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"Back in the fucking building again"

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Art, Tech, Horror, Substances


Sybyr, Grim Salvo, Cats Millionaire, Black Dresses, Girls Rituals, Mom, STOMACH BOOK, Fire-Toolz, Hikari Shiina, DADAROMA, funeral, torr, andy polk, bilmuri, KAMAARA, Lord Gasp, Berried alive, ICP, System of a Down, Slipknot, Korn, Gojira, Chelsea Grin, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Wormrot, Sworn In, Rings of Saturn, Tyler The Creator, Denzel Curry, City Morgue, Zillakami, JELEEL!, Childish Gambino, shygirl, An abundance of Vocaloid, The Living Tombstone, Vylet Pony, Kobaryo, S3RL, Dj Technorch, DR.GABBA, MIMIDEATH, Can of Bliss, Alice Gas, Tool, Brutalismus 3000, David Shawty, meat computer, Candye Syrup, FKA twigs. Generally we just listen to so much music it's hard to list. This is just everyone who shows up a lot in what I listen to (I.E. the most songs in our likes). I'm really into harsh loud things, love some blown out bass, and generally I listen to a lot of weird underground shit and nobody ever knows who I'm talking about. Some general genres I listen to (I'm not getting down into subgenres yet, takes too long, use context clues or something): There are so many Heavy Metal subgenres assume I listen to most of them(I like it Very Heavy, make assumptions), Rap, Industrial, Electronic/Rave stuff, Various Hardcore Genres, Various Alt Genres, I cannot shorten anything about the rock genres I like, Lots of shit ending in -core, I dabble in Glitchcore & Hyperpop because of system mates, So many Noise-heavy subgenres, I will straight up listen to Harsh Noise (We see it at local shows too, we have the creds)


Be warned: I like horror a lot, that includes B-Movies, I eat that shit up.

House (1977), Noroi: The Curse, Shin Gozilla, Killer Klowns From Outerspace, TerrorVision, Troll 2, Psycho Gothic Lolita, Cabin in the Woods, Dave Made A Maze, One Hour Photo, One Missed Call 1&2 (JP ver.), Ju-on 1&2, The Grudge (U.S.), The Ring 1&2 (U.S), The Blaire Witch Project, Saw franchise, The Thing, The Babadook, Scream, Creep, Us, Nope, Get Out, Shawn of the Dead, Zombieland saga, What We Do In The Shadows, Knives Out franchise, Nobody, Limitless, American Psycho, Hellraiser


Community, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Scream (The TV Series), WWDITS, Whose Line, The Eric Andre Show, I Think You Should Leave, Animaniacs, MLP;FIM, Higurashi, Nichijou, Pop Team Epic, Limitless (The T.V. Series), Metalocalypse, The Boys, WLIIA

Video Games

Minecraft, Yume Nikki, .flow, off, An excessive amount of RPGMaker games (notably horror), Animal Crossing, Peggle, Tetris, Don't Starve, Slime Rancher, Pony Island, Cookie Clicker (We have OCD)





Lil dude


*5 years old

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Dirk • Fictive • 25 (Body age 23) • He/Him • NO MINORS

Part of a system, I'll link bios eventually. Migrated from Vent, I will not stop being unhinged on here so you have been warned. Hal will probably be here as well sometimes. TBD what we're doing about his bio and whatever else he wants, probably going to trap him in a blog post or something. Deserve.

Icon is a WIP of something I'm painting, I'll change it when I finish it (Who knows when that'll be though, uni is killing us.).

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Every day it's a brand new episode
Every day I guess we'll see just how far it goes
Every day it seems like no one sees and no one knows
Every day I kinda wanna cancel the show

Everything that I got left is stuck inside me
Like bits of glass
In the moment I feel so infinite
Power over the bad dreams, the dissonance
But I need impossible gentleness
To stay intact

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