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england :(

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ANCIENT HISTORY (LATE ROMAN REPUBLIC SPECIAL INTEREST) !!! (just to clarify: tyrant killer + they should bring caesar back just so we can stab him again. nazis or fascists will not be tolerated.) - THE PHARSALIA !!! - open wound eroticism - narrative ghosts - publius clodius pulcher. augh. - graeco-roman mythology - catullus - sappho - ovid - old man roman senators - vampires - philosophy - vampires again - history in general - d&d - fromsoft games!! - hollow knight - storywriting


MCR !!!!! - bcnr - the oh hellos - jack stauber - the mountain goats - taking back sunday - against me! - fall out boy - brand new - mayday parade - waterparks - nin - palaye - rob zombie - ptv - joy division


STAR WARS !!!!! - horror movies - imperium augustus (if you have seen this marry me please. its so terrible i adore it) - julius caesar (1953) - star wars (again) - interstellar - the prestige - i don't watch many movies but i'm always up for recommendations!


TCW !!!!!! - rome (2003) (kinda) - dhmis - steven universe - into/across the spiderverse - boy swallows universe - domina


ANCIENT LIT !!! - catullus. please please please please - attis (my behated) - cicero's... anything, really - game of thrones - any roman biographies tbh - sw books !! - the gone series - the cicero trilogy - MASTERS OF ROME OH MY GOD - interview with the vampire - roman history books in general - greek plays (especially euripides) - chaos walking - marvel comics! - the epic cycle - no longer human - ascendancy trilogy

currently reading - crassus: the first tycoon by peter stothard


anyone who has ever wanted to stab julius caesar

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About me:

hi !! im rufus :] he/they, i love poetry and history and shitty music. catullus is my girlfriend. autistic + fairly socially inept sfgkdgjbfslbdsafs, if you want to talk send an im !!! :]]] i probably wont message first. i make so many blinkies oh no. if u r interested in poetry/ancient history/classics/archaeology at all please say hi !!!!!!!

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone !!! also those romans. (marcus caelius rufus i know you're not dead)

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hello friend ! thank you so much for the add c:
I love poetry !! I don't write a whole lot anymore but I believe that we're about to study it for school & am very excited for it. I look forward to reading your poetry & hearing about your love for ancient rome- I hope you will enjoy my work if I get around to writing any again!

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Thank you for accepting my request! Very neat profile and awesome interests :)

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no problem, thanks for requesting me!! your profile is so cool too- i love tes :]

by Rufus; ; Report


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you are fucking awesome

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still a dirty plebeian for not learning latin so L BOZO

by HistoryIsAwesomeSauce; ; Report

still a dirty plebeian for not learning latin so L BOZO

by HistoryIsAwesomeSauce; ; Report

MEAN 2 ME :((((( /lh m gonna tesch myself soon smh. and widjcjvjvjff you also !! awesome wgow !!!

by Rufus; ; Report

type normally please

by HistoryIsAwesomeSauce; ; Report

nah tipe nurmauliy plz mai friemnd plz

by HistoryIsAwesomeSauce; ; Report

Ekriss(โ ๋ˆˆโ โ€ธโ ๋ˆˆโ )๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ–ค

Ekriss(โ ๋ˆˆโ โ€ธโ ๋ˆˆโ )๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ–ค's profile picture

the historic references make my restless nights studying ACTUALLY worth it (โ โ˜†โ โ–ฝโ โ˜†โ )๐Ÿ‘

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AGRHFHF THANJY YOU IM GLAD !! (โ ๏พ‰โ โ—•โ ใƒฎโ โ—•โ )โ ๏พ‰โ *โ .โ โœง

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