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"wasting my time, probably"

22 he/him (any pronouns are fine tbh)

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learning languages, trying to use old(ish) technology, reading about history and the humanities, watching video essays, procrastinating


emo/pop punk

Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Avril Lavigne, Origami Angel, Mayday Parade, Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, The Used, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, blink-182, Jawbreaker, Stand Atlantic, Sum 41, PUP, Panic! At The Disco, Thursday, Tiny Moving Parts, glass beach, Modern Baseball, Waterparks

ska punk

The Interrupters, Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Operation Ivy, Jer

twee pop/cuddlecore/indie pop

Tiger Trap, The Softies, Cub, Tullycraft, Talullah Gosh, Heavenly, The Smittens, The Field Mice, Even As We Speak


not that much into movies atm


Doctor Who, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Our Flag Means Death


The Hobbit, Pride and Prejudice are some of my latest reads



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About me:

Hello! i go by jay, i'm interested in history, old computer technology and learning languages. waiting to outgrow my emo phase in music but it keeps coming back somehow (ru/eng/de, learning turkish, aspiring to learn norwegian and welsh because why not)

my ims are always open, just keep in mind that i'm terrible at starting conversations but i'm trying to get better at it

you can also visit the #spacehey irc channel i've set up at dalnet. i'm typically there when i'm at my computer

anydamn browser www sharing is caring - seed your torrents something completely different

kinda gay ngl say no to web3 theoldnet.com candy bars now!

fido over ip BeOS anything but chrome neocities

wish it was 2002 authentic self

Get Haiku! Get Vivaldi Browser

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone to talk to and to make friends :)

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diana's profile picture

Thanks for accepting! Absolutely love that The Field Mice are the #1 artist on your last.fm and your work on reviving bulletin boards is so cool to me! Nice to virtually meet you :)

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hi, nice to meet you as well!
i don't scrobble much anymore, but still totally love the field mice :)
also thanks for reminding me this bbs post seriously needs a part 2. i'm not really reviving anything atm, just sharing info, but someday maybe i could run a bulletin board :D thanks!

by jay; ; Report


GigiDarlingg's profile picture

Hiii thx 4 da follow!
Ur profile is so cool! Reminds me of the old windows a bit
Totes love your profile pic and it's really amazing you have such interesting hobbies fr

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hello! sorry for late reply

glad you liked my profile, you have great music taste :)

by jay; ; Report


Umi's profile picture


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thanks, your profile is really nice :)

by jay; ; Report

tysm <333

by Umi; ; Report

bandit !!

bandit !!'s profile picture

hey thx for the add!! this is kinda crazy, i've been trying to learn norwegian on/off for a long time n never found anyone else interested in learning it!

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oh sorry for late reply, somehow missed the notification :(

it's nice to meet another learner! i started learning norwegian on duolingo and through podcasts years ago, when i was obsessed with everything scandinavian. the enthusiasm has faded quite a bit, but i do hope to pick it up during the summer :)

by jay; ; Report

Keíto ☭

Keíto ☭'s profile picture

Hey, love your profile. Started using Vivaldi thanks to your button. Where do you take your buttons from?

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hi, nice to meet you! i got some of my 88x31 buttons from these two collections. sadly, i forgot where some others came from :( you can just copy them if you want

P.S. yay, the vivaldi button is working :D

by jay; ; Report


syber.'s profile picture

cute page, it's very cozy. <3

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thank you!

by jay; ; Report


Nbut_theletter333's profile picture

Very organized page, nice. Also I’m very surprised that your learning many languages, I can’t do that..

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thank you! i can't play guitar (or any instrument for that matter), it's awesome that you can :)

by jay; ; Report

btw i'm sorry for replying late

by jay; ; Report

Don’t be sorry, I’ve been experiencing the same issue as well for the notifications to appear

by Nbut_theletter333; ; Report

It’s a pleasure to meet you! Also I know how to play the electric guitar

by Nbut_theletter333; ; Report


ROGGLEE's profile picture


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thank you, wish i could be as organized as my page
your page is awesome, it captures attention instantly

by jay; ; Report


by ROGGLEE; ; Report

Jon 🐇

Jon 🐇's profile picture

I love what you've done with the place! :D

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thanks Jon!

by jay; ; Report


FiNALBOY's profile picture

DUDE you seem cool and I love your profile, thank you for the add!!!

