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vocaloid, pokemon, portal, project moon, scp, ib, lost media, kingdom hearts, smash bros, ace attorney, omori, music, ocs, final fantasy, digimon, splatoon, higurashi, school days, yume nikki, sonic the hedgehog, corpse party, ao oni, witchs house, mad father, angels of death, guilty gear (osmosis), crash bandicoot, spyro the dragon, parappa the rapper, lain, skies of arcadia, jet set radio, space channel 5, crazy taxi, sega games as a whole, game consoles (esp from the 90s through to the early 2000s) -- i'm particularly fixated on the dreamcast atm


すりぃ, bad luck blackouts, ピノキオピー, mili, ado, neru, きくおはな, 宮下 遊, lisa, circus-p/vocacircus, MARETU, meiyo, eve, samfree, wowaka, 稲葉曇, yukopi, weezer, the song caramelldansen, ryo, san fermin, the crane wives, jisatsu shoujo by daijobu-p, cosmo sheldrake, jack campbell, the altogether, gregory and the hawk


re-animator & bride of re-animator, SAW (mostly 2004), scream 1996, the dark crystal, the labyrinth, V/H/S, pokemon 2000 & lucario and the mystery of mew, final girls, perfect blue


princess tutu, minky momo, FLCL, trigun, lucky star, monogatari (unfinished...), baka to test, kaiba (2000), sailor moon, popee the performer, made in abyss, magical girl site, neon genesis evangelion, madoka magica, code lyoko, card captor sakura, angel beats, mushi shi, soul eater, full metal alchemist, durarara!!, pretty cure


intensity, velocity, false memory, what the night knows, nevermore, and relentless (all by dean koontz), oyasumi punpun, house of leaves


i think a god of some kind but it's not one i know yet

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About me:

ウッーウッーウマウマ (゚∀゚)


my account has flashing in the form of blinkies & a lot of fast moving images & spooky/bloody imagery, including organs, meat, and various small jumpscare images...view with caution x__@

my best friends are malware, sydney, and red
please be kind/civil to them.

my boyfriend does not have an account here but you need to know his name is nick. a lot of my life revolves around him. i'm incredibly normal about him. you may know him as Withercat1 on just about anything.

my qpp DOES have an account here and he is the AFOREMENTIONED MALWARE. it is so.awesome okay? i am biting and attacking him veryyy nicely and politely and then smiling very wide 😊 like this 😊 .

before you look at my interests and wonder, "What the fuck?" please know that i have a brain and i understand right and wrong. i'm not a freak.

i openly have many things wrong with me in the head and am comfortable sharing this because there is nothing you could do or say to me that would truly get to me. i am the master of my own destiny. Only i get to fuck with my head. i'm smart and safe on the world wide web.

RAMPANT boy kisser, girl kisser as a side hustle, full time boyfriend lover, i think love is so cool. to quote miss p!nk, i love love. Smiles into the sun. and before you're all like But etc it says you're aroace Yes. I know. Doesn't mean shit. Blasts you into the desert. also i have a really awesome qpp ok? ok? ok? You're still in the desert.

Who I'd like to meet:

little man slamming his fist very very fast not much of anyone. i don't accept most frqs. even if we share every interest in the world.
especially if you are younger than 16, i both don't know how to talk to children and don't suggest you go befriending any adult you see who happens to like the same things as you.
always feel free to suggest horror flicks to me, even if i don't accept your requests. thank you.

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msn HATES ME Hello 2003! Dial up SUCKS! my computer never sleeps I have no life just email. i heart horror movies I love the internet f word (in my case it's a slur LOLOL) i heart my online friends smile life is fun smile pacman eats all the ghosts Game Over HORMONES OUT OF CONTROL CAUTION it's ok if you want to drop dead god was my copilot but we crashed into a mountain & i had to eat him Shh...Dumbass at work FRIDAY THE 13TH i heart my game cube i NEVER solved rubiks cube biohazard CROWN clutter queen CROWN collector of everything Are we alone? I want the source code to life I dream in pixels Created with Notepad Water Drinker anime I HEART DUMB MEN I found LOVE online! no-eyed girl little face evanescence Typos..who needs bakspase chaos, panic, work here is done I'll always be right here Windows logo slides to the right. Windows 9x/2000/XP. The Golden Age! DVD CRAZY! ANIME FREAK I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS (small computer) MY HORNS HOLD MY HALO UP GAME OVER
THERE ARE NO BAD HAIR DAYS ON THE INTERNET Made with Windows EvilNet NOW! WEEZER FAN Nintendojo Now! BEST 800 x 600 Hi-Colors free ware spinning disk Dreamworld an apple logo and a windows logo. the windows logo has a gun aimed at the apple logo NEKKOSCAPE 2020 NEKKO Scape '98 Nyan! japanese text over a rainbow Best Viewed With a Computer Go 2 Hell Now! Encounter an Alien! EVIL Internet Explorer IS EVIL! DDR Online hunuhgh Best viewed with Open Eyes Don't Click Here! NO! CATSCAPE Meow! Powered by EvilPeople PureEvil BUILT ON the souls of the DAMNED With Unparalleled Success and not a bit of Regret WORLD WIDE WEB Connecting people Since 1991

warm cat sitting in front of fan mouth open warm anime girl sitting in front of fan mouth open my melody and the little mouse friend OK sleeping cat dizzy bunny blobby man bleeding from the mouth profusely dancing cat cat eating noodles toro inoue genuinely no idea how to explain this. orb with angel wings??? kirby dancing slowly with headphones pixelated madoka kaname pulling on kyubey's face single bottle of orange ramune ramune bottle again more ramune bottle drinky bottle idk more drinky bottle idk guilty gear on playstation attempting to give a damn...Unable to give a damn. Stopping. Process failed. Damn not given. anime girl running with a knife (irresponsible) severed arm with pink blood pixellated pile of intestines rotating featureless human heart pixel human heart beating packaged raw meat more raw meat three i have too many meat images cup noodles claymation rabbit dancing with japanese text cellphone you can see this monitor's guts monitor flashing through various blue screens spinning famicom/nintendo entertainment system spinning n64 console spinning laptop n64 logo n64 slowly changing colours gameboy color slowly spinning playstation logo spinning playstation logo on metal pokemon
mami tomoe

i like images this is literally just me collecting for fun

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I like your profile!

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i am flattered ^_^ thank you

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omg haha :-D

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Beefie *point*

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beefie as a dear friend might say

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*nods* beefie

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