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"eating prob"

is 25+, from eu (🇧🇪), is ace, is enfp

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About me:

about me

hi there, possible new friend! great to see you! :3

saluton, eble nova amiko! estas agrable renkonti vin! :3

i'm a non-binary european person in their 20's who is also vegan and an anarchist!

mi estas neduumulo persono eÅ­ropeano en riaj 20-aj jaro kiu estas ankaÅ­ vegana kaj anarkiisto!

my pronouns are they/them and she/her! though if you use she/her i will probably blush

miaj pronomoj estas ri/rin kaj ŝi/ŝin! kvankam se vi faras ŝi/ŝin mi probable ruĝiĝos

i'm a big language nerd and i speak dutch and english fluently, i get by in french. am also off-and-on learning esperanto and japanese.

mi estas granda nerd kaj mi parolas fluante la nederlanda kaj la angla, mi sukcesas en la franca, mi lernas ankaÅ­ esperanton kaj la japanan.

things i like to do include programming, learning languages, watching anime, cooking and 3d modeling (in blender)!

mi ŝatas lerni lingvojn, programi, regardi animeo, kuiri, 3d modelligi kaj aliajn aferojn!

wanna chat? add me on matrix! :3

i love learning new things in pretty much any subject, but the ones i'm most interested in tend to be languages, mathematics, programming and science

i love coffee way too much

mi tro amas kafo

not a minor, so be weird

ne minora, do estu stranga

if you are not pro-lgbt, stay away

se vi ne estas pro-lgbt, foriru

hovering over random parts of my profile may give interesting effects :3

message me

of course i'd love to chat with you :3

check this friends-only blog post for contact info

you can also click on the pudding, if you prefer

  • if you need help with your layout, have any questions about html/css or wish to know how something on my profile works, just ask! i'm also available for mentoring ^^

  • i'm not comfortable having long chats in dm, so if you'd like to get to know me better, see here!

friend recs
these are all super cute and awesome people and you should totally add them all

Who I'd like to meet:

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🗡 Lalys 🗡

🗡 Lalys 🗡's profile picture

Your page is the cutest thing ever!! >.<

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that's you though, you're the cutest thing ever >:3

by kassikook; ; Report


𝕬𝖝's profile picture

Hihi TY, hope ur day is good too! thx for the add ^_^
ur profiles super cuteeee btw<3

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thank youuu :D hug hug! :3

by kassikook; ; Report


yourbizarrekai's profile picture

fun layout!! love playing with the silly parts of the page :3

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yay :3 i'm glad you like it! i still need to finish it zzz

by kassikook; ; Report


Jamad's profile picture

Hello :D I like the mustache.
Thanks for the add :)

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thank you :D hugs!

by kassikook; ; Report


Jinx 's profile picture

Thanks for the add! I'm non-binary from Canada and also vegan! Love your profile, especially the big pudding lol

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hehe thank you :D should click it, there's contact info behind it >:3

by kassikook; ; Report

Ash ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬

Ash ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬'s profile picture

Thank you for the add! Your profile is adorable <3

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of course! :3 thank you!! :D yours is too! big hugs

by kassikook; ; Report


Fuu's profile picture

sankyu for the add!! Always amazing to meet a fellow enby!! <3

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yaaay fellow enby friend!! hugs :3

by kassikook; ; Report


pachi♪'s profile picture

Really cute layout !!!!! :D

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omg thank youu! :D yours too! big hugs for you~!

by kassikook; ; Report


𝔖𝔥𝔢𝔬's profile picture

Ty for the add!! :3 Your layout is rlly cool, I love the colors *_* <3

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thank you!! :3 love yours too ^^ big hugs~!

by kassikook; ; Report


Hera's profile picture

thx for the add :)

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of course :D hope you're having a wonderful day fren!

by kassikook; ; Report

Voxxus Altari

Voxxus Altari's profile picture

Howdy! Thanks for accepting my Friend Request!

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of course! you seem like a rlly cool person! :D hug

by kassikook; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Nice profile!

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thank you! :3 big hug

by kassikook; ; Report


Cecily's profile picture

I LOVE YOUR PROFILE !! especially the pudding...hehehe :P

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thank you!!! :3 boing boing boing

by kassikook; ; Report

kiana :*:・゚☆

kiana :*:・゚☆'s profile picture

thx 4 the add!! ur profile is so cute and well-organized, i lovee ╰ ( ´⌣` )╯♡

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thank uuuu :3 big hugs for ya

by kassikook; ; Report


Fülli's profile picture

thank you for adding me, nice to meet you!! :D your profile is so cool omg

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aw thank uuuu :D

by kassikook; ; Report


★A★L★I★E★N★'s profile picture

Thx 4 adding me! ^w^

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ofc ofc!! :3 big hugs for ya

by kassikook; ; Report


DELTAASHNFT's profile picture

OMG your page is super duper cool!!! How did you add the little categories like the About Me, Friend Recs, Pudding, Etc? TY in advance!!!! :3

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replaced the whole about me section and removed the who i'd like to meet section ^^

by kassikook; ; Report


Sorr's profile picture

Hello kassikook! Thank you for the friend request, your profile is so cute!! Have a great day!

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thank you!! hope you have a good day too my friend :D

by kassikook; ; Report


moon's profile picture

I'll be honest, your "NO DISCORD" stamp sent me into a rabbit hole. Your profile is so cute btw!

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yeah discord is truly horrifying

the whole tech industry is, really, but i feel discord is quite a good example to illustrate everything wrong with it

by kassikook; ; Report


l̶̬̪̭͉͚̘͋͐̋u̸̝͖̤̙͚͂̈̆̂̍̏͝...'s profile picture

Thank you so much for the add!!! <3

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of course :33 big hugsss

by kassikook; ; Report