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"I have kidnapped your attention and you can't stop me!"

27/F/USA Trans Girl from the MySpace Era

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Mood: Covering Chikuwa in random craft supplies

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Chiaki Oogaki's Interests


Primary Hobbies:
· Collecting Records & Cassettes
· Drinking Way Too Much Coffee
· Machine Sewing
 - Kenmore #1351 Cabinet Mount (1977)
· Playing Minecraft & Nintendo Switch
· Reading the Newspaper
· Typewriting
· Watching Anime

Tech Hobbies:
· Creating Retro Setups
· Interfacing Old Tech w/ New Systems
· Tech Restoration
· Using Virtual Machines
Biggest Dream: Purchase and restore an original NEC PC-98

Outdoors Hobbies:
· Camping and Hiking
· Photographing Historic Buildings

Writing Preferences:
Writing Styles
· Fanfiction (Mostly Anime)
· Historical Fiction
· Transgender-Oriented
Writing Platforms
· AO3 (recent)
Writing Methods
· LibreOffice & Google Docs
· IBM Wheelwriter 6 Series II Typewriter

My Preferred Typing Test:
Webster’s Secretarial Handbook 2nd Ed. (1981) - Ch. 5: Sec. 5.1: 1st Paragraph
A revolution in typewriting began in the 1930's with the availability of the Autotypist, a technological advancement which assisted the secretary in the production of routine form letters. The revolution manifested itself more dramatically in the mid 1960s when the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) introduced the Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter (MT/ST) - a typewriter coupled with recording media in the form of magnetic tape to facilitate the editing and correcting of copy, the storing and retrieving of information, and the overall increase of typewriting productivity, efficiency, and quality. The decade of the 1970s brought still further advancements and a large increase in the number of office equipment companies that manufacture devices to increase productivity at the secretarial work station. The 1980s have brought the computer into the secretarial arena: video display units whose function is the electronic display of typewritten material stored in a computer have in many offices become critical tools for secretarial, administrative, and data processing tasks.

Favorite Video Games:
Expect more here soon!

Recent Games:
What I've Been Playing Recently:
Steam:        Switch:


General Music Interests:
· Future Funk
· Classic Rock
· '80s Pop
· '80s-'90s Hip-Hop
· 2000's Top 40
· Nightcore
(Essentially a mixture of everything...)

Physical Collection:
· Records (LPs, 45s, 78s)
· Cassette Tapes
· 8-Track Tapes
· Minidiscs
(This is a CD Free Collection)

Primary Stereo System:
· '80s Onkyo Stereo Component Console
· Edifier S350DB 2.1 Channel Speakers
· Panasonic 8-Track Player

Other Listening Methods:
· Sony Walkman WM-F2061
· Victrola Parker Portable Turntable
· '70s GE Boombox

Radio Listening:
Mostly my local NPR affiliate, along with classic rock and oldies stations

Recently Played:
A few of my most recently spun records and rewound tapes


Expect more here soon!

Recent Movies:
What I've Recently Watched:
Fav Film:      Fav Anime Film:


Favorite TV Programs:
· CBS Sunday Morning
· CBS News 60 Minutes
· NBC Meet The Press
· PBS Washington Week

Classic Shows
· Murder, She Wrote
· The Joy of Painting
· Walker, Texas Ranger
· Adventure Time
· Courage the Cowardly Dog
· Daria
· Ed, Edd & Eddy
· Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
· The Powerpuff Girls
· Tom & Jerry
· Total Drama Island (2007)

Favorite Anime:
Expect more here soon!


Favorite Book Genres:
(And where to find me in the Library)
· Architecture
 - 720-721 725 727-729
· Astronomy
 - 520 522 525
· Biography
 - 921–928
· Commerce, Comm. and Transport
 - 383-384 387-389
· Computer Science
 - 000 003-005
· Engineering
 - 620-621 623-625
· History
 - 909 917 947 952 973-979
· Management and Public Relations
 - 650-653
· Photography, Film, and Art
 - 770-771 776-779
· Political Science
 - 320-321 323-324 327-328

Favorite Manga Genres:
Primary: Shōjo & Josei
· Adventure  · Dōjinshi  · Ecchi
· Historical Fiction  · Magical Girl
· Romance  · School  · Shōjo-ai
· Slice of Life  · Transgender  · Yuri

Recent Reads:
What I'm Currently Recommending
Fav Book:     Fav Manga:


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Chiaki Oogaki's Blurbs

About me:

Hello to all my friendos!
I'm Aki, a 27 year old American trans girl with an INFJ-T personality. Fair warning, once you become my close friend, you won't be able to get rid of me! (Not that you'd want to hopefully...)

I've spent a lifetime online, long enough to remember IRC, AIM/MSN, and MySpace when it actually looked like this. I used to be very active on social media, but after I just let popularity overtake me, a long hiatus brought me to smaller tight-knit sites like this. Almost like that's how the Internet is supposed to be used...

I've been quite the weeb since 2010, mainly watching slice-of-life shows that make me smile. I also love machine sewing, collecting records and tapes, and playing Minecraft for that creative outlet in me. A long-term hobby has been retro and vintage tech. Whether it's typewriters to radios to computers, I enjoy it all.

I plan to frequent this site when I'm not at work or busy with personal projects. I miss the friendships I had back in junior high and high school. It's much harder to make and keep friends at my age, so hopefully being here helps me get back to those days of online friends long ago.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who shares the same hobbies or interests!

The biggest lack of friends in my life is LGBTQ+ friends, especially trans friends. I'm new into my MTF journey and don't really have people to get advice from.

