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"Stressing about finals"

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Guitar ✧ Writing ✧ Comics ✧ Animation ✧ Sci-Fi ✧ Horror ✧ D&D (and other TTRPGs) ✧ Old movies ✧ Video games ✧ Retrocomputing ✧


MCR β™« FOB β™« P!ATD (Fever and Pretty. Odd my beloveds) β™« Paramore β™« PTV β™« IDKHOW β™« Mother Mother β™« Greenday β™« Ghost β™« NIN β™« Rage Against The Machine β™« Dead Kennedys β™« The Clash β™« Queen β™« Ice Nine Kills β™« Hozier β™« Tally Hall β™« Mariana's Trench β™« Slip Knot β™« Lemon Demon β™« R.E.M β™« Depeche Mode β™« MΓΆtley CrΓΌe β™« TWRP β™«


Psycho ✦ Knives Out ✦ Clue ✦ Beautiful Creatures ✦ The Princess Bride ✦ Goodfellas ✦ James Bond ✦ The Social Network ✦ Scream ✦ Alien ✦ Die Hard ✦ Back to the Future ✦ The Truman Show ✦

Video Games

Fallout: New Vegas β™ οΈŽ Elden Ring β™ οΈŽ World of Warcraft β™ οΈŽ Disco Elysium β™ οΈŽ Dark Souls β™ οΈŽ Call of Duty β™ οΈŽ Overwatch β™ οΈŽ Titanfall β™ οΈŽ Minecraft β™ οΈŽ Stardew Valley β™ οΈŽ Emily is Away β™ οΈŽ Elder Scrolls β™ οΈŽ Shovel Knight β™ οΈŽ Undertale β™ οΈŽ OFF β™ οΈŽ Amnesia β™ οΈŽ Not For Broadcast β™ οΈŽ Hades β™ οΈŽ Knights of the Old Republic β™ οΈŽ Doom β™ οΈŽ Red Dead Redemption β™ οΈŽ Team Fortress 2 β™ οΈŽ Wolfenstein β™ οΈŽ


Twin Peaks ✧ Hannibal ✧ Criminal Minds ✧ Community ✧ Stranger Things ✧ Fullmetal Alchemist ✧ Beastars ✧ Cowboy Bebop ✧ Succession ✧


LOTR ✦ Jekyll & Hyde ✦ Fahrenheit 451 ✦ Frankenstein ✦ Dracula ✦ Ready Player One ✦ Jurassic Park ✦ The War of the Worlds ✦ 1984 ✦ The Outsiders ✦


Some nerds from New Jersey. Also markiplier


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About me:

Checkered Heart

Joined: March 10th, 2023

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[XO]-[Fall Out Boy]

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Greetings and salutations! You can call me HJ, or H, or J, or whatever your heart desires. My pronouns are he/him and I'm a 19 yr old college student.

I'm majoring in animation and game design, and attempting to minor in music via classical guitar. I'm a big fan of retrocomputing and old technology (i collect classic games and consoles), i love rock music, and enjoy philosophy :]

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone with similar interests! Feel free to message me i dont bite.

Preferably 18+! If you're under 16, I'm not adding you sorry.

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thank u for the add!! I really liked your post about cybersecurity

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thank you!! I love your pfp

by 𝐇𝐉; ; Report


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ty 4 the add!

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of course!

by 𝐇𝐉; ; Report


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g'evenin' πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

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howdy! hope ur weekend is going well :]

by 𝐇𝐉; ; Report

It's going decently. Hope yours is too. Welcome to the cool side of the pillow btw

by Hyan; ; Report


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love the layout <3 you have wonderful music taste :]

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Thank you! Your layout is also pretty rad :]

by 𝐇𝐉; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add, HJ

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by 𝐇𝐉; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

β–Ί FunHouseRadio.com

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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I like your profile and your music taste!!!!!!<3

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Tysm!! Yours is awesome too, i totally took inspiration from the stamps n blinkies

by 𝐇𝐉; ; Report