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"Pondering the path of my feet."

author, poet, essayist, editor, poet-philosopher, minister

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God, nature, astronomy, space exploration, Zen, philosophy, outdoor adventures and exploration, reading, learning, time management, quality of life, gourmet cooking, my wife and family, beer, wine, Scotch Whiskey, Drambuie, Khalua, Thai food (especially curries), Indian curries, culture, our American Heritage, the U.S. Constitution, world and ancient history (especially Celtic and the British Isles, and the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures and empires).


Everything. Too many to list. Might undertake it later. Favorites: Industrial, NIИ, Hard modern rock, classic 60s-90s rock n roll, especially the late 60s and 70s bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Yes, Queen, Rush, Supertramp, and The Who to name a few.


Toy Story movies, LOTR movies, Star Trek movies, Matrix movies, other general comedies and adventures. Not a very big movie watcher. Too busy writing and enjoying the movies of my own head.


Never. I have not wasted my time on TV since 1992. Just totally lost interest in it as it did NOTHING for me. I'll occasionally watch a sports competition or movie with my wife, but that's it. I literally have probably watched no more than about 50 hours of TV in the past 30 years.


I live in my own library. I have 2500 physical books and booklets in my personal library. I have another 2000 digital books. I study and research everything I am interested in. Perhaps one day I will catalog my library.


Can't think of anything more heroic than giving oneself to redeem all mankind so that whosoever chooses to believe may receive; and the rest will find out that they also actually get more out of it than they thought.

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About me:

Hello all. I'm David Eric (D.E.) Navarro, an American author, poet, essayist and editor, and a poet-philosopher of the pure land school of haiku. I am also a clinical research medical writer and copy editor as well as a biblical research scholar and teacher. I moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2018 to finally settle down after 40 years of roaming around the globe (I describe myself whimsically as a wandering poet-philosopher). I hold a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (emphasis on arts and humanities) with Purdue University, and I also have degrees in Communications and Theology.

I was born in Newport R.I. in 1962, but my dad moved us to Chicago, Illinois by 1964, and I was raised in the inner city (Southside). At ten years old, my family moved to the woods and wilds of rural Crown Point, Indiana where I was free to enjoy nature, and to roam in fields of swaying grass and wooded copses rich with ponds and swamps. I call Chicago my "childhood home" and Crown Point my "boyhood home". My real formative years were spent in Crown Point.

In 1977 I moved to the suburbs of Munster, Indiana and after a few years went off to college at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana to study English and the writing arts.

I left college to enlist in the United States Air Force and served ten years in three conflicts. My first tour of duty was McChord AFB in Tacoma, Washington where I married, then with my wife we moved to RAF Alconbury in the United Kingdom for a second tour where I was part of the Air Raid on Tripoli. I completed a degree in Communications and Leadership, then moved to Patrick AFB in Satellite Beach, Florida where I was part of the Invasion of Panama and the First Gulf War.

I separated with an honorable discharge and entered a biblical studies program where I completed a degree in Theology with focus on biblical languages, texts, and translations. I served 35 years in the ministry as a biblical research teacher and minister, and continue to translate biblical texts and write research articles. I returned to school with Purdue University Global and completed a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies graduating summa cum laude. I plan to pursue a master's in arts and humanities and maybe a doctorate later.

In addition to being an author and poet, I've held a number of professional positions locally and with global companies. I've been a certified firefighter, first responder, superintendent of fleet repair and maintenance, CEO/CFO of a credit union, tech writer/editor internal controls at a global bank, NERC CIP corporate security analyst at a global power utility company, and most recently, a medical writer/editor with a clinical research company. I have a strong background in linguistic analysis and technical writing and editing. I have written poems in several languages and helped foreign language poets translate their work into English.

