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drawing, manga, music, goth and punk, all art, gastropods, media icebergs, the internet, old technology, wikipedia, digicams, the universe, the sea, gothic themes, museums, absurdism & existentialism, philosophy, history, science and arts, ideologies and political theory, vintage things, animation, poetry, the 80's, and a lot of other things
i love yotsuba to so much you dont have an idea of how much it means to me



i love music ♫⃠
i listen to:

post punk, dark wave, new wave, alt rock, mpb, progressive rock, bossa nova, grindcore, permanent wave, garage rock, riot grrrl, outsider music, hardcore punk, reggae, gothic rock, shoegaze, classical music, noise, internetwave, classical rock, punk rock and others :)

some artists:

the smiths (1# morrissey hater), joy division, the cure, lebanon hanover, molchat doma, legiao urbana, radiohead, raul seixas, jack stauber, misfits, bikini kill, queen, siouxsie and the banshees, gritando hc, manu chao, tears for fears, ratos de porao, bauhaus, scary b_, talking heads, natiruts, the buttertones, plastique noir, charlie brown jr, gorillaz, kino, reu e condenado, boa, planta e raiz, ramones, the strokes, pink floyd, chico buarque, ratas rabiosas, pixies, destroy boys, dazey and the scouts, o rappa, nirvana, lamp, juventude maldita, etc


dracula 1931, mitchells vs. the machines, kikis delivery service, coraline.... i dont watch much


i used to watch a lot, cartoon network was my life.... i miss simpler days
over the garden wall (!!!!!my favorite), clarence, regular show and adventure time
anime: eizouken; bocchi the rock; hunter x hunter; saiki kusuo no Ψ-nan; mob psycho 100; fullmetal alchemist brotherhood; id invaded; death note; sora yori mo tooi basho


i read lots of manga everyday, some of my favs:
yotsuba to; vinland saga; shiori experience; dr. stone; azumanga daioh; blue period; nichijou; witch hat atelier; chainsaw man; bocchi the rock; tokyo alien bros; school back; kumicho musume to sewagakari; soul eater; witch watch; hikaru ga shinda natsu; sousou no frieren; ojisama to neko; kimi wa houkago insomnia; shimanami tasogari; zeikin de katta hon; mairimashita iruma; boys run the riot; sayonara zetsubou sensei; hirayasumi; haikyuu; gachiakuta; uramichi oniisan; barakamon;

not only manga, i somethimes read "actual books", but they are often poetry.
when i was a kid i liked diary of a wimpy kid, revista recreio, and the national geographic magazines my school library had.
right now im studying leftist theory but im taking my time, and im reading "in praise of folly" - erasmus of rotterdam
my favorite writer is fernando pessoa, i really really love him and all of his heterononyms, alberto caeiro being my favorite :) i like franz kafka too


my heroes are: yotsuba koiwai, raul seixas, fernando pessoa, siouxsie sioux, kathleen hanna, robert smith, jack stauber and everyone reading this

death to all those who stands in the way of freedom for working people !

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About me:

welcome :)   
i love everything a lot

inactive because my computer broke! soon ill be back !!
(my photo is fernando pessoa)

born to surf the internet, see some art and become one with nature

patetic cringeworthy failgirl o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o
lesbian vampyre from outer space

read pinned posts for more info

i like the path to go to school because its 50 minutes of the bus passing along the entire shore and its always beautiful, and when i get off the bus i can see the beach on the horizon and the fountain in front and i can smell the sea, and when im walking around the block i see people walking their dogs and i stop to pet them, and then i walk into my school knowing a amazing day is what waits me

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

i skate frequently and i used to surf, but i stopped because of high school - i dont have that much time to go to the beach
when i grow up, i want to study philosopy or history at a university, or be a baker. the noise hurts my ears, i want to live on a calm and paceful place
i wish to be myself openly one day
im just your local goth critter :^]

"Because the only hidden meaning of things
Is that they have no hidden meaning at all,
It’s stranger than every strangeness
And the dreams of all the poets
And the thoughts of all the philosophers,
That things are really what they seem to be
And there’s nothing to understand.

Yes, this is what my senses alone have learned:—
Things don’t have significance: they only have existence.
Things are the only hidden meaning of things."