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thanks for accepting! you have an awesome music taste it seems (fellow tiny moving parts fan!)

by jay; ; Report

AAAH OMG THAT'S COOL! I haven't followed them for a while tho, what's your favorite song?

by FiNALBOY; ; Report

not easy to choose one, probably either It's Too Cold Tonight or Good Enough, but their latest self titled album is pretty good too

by jay; ; Report

and what's your fav song (by TMP or any other artist)?

by jay; ; Report

Hmm, I should check that out. My favorite is probably For the Sake of Brevity. ("What's your favorite song?" is a hard question to answer, if I gotta be honest *sob*)

by FiNALBOY; ; Report


Gabriel's profile picture

Cat profile picture, interested in old computer tech, fellow history nerd and a cool profile

I've found a top tier interesting person

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Thank you, I'm really flattered!
Also, the "would be paid to spend whole life studying everything and writing about it" part from your page is insanely relatable, as are daydreaming and absent-mindedness

by jay; ; Report

And I read and forgot to respond for a whole 3 days lmao
But hey, fellow absent-minded daydreamer, its awesome to meet you

by Gabriel; ; Report

sussy skibidi toilet gyatt rizz in ohio

sussy skibidi toilet gyat...'s profile picture

Oh, that's funny. You also have a SpaceHey IRC channel. I set one up on EsperNet yestersay

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Also, love the layout dude

by sussy skibidi toilet gyatt rizz in ohio ; ; Report

i've set it up a little while ago, and thanks!

by jay; ; Report


scientist_axolotl's profile picture

Youre learning turkish???

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yes, for a year so far, i wouldn't say i can speak it properly yet

by jay; ; Report

yoo thats cool, I'm native so if you have any questions about Turkish you can ask me :)

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report

awesome, thank you :)

by jay; ; Report


roz's profile picture

thanks for the add! your page is super cool and you have great taste in bands :)

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thank you! your page is really nice as well (and what an awesome cd collection you have!)

by jay; ; Report

ofc, thank you so much!!!

by roz; ; Report


keils's profile picture

hii thanks for the add!!

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hello, thanks for accepting!

by jay; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Neat page!

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thank you! (though i didn't write this windows 3.1 layout)
your page is nice too!

by jay; ; Report

Thanks! I didn't write mine either!

by Wubzilla; ; Report

saroyan °

saroyan °'s profile picture

Здoрово, matt!

thank you for adding me. i love your profile, is it your cat in your profile picture?
if so, i would love to hear more about it!

i love studying linguistics and culture (have been trying to learn russian for the past five years...) and if you would ever like to speak of learning new languages, i would love it!

i don't think i've ever met another origami angel before! they're awesome. what is your favorite song by them? i think mine is "blanket statement"

i hope to hear from you soon!

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ORIGAMI ANGEL FAN**** (me when i forget to finish the sentence before sending the message X_X)

by saroyan °; ; Report

hello saroyan, nice to meet you! the cat in the pfp is asya, she's wonderful if annoying at times.
i can't believe i found another origami angel fan, they are my absolute fav band rn! my favorite song is probably "live from the ufo" (tough choice tho).
looking forward to chatting with you about these things, including languages!

by jay; ; Report

✭ Fren-z ✭

✭ Fren-z ✭'s profile picture

thanks for the add! ^^

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you're welcome, your layout is one of the coolest i've seen btw!

by jay; ; Report

tysm! your layout is cool too!

by ✭ Fren-z ✭; ; Report

suddenly, kittens!

suddenly, kittens!'s profile picture

hello matt! nice to meet you! thanks for the request! :3 hope you're having a lovely day~!

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hello kassikook! nice to meet you as well, thanks for accepting!

by jay; ; Report

ofc! :3 do you wanna chat? i have contact info on my profile! (click da pudding)

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report

definitely, contacted you on matrix :)

by jay; ; Report


sistertosleep's profile picture

"waiting to outgrow my emo phase in music but it keeps coming back somehow" thats soo real

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yep, I've given up on moving on from it by now

by jay; ; Report

the musics just 2 good

by sistertosleep; ; Report