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"If everything I do is wrong, then god damn I do it right."

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A Day To Remember • Childish Gambino • Dream State • Abandon All Ships • Attack Attack! • The Devil Wears Prada • Clipping. • Mayday Parade • Blackbear • MCR • Hawthorne Heights • Real Friends • Set Your Goals • Four Year Strong • Rise Against • Emmure • Scary Kids Scaring Kids • Mychildren Mybride • Bastille • Funeral Suits • Sub Urban • And more...


Fuck the mainstream.


Fuck the propaganda.


Fuck the white history taught in schools.


Heroes get remembered. Legends never die.

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Journey toward a better me. And then a better we. Elder emo with a heart of gold and the humor of a demon. Follow me on Instagram. Add me on Snapchat. And let’s cause a fucking riot!


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Donald's profile picture

How are you doing? I hope good things are coming your way

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Hey buddy! Things are really looking up since last time we talked. I’m moving forward really well since the divorce started. Just keeping my head above water and being proud of myself for all the things I am accomplishing.

I hope you’re doing well. You deserve the world for being so supportive! Love you man!

by J03Bear; ; Report

Awesome, glad to hear things are going UP!
Refocus and pour your energy into the new you and your new life.

by Donald; ; Report

Most def! All I can do is be better for my own future. With or without someone else by my side, I want to function at my absolute best!

by J03Bear; ; Report


Lucy's profile picture

I like your movies, television, and books sections

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Thank you! I worked really hard to make sure everyone knew how I feel about the downfall of this shithole we love in!

by J03Bear; ; Report


by J03Bear; ; Report

I couldn't have put it any more eloquently!

by Lucy; ; Report

It’s a gift and a service really.

by J03Bear; ; Report

Cryptid-Lord Byron

Cryptid-Lord Byron's profile picture

Have you heard the new ADTR yet??

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I don’t really get on here much anymore buddy! But I did listen to it on release day. I know they’re catching a lot of shit, but I actually like the majority of the album! What are your thoughts?

by J03Bear; ; Report

Christian GoatCheese

Christian GoatCheese's profile picture

Thanks for the add :)

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SADGURL™'s profile picture

Hey there! Thanks for the add 🥀 I hope your day is going well 🍒🍓

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Today is over for me! Gotta be up for work at 5 AM! Hope all is well with you! Have a fantastic night!

by J03Bear; ; Report

I hope you sleep well! 🛸

by SADGURL™; ; Report


🦇Asha🦇's profile picture

Hello, fellow Floridian :)

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Hey hey!!!

How are you doing?! Thx for the add!!!

by J03Bear; ; Report

Pretty good, hope it's all good over there too!

by 🦇Asha🦇; ; Report

No complaints other than I didn’t wanna be awake at 7 am on my day off today! Lol

by J03Bear; ; Report

Lexa Terrestrial

Lexa 👽 Terrestrial 's profile picture

hey! 👋🏼
Thanks for the request. wanted to reach out & say hey!
also share this with you:
Save it for later.
It's my latest project.

All proceeds are going towards treatment.

I hope you have a cozy weekend


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⭐Milly⭐'s profile picture

Not a problem and thank you! How has your day been?

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I did laundry first thing this morning so that I could spend the rest of the day replaying Pokémon Shield. So I can’t complain at all! It’s been a relaxing weekend! What did you do today, even if it was just being awake?

by J03Bear; ; Report

Very nice! I did laundry myself and dishes. Watched the movie 17 again for the first time. Basically just had a relaxed Sunday and dreading Monday only because school is back.

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report

Truutthhh. I have to work nine hours tomorrow. I mean... I work with dogs, but it’s still a ridiculously long day on my feet and running around. Lol

by J03Bear; ; Report

I totally get that, the dogs part is very cool!

by ⭐Milly⭐; ; Report


Tirful's profile picture

Hey, thanks for the add - hope you're having a great day :D
I followed your insta too!

Btw i noticed you're a fan of emo music from your playlist... if you're interested in finding new stuff to listen to, i have some songs up on my Spotify that i think might be your kind of thing, it'd be awesome if you could let me know what you think? ^__^

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Breezy Brutality

Breezy Brutality's profile picture

heya! thanks for the add!

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Thanks for accepting! I hope you have a fantastic day!!!

by J03Bear; ; Report


Ducky's profile picture

Heya! Thanks for the add :)

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Just happy to be here!

by J03Bear; ; Report

Kat ♥

Kat ♥'s profile picture

Thank you so much, I hope your day is full of positivity and light too. :) We definitely should be good friends! ^__^

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Oh I most def agree to that!!! 🐻

by J03Bear; ; Report

Cryptid-Lord Byron

Cryptid-Lord Byron's profile picture

Maybe after Covid, we could go see ADTR together?

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Hell yeah! I’ll murder someone in the pit with you!

by J03Bear; ; Report

Hell yeah!

by Cryptid-Lord Byron; ; Report


🍬Kandi🍭's profile picture

Yea dude at some point I worked 6days a week and would wake up at 3:15am everyday and next week I’m waking up at 3:15 and leaving work til 5pm the whole week lol it’s fine I can use the money haha

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Fucckkk no. I’m hella not a morning person. So being at work before 9 for me is a whole ass journey everyday. I applaud you for having that much will power!

by J03Bear; ; Report

Thank you! My body is pretty used to it. Liking where you work helps too haha

by 🍬Kandi🍭; ; Report


Donald's profile picture

Thanks for the kind comment, greatly appreciated too. I see you are always trying to turn things back to the positive in your blog and bulletin posts, that’s awesome and a great example to help others. Hope you are having another great day

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✨Marissa_Mediocre✨'s profile picture

I’m doing okay. It finally stopped raining it’s like 54 outside. Might take my kids skating at the park or something if it’s not crowded. Currently laying with my kid scrolling tiktok. How are you this monday afternoon?

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Rainstorm Moonbow

Rainstorm Moonbow's profile picture

Thanks so much!
Yeah I hate when ace folks are excluded. I mean, I get it too. I’m a lesbian trans woman. Some folks just say I’m a straight man. 🤷🏼‍♀️
But me and my pansexual fiancée will be at pride regardless. Lol

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xXFangtasticBabyXx's profile picture

I would love that! Music is one of my favorite things and I always enjoy finding new artists. I can send you a playlist as well! I have several Halloween ones, an emo one, a goth one, an indie one, etc. haha

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xXFangtasticBabyXx's profile picture

Thanks so much. I'm sorry for your loss as well. I know it may have been years ago but there's no cut-off date for grief. You were right about "All Those Friendly People." Such a good song! It reminds me of my tumblr indie-kid days!

I hope today is kind to you. Thank you for your friendship.💫✌🏽

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aaronxcore's profile picture

Siick! Bless spacehey; The place where I found my people.

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