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Music, internetting, drag, being a novice at many hobbies (currently sewing, guitar, Ableton),


Hyperpop, emo revival, general indie. SOPHIE, fka twigs, Baths, Caroline Polachek.

Quarantine's got me going through 2000-2010 music like Frou Frou, Johnny Foreigner, Darwin Deez.

And obv I have an emo/pop-punk past of MCR, Say Anything, Fall Out Boy, blink-182, etc.


Movies that take place in 24 hours (Tangerine, Before Sunset, Burn) Campy movies (Clue, Josie & The Pussycats, Hackers)


RPDR, Search Party, Everything's Gonna Be Okay, Please Like Me. Nostalgic children's horror (Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, Eerie Indiana)


Einstein's Dreams, Discovering Scarfolk


AOC, Myspace Tom, Tandi Iman Dupree, The freestyle canoe man, Naomi Elizabeth's startling dancing

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About me:

27, gay, he/they, NY. Web developer spending quarantine trying to get back to enjoying the internet like it's 2010. I also love people who make personal sites, here's mine: zgzag.xyz

Black lives matter. ACAB. Trans lives matter.

Who I'd like to meet:

Internet enthusiasts who are socially-aware. Other millennials clumsily trying to remember how to have internet community. Anyone who creates things. Or just anyone having fun here tbh

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eva 🛹

eva 🛹's profile picture

i like your personal site!

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Aww, thank you!

I accidentally haven't added to it in a bit, though I will resume again soon. I started a big redesign but then got burnt out on webdev from work

by zgzag; ; Report

✿blush puppy

✿blush puppy's profile picture

the canoe man freestyling to girl in red is now an internet find I will treasure, thank u for your generosity :~)

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Kathleen's profile picture

very cool page, thanks for the add :)

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simon Griffith

simon Griffith's profile picture

there definitely needs to be more RPDR+emo crossover in my life. thanks for the add

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sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

thank you!
i love your long furby.

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monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡

monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡'s profile picture

thats a long boi furb woweeeee thanks for the add my friend

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Thanks for the accept! Your profile felt like it was personally walking me back through my own past. The music list was spot on for me. I also spent days at arcades playing rhythm games and years of playing computer keyboard versions of DDR (flashflashrevolution / StepMania if those terms mean anything to you). And it's thanks to those games that I was aware of 8bit music like Sabrepulse.

That's all to say, hey pal! I hope your week's going alright. I'm going through your latest album now, and it's got a great flow! It's very cool you stick to such a tough craft and managed to make things amidst the mess of 2020.

by zgzag; ; Report

Oh wow, that's awesome we have so much in common I really appreciate all the kind words. Hope we can get to know each other better in the future, you seem really cool!

by monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡; ; Report

~Yaya Cat~

~Yaya Cat~'s profile picture

Thank you! It really helps to clear my mind so I can focus throughout the day. Helps sort out feelings and idea too. Wish I had more time to write. Loving your profile!

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TonyTheTiger🐯's profile picture

dope page! Thanks for adding me! (*^▽^*)

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Thanks for the accept! Love your layouts. Also your hair looks so good and it's starting to convince me that I should try dying mine

by zgzag; ; Report

HAHAHA thanks! its Poseidon by Arctic Fox (demi-permanent) dye. You totally should!~

Also i just noticed to have a Long Furby! I love! Whats their name?

by TonyTheTiger🐯; ; Report

Noted! Had you dyed your hair before this? I haven’t ever dyed mine, so it’s definitely the “obligatory gay quarantine crisis” situation for me

The longfurby’s name is Jamantha. I have bigger plans for her, but for now she’s a welcomed addition to the background of my video calls.

by zgzag; ; Report

Yes i have! Quite a few times! haha its one of my favorite things to do when im feeling like I've lost control

Tell Jamantha she's doing amazing

by TonyTheTiger🐯; ; Report

Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™

Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L  ™'s profile picture

hiya!! thanks so much for the add!

how's your week going?

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Hey there, thanks for the accept! Tbh this has felt like such a long week for no discernible reason, so I'm glad it's over. Today's already feeling much better! Mainly I'm just happy to have time to take walks and start trying to play Parkitect. Anything you're looking forward to doing this weekend?

by zgzag; ; Report

honestly, last week dragged on so im in the same boat. super glad the weekend is here, I've been relaxing, cooking a ton at home and watching tv. pretty lazy times here haha

by Đ Ξ ₦ I Δ L ™; ; Report

jennocide ✞

jennocide ✞'s profile picture

Yesss, a fellow Are You Afraid of the Dark fan! I was obsessed with it as a kid and the dollhouse and computer virus episode has haunted me ever since (and my mum was so scared of the phone police and Jake the snake). Have you seen the new ones from 2019?

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Omg the doll episode where they had to fall out of a window to escape was so intense. Betty Ann's stories always go so much harder. Her stories are either real horror or straight up camp like Tale of the Thirteenth Floor. And yes I saw the 2019 episodes and was so pleasantly surprised! They're releasing a second newer season now too, though I'm going to wait for all the episodes to be released so I can watch it all together. Hopefully it's just as solid 🤞

by zgzag; ; Report

ooo I had no idea a new series was coming out, finally something to look forward to watching! Betty Ann starts off her Midnight Society career with that damn Zeebo story and I'd have banned her from coming back after that, ma'am we are children and you are brining a PG13 story to this campfire! I was Gary's biggest fan but my god were his stories boring, and why did he act like he was 40?!

by jennocide ✞; ; Report

Yesss exactly Betty Ann was bold from the very start. What made you a Gary fan? Like, theoretically I get it because founding the midnight society is cool af and being confidently dorky is lovely. But then there were a few too many Sardo stories for me, and then the Tale of Badge was honestly unforgivable

by zgzag; ; Report

Freakish Uproar

Freakish Uproar's profile picture

I see Baths in your playlist, I think we can be friends :D Your profile page looks excellent too! The askew notepad thing you've got going on is cool.

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Hell yeah. Baths has great music, is fantastic in concert if you get the chance, and has the most wholesome music videos. I gotta credit Cory's New 90s City theme for the layout and notepad. I'm impressed by how wide your range in music is! And that you highlighted Anjimile. I'm looking forward to discovering some music from your posts!

by zgzag; ; Report

I'm updating my blog daily with new music, so hopefully you'll find something new if you're interested :D I couldn't NOT embed the album Giver Taker on my profile :3

by Freakish Uproar; ; Report


Donald's profile picture

What’s up zgzag!?! Hope you are having a great night :)

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Cory's profile picture

Thanks! I’m a big fan of whimsy and this has just enough whimsy to be incredible.

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