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「 abt me . . . 」

me ; zyo / ozi , 21 yrs old , any pronouns

religion ; pagan , physiolatry , moral relativism

sign ; sag sun ✹ , sag moon ☽ , pisces rising ➚

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「 personality . . . 」

i like to talk about music for hours, and i also like to play league of legends for hours ... its either one or the other when you talk to me.

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What Type Of Movie Are You? What Popular Video Game Genre Are You? How Mature Do You Think? What Type Of Dere Are You? What Type Of Humor Do You Have?

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「 likez / dislikez . . . 」

\(٥⁀▽⁀ )/ ; cats , gaming , music

(╯︵╰,) ; pickles , tiktok

┐('~`;)┌ ; politics

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Tiny Hand

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ⚡ Your profile is so unique, totally loving the vibe!!! (*≧ω≦) Thanks for being a part of my digital world!!! 👾 (✿◠‿◠)

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by zyozi; ; Report


heath's profile picture

helllllllllo! i always thought your profile was so cool!

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thanks!!!!!! yours too! :DD

by zyozi; ; Report


WiNTERiZER's profile picture

Awesome page!

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thanks ! :D

by zyozi; ; Report


Xx_k.k1k4_xX's profile picture

thx for accepting my friend request

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tingotingotingotango's profile picture

Heyyyyy thnx for the add, your blog with resources is super cool and helpful!1!1

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thnx so much :D im glad it helped

by zyozi; ; Report


♡★dayton★♡'s profile picture

u r honestly so freaking cool

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tysm!!!!!! i appreciate it :D, i bet ur pretty epic yourself!

by zyozi; ; Report


lethalfumes's profile picture

Your layout makes me so f*ckin happy, cheers

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thnx :3 spent lots of time on it ^^

by zyozi; ; Report


RoveR's profile picture

Where is my free iPod nano

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just click da button....................... it work!

by zyozi; ; Report

YUAAAAY got my ipodeh nano, now i can enjoy rap god and chemical romance on me bus

by RoveR; ; Report

miasma theory

miasma theory's profile picture

thanks for accepting!!
ya got a v cool profile and aesthetic!

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thnx !!! ;D <3

by zyozi; ; Report

Jon 🐇

Jon 🐇's profile picture

cool page! thanx 4 teh add :D

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thx !!!! i luv ur page 2 :3 420 !!!!!

by zyozi; ; Report


Jury's profile picture

tk 4 the add!! <3

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ty!!! love ur profile :))))

by zyozi; ; Report

TK love!!!

by Jury; ; Report


GNo's profile picture

love your profile! where did you find the old school-looking banner gifs of bands, like the Evanescence one for example? is there any specific site you found them?

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noo i didnt really find them from anywhere specific, i just like to websurf and i found them on different neocities sites XD

by zyozi; ; Report

ok thank you! i've been looking around for cool 2000s gifs like that lol

by GNo; ; Report

feel free to steal XD
you can also check out my resources carrd if ur into that stuff

by zyozi; ; Report

cool! thank you

by GNo; ; Report

np :3 feel free to IM if u wanna talk more :D

by zyozi; ; Report

ok cool!

by GNo; ; Report


heartbeats's profile picture

tysm for the request~ your profile is perfection~ <3

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ty x) love ur profile too !!

by zyozi; ; Report


XXREBELLI0US's profile picture

eeeee ty for the friend request!! love ur layout. what code did u use to put the warning screen before ur page?

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here you go ^^ tysm

by zyozi; ; Report

mew x3

mew x3's profile picture

words cant describe da lov i haz for your layout !

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ty x) i appreciate it lots!!!!!

by zyozi; ; Report

arlo atomickk

arlo atomickk's profile picture


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by zyozi; ; Report


xbattykatx's profile picture

you seem really awesome3<33 :D

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thanks a bunch!! :D

by zyozi; ; Report


Wilbur's profile picture

Thx for the add! your profile.. is fukin.. awesome :D

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tyvm x) i made sure to add as many rainbows as possible :D

by zyozi; ; Report


Aaron's profile picture

Your page got me high. How'd you do dat?

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the trick is to put marijuana inside your gpu.

by zyozi; ; Report


? RIDDLER's profile picture

thanks for the accept ! luvv the layout, super rainbow :3

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tyvm !!!! :D i love nitpicking at my layout everyday XD

by zyozi; ; Report