love pink btch club in general but the one that stuck with me the most has to be Beloved. it is so sad. have a nice night/afternoon!

by animals; ; Report

my favourite is probably suki suki daisuki because it was the first one I saw, beloved is amazing as well

by charlie☆; ; Report


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ello hi u seem cool

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thanks for adding back! you seem epic too :D

by animals; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

Right now we're playing the wackiest HOLIDAY mix ever! Check it out!

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