- alberto caeiro (the keeper of flocks)

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Who I'd like to meet:

goths, deities, punks and vampires

being polite is totally punk !
thank you for visiting my page, i wish you eternal happiness. now you live in my heart

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k's profile picture

thanks for accepting my request. based politics, i really like pessoa too

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thank you!
i can say the same to you, your page is really cool, great music and general interests
pessoa is my favorite

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


☆ ASTROPHEL !! ☆'s profile picture

-- Astrophel!! 💙💫

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thank you so much! i love your page !! have a nice day!!! ♡

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


Erick‼'s profile picture

Thx 4 Add!! U look so cool... Ur profile is SO SICK!! i love it⭐

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Erick‼'s profile picture

Thx 4 Add!! U look so cool... Ur profile is SO SICK!! i love it⭐

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thanks yours too !!! =]

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


xXPixieDaNekoXx's profile picture

Muito obg por me add!!!

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eu que agradeço sua pagina é incrivel !!!

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

Ahhh obrigadaaa!! A su a é muito linda também!!

by xXPixieDaNekoXx; ; Report


Sánchez's profile picture

thanks for the add, ur profile is so pretty and u seem like such a cool person !!

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thanks!! you seem very cool as well, your interests are awesome!

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


kitkatanddog's profile picture

GASP I love your vibes, you seem so alive with wonder & joy /gen :o I also live near the beach (although not in brazil) so I found your description of your journey to school so vivid & lovely <3 always glad to find kindred spirits !! I look forward to being friends c:

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thank you so much! i can say the same to you! your page is beautiful and you are so sweet :)
i wish you an amazing day

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


☣ ; HORROR's profile picture

Omg seu perfil é muito muito bonito, super interessante, obgd pelo add ╰(*´︶`*)╯

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eu que agradeco! seus interesses sao incriveis e sua pagina é linda ˃ᴗ˂

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


Aibhse's profile picture

ty for the add, i love your layout and music taste!!

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thanks! i love yours as well !!

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


✧˖°'s profile picture

i think youre like the most interesting person ive ever seen (in a really awesome way) :3

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thank you so much means a lot to me :]
you seem so interesting as well i love your interests youre so cool !!

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

☭ Mar

☭ Mar 's profile picture

sick page!! :] might be the coolest layout I've seen

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thank you so much! i love your music taste :)

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


▄︻デr̷e̷i̷s̷══━一's profile picture


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by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

☆ Xx_ja3_xX ☆

☆ Xx_ja3_xX ☆'s profile picture

ur layout is so coolll !

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thanks yours too !!

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

thank uu !!

by ☆ Xx_ja3_xX ☆; ; Report


MISCHA's profile picture

hello cool goth critter!!!! nice page

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hello! thanks !! :D

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


ᛉΝικόλαςᛣ's profile picture

Oi moça boa noite eu achei seu perfil muito legal e maneiro
(desculpa se eu errei seu genero :s )

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ola obrigada tambem gostei muito do seu! (ta de boa voce acertou :>)

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


Laydamerfor's profile picture

MEU DEEEUSSS!! esse aqui eh o meu novo perfil favorito, de vdd ta muito lindinho. Sem contar que eu ADORO legião urbana, sem zueira, eu sei TODAS as musicas
Quando eu vi no seu perfil eu surtei de mais

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brigada!!! o seu perfil é uma gracinha adorei muito tudo tudo ♡ legiao é incrivel ! obrigada por me adicionar como amiga !

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

★ — SEIF

★ — SEIF's profile picture

woah u have so many blinkies & stamps how long did it take u to collect all of that??

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it was a long process of selection, many sleepless nights
i take them too serious

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

tbh slay, love the commitment

by ★ — SEIF; ; Report

the only time im organized tbh

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


atom-ash's profile picture

thanks fr adding me u seem super cool..... how did u do that cd player thing? i gotta know

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tysm ! i used this layout:

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report


CRAWLY's profile picture

Thank you for the req !! Your profile is beautiful gah. also extremely good music taste

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thanks, same to you! great music and layout :)

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

woodlouse ✰°.ೃ࿔*:・

woodlouse ✰°.ೃ࿔*:・'s profile picture

hii :DD i love love love ur profile and u have such cool interests!!

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hello! i love your profile as well ! its so relaxing in a way
your interests are so unique and cool you seem nice :)

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

aaah thank u sm!!

by woodlouse ✰°.ೃ࿔*:・; ; Report