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"minors stop requesting me plox!!!!!"

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art (we do lots of dif 2d & 3d art!), homestuck, webpage coding, web graphics, oldweb!, general tech things, furry things, cats, stoats, vocaloid, music in general! it means so much to us, all kinds of silly substances (our faves r weed n cid!), bugs, clowns, trinket collecting, sanrio, stickers, little characters of all types, funky aesthetics (too many weird lil niches to name we love images), jerma, supermega, vinesauce, eyestrainy stuff n things, having fun!


black dresses, mom, girls rituals, cats millionaire, saoirse dream, webcage, can of bliss, torr, sebii, david shawty, 6arelyhuman, fraxiom, gupi, food house, dorian electra, 99jakes, instupendo, STOMACH BOOK, andy polk, bilmuri, alice gas, MIMIDEATH, DR.GABBA, kobaryo, DJ technorch, maple, psapp, 8485, laura les, 100 gecs, six impala, jane remover, vylet pony, hikari shiina, blackwinterwells, d0llywood, wido, quinn, oaf1, siouxxie sixxsta, shygirl, thaiboy digital, bladee, breathe carolina, attack attack!, berried alive, ICP, system of a down, slipknot, korn, gojira, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Fire-Toolz, too much vocaloid to name (fan since '09!!), clowncore, lady gaga, slayyyter, kesha, chase icon, kim petras, that kid, rico nasty, lemon demon, the gothsicles, the living tombstone, the scary jokes, mgmt, S3RL

we love weird music and underground artists!!!!!!


but im a cheerleader!, house (1977), noroi: the curse, killer klowns from outerspace, terrorvision, troll 2, cabin in the woods, dave made a maze, one missed call 1&2 (JP ver.), ju-on 1&2, the grudge, the ring 1&2 (US), the ring 1&2 (JP), the blaire witch project, nightmare on elm street, saw franchise, the babadook, scream, creep, us, nope, get out, shawn of the dead, what we do in the shadows, knives out franchise, into the spiderverse, nobody, limitless, antman franchise (we like paul rudd :)) ), batman (2022), beetlejuice, coraline


community, animaniacs, pop team epic, no. 6(the manga too), futurama, invader zim, i think you should leave, the eric andre show, what we do in the shadows, our flag means death, limitless, the boys, scream,whose line is it anyway, nichijou


minecraft, animal crossing, kirby, slime rancher, yume nikki, .flow, penpals (by anatola howard), undertale, off, too many obscure rpgmaker games to name, dont starve, style savvy, pokemon, peggle, tetris, pony island, cookie clicker (we have ocd)

stamps & blinkies & more!


yay you got to the end! you win an entire episode of spongebob as a stamp




just some stuff i had nowhere to put but still wanted anyway. feel free to steal anything u want! thats why theyre here

meme bin

lettuce eat


ya mind cleaning up a little? drag that sponge around! thanks!

see ya!

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About me:

no minors!!!! please + this theme is best on desktop

part of the grey room system (body age 23) and im a roxy lalonde fictive :3 i just made this profile so im still working on my theme! we will eventually have bios for everyone in the system (we dont all have accounts)

pfp by us!

system mates!

Who I'd like to meet:

you play with my hair. baby isnt it so sweet puttin me to sleep?

whys it so hard to be alone? i cant do this on my own. ill still wait for you at home ill stay here ill never go.

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Youre layout is hella cool!!

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thank you sm!!!! we worked hard on it :)))

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welcome! love your layout so far :)

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thank u sm!!!! im happy its turning out hehe >:3

by roxy!; ; Report


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W3LC0M3 70 5P4C3H3Y!! 1F Y0U W4N7 4NY H3LP W17H Y0UR PR0F1L3, 1'LL 83 0NL1N3 4L D4Y ^^

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hey! my other system mates have had their profiles up for (???) almost 2 weeks now so we have gotten used to the coding on this site ftmp! just have to find the time to get my page up and running i was too sauced last night lmaoooo

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thank you though!!

by roxy!; ; Report