I prefer to have friends closer to my age, so I will exercise discretion when adding anyone younger than 17. I always check profiles for ages and pertinent info before adding. I also may opt not to add younger friends on chat platforms or respond to SpaceHey IMs from them. Don't feel bad if I decline your friend request or do not interact for this reason, as I'm looking out for the safety of all of us.

Places to Chat:

➤ SpaceHey IMs, Discord, or Matrix

I will be on here as much as I can, so please do engage my bulletins and blog posts! If we hit it off well, I'm open to in inviting you to DM on Matrix or Discord, where I'll respond much quicker than I do on here. Good friends only though!


My Stamp Collection:

Orientation Stamps

Only a crime in 69 countries as of Autumn 2022!

LGBTQ+ Stamps

Hobby Stamps

PC Tools Stamps

Anime & Manga Stamps

Fandom Stamps

Video Game Stamps

Other Stamps

My Blinkies:

Computer Blinkies

Food Blinkies

Gamer Blinkies

LGBTQ+/Orientation Blinkies

Movie & TV Show Blinkies

Patriotic Blinkies

Personality Blinkies

My 88×31 Buttons:

My favorite anime ever!


My Pokémon:

My Subpages:

Battlestation Specs
➤ Special credit to HTML genius friends Kira ★ & Lem.iso for base layout & special effects code.
➤ Apologies for slow load times! I'm really curious to see how much SpaceHey lets me put here...

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𝕜𝕚𝕣𝕒𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕖・゚✧'s profile picture

ty for accepting! obsessed with your profile, it's so fun ♡

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Thank you so much! I put a lot of work into it!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls

The Young Vulnerable Anim...'s profile picture

Hey, thank you for accepting our add request!

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From one anime fan to another, you're welcome!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


Leena's profile picture

Hi, Omg I love all the detail in your profile. My 8 year old got me into Minecraft a few years ago and I in turn wound up getting my husband into it. We have builds that we've been doing for years on a few of our maps. We also like to build puzzles for our son to solve, it's a lot of fun.

You have a favorite typing test? That's neat. I have favorite words, so I guess it's not that weird (^_^). Language is awesome!

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Minecraft really is a time-sink for me sometimes! I enjoy building in creative while listening to news or podcasts, and have a multi-year world that is absolutely massive.

My life around an older father and grandparents shows in many ways, with my preference for writing fanfiction and stories on a typewriter. Using older text for typing tests just adds to the fun!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


Austin's profile picture

Sent you a message/IM ^_^

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by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥's profile picture

ugh you are so cool! your interests section is so creative especially "where to find me in the library" like how did you come up with that :) would love to chat

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Thank you friend! As you can tell, I love just jamming waaay too much info on my profile. Feel free to message!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


Lewyn's profile picture

Thanks for adding me!! i really like your stamp collection! :D

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Thank you, friend!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


red's profile picture

also good luck on ur gender journey!
its a long and tedious one yes, but also its one of discovering new things about urself, experimenting with identity and metamorphosing into something new and beautiful!
try to also look at the fun part of the process, especially if uve got trans people in ur life u can depend on to help u through, and a supportive community like ur coworks (hopefully) seem to be

Report Comment

Thank you so much for your support! I look forward to seeing the wonderful places this journey takes me!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


red's profile picture

that is one of the most fascinating interests section and blog ive seen on this site.
would love to see ur sowing projects and cassette collection!

Report Comment

I might have to share more stuff eventually! I also hope to get help building a website at some point, so I can share even more insane amounts of stuff than I do here...

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


JustAlice's profile picture

you really seem cool, we should be friends :3

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You seem cool as well! Anyone shouting positive pro-trans rhetoric into the abyss is a friend of mine!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

im mtf myself as well plus this site needs more pro-trans content

by JustAlice; ; Report

Oh yay! This means I have a new gal pal!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

mhm mhm :3, consider yourself lucky ^~^

by JustAlice; ; Report


☆no. 's profile picture

aaaaa✨ your blinkie collection is awesome!

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Ahhhh, thank you! I like trying to fit as many relatable things on this profile as I can.

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

Squid Died

Squid Died's profile picture

ayo sorry it took a while for me to add u ^^; am ftm but happy to meet fellow trans ppl any day! dont be shy at all, k?

Report Comment

Thank you so much, friend! ╰(▔∀▔)╯

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


by Squid Died ; ; Report


moth's profile picture

!! your profile is rad! i love all the blinkies and banners *-*

Report Comment

Thank you so much! It's a constant work in progress, and I love it!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


Always🎄April's profile picture

JUST some Spooktober treats 4U🦇🍬🍎🍫

Report Comment

*nom nom*

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


Always🎄April's profile picture

THANKS for the add request!You are totally tubular!🎧

Report Comment

Thank you for accepting it! I love your profile so much!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

stache overload

stache overload's profile picture

you is qt

Report Comment

*plays Uno reverse card*

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

permission denied: you are the cutie

by stache overload; ; Report

Hikari (she/them)

Hikari (she/them)'s profile picture

that's a very awesome profile layout! very good job!

Report Comment

Thank you so much, friend!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

catboy groove

catboy groove's profile picture

hi hello your layout is so SO cool ?????? plus w the sound effects ???? this rules omg

Report Comment

Thank you so much! It's been fun relearning HTML to do this.

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

Luna Starlight

Luna Starlight's profile picture

Love your theme!

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Thank you so much!

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


Essexia's profile picture

Your page is so fun! Love the layout and theme ;p

Report Comment

Thank you friend! It's still a work in progress because I'm relearning HTML...

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report


Toast's profile picture

Thank you very much for adding me ^^

Report Comment

Thank you! You seem to be mutuals with some of my best friends on here, so I'm sure you're just as fun.

by Chiaki Oogaki; ; Report

Awh, that's sweet! You seem quite cool~ ^^

by Toast; ; Report