My love of poetry and the writing arts started at age 8. A collection of my poetry was first published in the 1980 Winter Issue of the Purdue Exponent Literary Edition and many of my poems, essays, and articles have been published in various magazines, venues, and journals ever since. I am the Founder of NavWorks Press and the Pure Land School of Haiku, and originator of the online We Write Poetry forums where I teach poetry and haiku and enjoy mentoring new poets and writers. I also did a series of in-person poetry workshops for the public library system in Tuscaloosa, Alabama from 2007-2010. I am very involved in a number of online poetry and haiku groups and communities on various social media.

Publications: A Tree Frog's Eyes: Haiku, 2020; In the Praise of His Glory, 2020; Archway to Beyond, 2019, Early Childhood Learning, 2019; This Is the Way, 2017; Dropping Ants into Poems, 2016; Dare to Soar, 2013.

Compilations: Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume 2, 2017; Between Life and Language: Pride in Poetry Volume 1, 2009.

Please visit my beautiful Website for a peaceful, soothing experience and to learn more about my work: .

Who I'd like to meet:

You, them, everyone. Especially everyone who would like to read the books I wrote.

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niya ♡

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hey new friend !
sending ☮️ & ️ all the way from VA .

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Awesome! Thank you friend. Peace, love, and goodwill to you too!

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Jeff's Word Search

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Thanks for request add.

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Glad to connect.

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Happy Friday, thanks for requesting me! :)

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Appreciate the add.

Best of success to you in 2022.

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💖 ✨

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Thanks for the love!

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Tanti Auguri per un Felicissimo Anno Nuovo🎆
Happy New Year 2022!

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Grazie. Magnifico. Avere il miglior anno di sempre.

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Skål-Cheers-Prost-Maisha marefu-Santé-Cin Cin
Na zdrowie-Sláinte-干杯 (gān bēi)-Salud
To a New Year of endless possibilities!

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Vegan Prepper

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I know it's impossible to choose favorites but In the Light by Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite songs ever also Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb as well.

You have an interesting profile.

I appreciate you giving so many interesting details about you, you seem like you are a person with deep convictions and philosophies. I am checking out your NavWorks website right now.

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Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy the website too.

by DE Navarro; ; Report

By the way, In the Light and Comfortably Numb are two of my favorite all time songs as well. Great choices. Have you ever seen the YouTube video of Gilmour doing Comfortably Numb live at Pompeii with the extended riffs? 9 minutes long!

by DE Navarro; ; Report

I probably have in the past but I looked it up again! Thank you for the suggestion.

by Vegan Prepper; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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Happy Holidays!

Need some wacky (x)mas music? ►

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Okay, thanks!

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JUST a wish that you receive your 💓's desire📜🎄

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Thank you!

May you get all the desires of your heart too!

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showing your page some love ^^ thanks for the add

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Appreciate it!

I need all the love I can get


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Hey ya, thanks for the add! Sorry for the delay, I was without internet for the day xD
Hope you going alright!

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Everything is great, thanks for connecting!

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Thanks for the add! And your profile looks amazing! :)

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Great to connect with you and thanks for enjoying my profile. I love simplicity and clarity and I'm also very influenced by all things Zen.

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Thanks for the love and the add. Great to meet you.

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Thank you for adding me good sir.

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Good day and best of success to you!

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Hello David, Thankyou for the add! I'll have to take a look at the books you have authored. I hope you have a great day!

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Thanks Patrick, nice to connect with you.

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Ramaj Eroc

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I'm not making this up right now. Your page is the most interesting page on SpaceHey, so far. I literally just read your entire profile, which I've never done! It's so much text, but I couldn't help but read it all. I feel like my profile is dangerously plain now. hah! I just want to say good work. Your life's story is pretty awesome! So much wisdom.

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Thanks so much. I'm greatly honored by you and your comments and that you took the time to read my profile (I'm a writer, so yes, a lot of text). But thanks again for the friendship and for your kind words.

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Thank You David.
Keep up the good work!
All the Best.
Ciao -.-

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Thanks Tess.

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BUY the ticket, take the ride! Hunter S. Thompson🛬

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Ciao David and thanks a lot for adding me! It's a pleasure to have you among my friends! Greetings from Italy!

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Thanks for the greetings, great to be connected!

by DE Navarro; ; Report